Best Baby Wipes In India

10 Best Baby Wipes in India: Complete Review with Pros & Cons


Looking for the best baby wipes in India that are soft, durable, sensitive, and reasonably priced? Let’s find out!

Baby wipes come on top of the list of baby essentials. If you keep counting, you will be surprised how many times you will use it in a day, especially during the first year. A baby poops several times a day, which means changing and cleaning your baby becomes a full-time job for you. When you are using it many times, you need a wipe that’s up for the task.

A wipe that is soft and gentle to the skin, yet tough on dirty messes. You need to find wipers that are thick enough that the mess does not penetrate right through to your skin and large enough to cover your palm. But most importantly, you want a baby wipe that is safe and gentle on your little kid’s skin so it does not cause rashes or irritation.

Fortunately, there are numerous brands that are offering baby wipes in India. While the availability of so many brands makes it easy for you to choose from numerous options but due to so many options, choosing the right can be overwhelming. But we have the solution!                     

In this post, I’ve rounded up the best baby wipes in India based on feel, effectiveness, cost, and eco-friendliness, based on the combination of some mothers’ experience from my family and friend circle and customer reviews.

Read on best baby wipes in India!

1.       Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh 99 Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes min

The premium baby product, Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes is made up of pure water and soft cloths. The soft texture gently cleans the skin and protects it from getting rashes.

This fabric of the product is derived from natural plants that provide deep cleansing and protect your baby’s skin from germs.

These plant-based baby wipes are free from any chemicals and fragrances and this makes them suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. No doubt it is considered an ideal choice among the best baby wipes for sensitive skin.  The plus point of these wipes is that they are completely unscented. You can wipe the face, hands, and other body parts of your baby with Mother Sparsh wipe. These dermatologically tested wipes are made of super soft fabric that is three times thicker than usual baby wipes.

It is completely devoiced of plastic and petrochemicals that makes it an extremely eco-friendly option. You can use these baby wipes to clean the hands, mouth, diaper area, and other body parts of your little kid. The packaging part is also great; it has moisture lock sealed packaging that prevents the wipes from drying. Overall, this is one of the best baby wipes in India that comes in an amazing texture and super gentle for your kid’s soft skin. A lot of ladies ask can we use baby wipes to remove makeup. Yes, you can even use these baby wipes to clean your makeup also.


  • Mother Sparsh Baby Wipes are made of super soft fabric that is three times thicker than usual baby wipes.
  • They are 100% biodegradable and skin-friendly
  • These wipes are great for soothing rashes, irritation, and other skin conditions.
  • This wipe is suitable for babies with normal to sensitive skin.


  • High price may be a drawback.

2.       Johnson’s Baby Wipes

JohnsonGCOs Baby Wipes min

Johnson does not need any introduction today; it is one of the leading names in kid products. Baby Wipes brought by the brand are carefully designed to protect the baby’s skin against rashes and redness and also removes the flakiness of dry skin.

The product packs three times the weight of other moisturizing lotions. It is excellent in keeping the baby’s skin moisturized and skin soft. What I love about this brand is that it is allergy-free and provides deep cleansing while taking care of the natural softness of the baby’s skin.


  • It is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to be gentle and mild to the skin.
  • Wipes are fully enriched with moisturizing lotions.


  • With the stick-on cover, the wipes often get dry; and, dry wipes are of no use.

3.       Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes

Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes min

When it comes to the mild, hypoallergenic, and perfume-free wipes in India, Pampers has secured its name on the top. Including super effective ingredients like citric acid, castor oil, benzyl alcohol, and Aloe Vera and leaf juice, Pampers Sensitive Water Baby Wipes are 20 percent thicker than regular Pampers wipes.

These wipes are lotion-based wipes, and they are soft textured that clean the dirt and uphold the skin’s moisture smoothly. They work well on children with even the most sensitive skin and are one of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin. Furthermore, Pampers wipes stay moist for a long time.


  • The packaging is user-friendly with a click-lock lid that averts loss of moisture in the wipes.
  • All the ingredients included in the wipes are considered to be safe for baby skin.


  • They are slightly overpriced in the Indian market.
best bay wipes in India

4.       Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes

Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes min

Made with the triple cleaning formula, Huggies Cucumber and Aloe Vera Baby Wipes protect your baby’s skin from germs, rashes, and other skin issues. These wipes are thick, soft, and have an amazing absorbing ability. The ingredients of the product, cucumber, and Aloe Vera are worth mentioning.

While Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties, these plant-based baby wipes protect skin from rashes, cucumber keeps the skin hydrated and moist.  Wipes give a refreshing mild smell that keeps your baby happy. The best part is you can use it on the face, hands, diaper area, and other parts of babies.


  • The wipes are free from soap, parabens, and other chemicals.
  • They contain natural fibre instead of woven fabric.


  • They might be rough on extra delicate skin.
  • These wipes are highly scented.

5.       Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes

Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes min

The ayurvedic attributes of the Himalaya have made it the first choice for mothers who want to only use natural products for their newborn baby. This is one of the best baby wipes in India that has been clinically tested and highly recommended.

The Himalaya wipe is formulated for cleansing and moisturizing your baby’s skin while preventing rashes and dryness. The brand claims that with this wipe your baby stays free from infection given its 99% water-based components.


  • Himalaya wipe is free from allergy-causing silicones.
  • They are very soft and gentle on the skin.
  • These wipes contain all-natural ingredients.


  • The product is not sealed properly.
  • It is quite a bit expensive compared to other wipes available in the market.

6.       Supples Baby Wet Wipes

Supples Baby Wet Wipes min

While Supples is not a very popular name in the market, it is still an ideal option when it comes to the best baby wipes in India. The wipes from Supples brand contain natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and vitamin E that protect your baby’s skin from irritation and other skin conditions.

The thick and soft texture makes these wipes an ideal option for sensitive skin. Its thick texture is helpful in deep cleansing and removes all the dust and excessive oil from the skin. It is suitable for the face, hand, diaper area, and all body parts of your baby.


  • Supple wipe protects skin from rashes, allergies, irritation.
  • It is skin-friendly and hygienic.
  • This is also great for maintaining the pH balance of the skin.


  • The product quality needs more improvement.

7.       Mee Mee Wipes

Mee Mee Wipes min

 Made from non-woven material and spun lace, the Mee Mee wipes are perfect for the baby’s gentle and sensitive skin. What makes it one of the best baby wipes in India, it is infused in a unique formula to make sure that the baby stays protected against rashes, redness, and other bacterial infection. And most importantly, the Mee Mee wipe is dermatologically and clinically tested.

This alcohol-free formula comes in portable packaging. Its fresh lemon fragrance gives a fresh feeling with every use. These wipes can also be used for cleaning the baby’s palm, legs, and knees.


  • The spun lace and non-woven fabric make it soft for the baby’s skin.
  • The fresh lemon fragrance keeps the baby smelling good all day.


  • The scented wipe may affect a baby with sensitive skin.

8.       Bey Bee Baby Wipes

Bey Bee Baby Wipes min

The hypoallergenic wipes of Bey Bee are made with the benefits of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. They are made of pure water that makes them very gentle on a baby’s skin.

The wipe comes with a very soothing scent that can easily cover terrible smells. The superb packaging aces it easy to carry anywhere.


  • Bey Bee wipe is dermatologically tested.
  • It is made of 98% of water and ideal for newborn sensitive skin.
  • These wipes are free from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol.
  • They are less prone to allergens and come with a soothing scent.


  • The wetness of the wipes is not so wow.
  • They are non-flushable.

9.   Dove Baby Wipes

Dove Baby Wipes min

Dove is a very familiar name in India for soap, shampoo, conditioner, cream, and many other skincare products. We all are aware of this brand name and its product range. But a very few people know that Dove has now entered into the baby care product segment by introducing Dove Baby Wipes.

These wipes are mild just like other products by Dove. Also, they are non-irritating, free from any alcohol or hypoallergenic. They are completely safe and gentle on a baby’s soft and sensitive skin.


  • Dove Wipes are dermatologically and pediatrically tested.
  • They provide instant moisture to your baby’s skin.
  • These wipes are designed to be extra mild and gentle.


  • The cover of the wipe is not durable.
  • Dove wipes are small in size.

10.       Mama Earth Bamboo Wipes

Mama Earth Bamboo Wipes min

Mama Earth Bamboo Wipes are organic and made of natural ingredients like bamboo. These wipes are paediatrician-tested, hypoallergenic, and completely safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. That’s why; it has a tag of being one of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin.   Because of having bamboo fibre as the main ingredient, Mama Earth wipe is more breathable. Besides, it is enriched with vitamin E, Aloe Vera, almond oil that soothes your baby’s skin.

Since they are 100% free from polyester, they are completely safe for newborns. The packaging is quite convenient. The packet has a hard plastic cover to shut them perfectly when not in use as a result the wipes do not dry up.


  • It is gentle and safe for all body parts including the face.
  • This is hypoallergenic and paediatrician tested.
  • The package design is very convenient.


  • A high price might be an issue for some.

Every baby has different skin. When you want to have the perfect baby wipes for your kid, you may need to try a few brands to find out which is most suitable for your baby. For your convenience, we have listed here the 10 best baby wipes in India (in no particular order).

Best Baby Wipes in India

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