Best Beauty Blogs in India

10 Best Beauty Blogs in India

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Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder! We always hear this line. While true in some ways but still we want to enhance our appearance and with the presence of makeup, style, and beauty prioritizing its way in our life, we always try to look up to the expertise of those who have an edge in this area. 

For this, we search for different resources like magazines, dermatologists, beauty experts, makeup artists, etc. Among so many options, beauty blogs are increasingly becoming popular. These blogs help their readers in taking their Beauty Quotient a few notches up by sharing products reviews, beauty hacks, and tutorials. People love to follow them and keep up with their makeup tips and tricks. 

Present-day beauty blogging is hot and among the fastest-growing niche in India, especially since the last decade when a lot of people started joining the community as a beauty blogger. However, there are many famous and reputed beauty blogs in the country; we are presenting here top 10 beauty blogs in India. 

So, let’s discover!

1. Makeup And Beauty

beauty blogs in India


Started in 2009, Makeup And Beauty has made a prominent mark in the beauty blog globally and has become one of the best beauty blogs in India. Initially, it was started as just a makeup blog but today it has converted into an intentional community of makeup, beauty, and fashion. The website gets 2 lakh visitors on a daily basis, and over 700 writers are writing on it.

This blog brings helpful reviews of different beauty products and easy solutions related to daily makeup. It works as a reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable friend for modern women. The best part is that there is a supportive team active that replies to all beauty related queries and provide insights on any product you want to know.

2.  Wise She

beauty blogs in India


Wise She was started by a renowned beauty blogger, Anamika where she provides various helpful tips related to beauty, makeup, fashion, food, weight loss, etc. If you are a kind of person who gets confused about finding the right product, check out the products reviews at Wise She. You will know all the pros and cons of the product, and also the result with its use.

This blog is suitable for women from all age groups and provides helpful tips for makeup, weight loss, fashion, food and travel etc. If you are confused about what to buy and what will suit you the most, you should definitely check out their product reviews which will tell you all about the pros and cons of the product and also their experience after using it. This is because of her excellence and great work that Anamika has been featured in various magazines like Cosmopolitan, Femina and many more and Wise She is considered as the best beauty blog in India.

3. Peaches and Blush

beauty blogs in India


Another name in the list of 10 Best Beauty Blogs in India, PeachesAndBlush is widely-known for their descriptive product reviews, features, makeup tutorials, tons of fashion and outfit inspiration new launches, bridal blog, bridal lehengas, general work and life opinion pieces fashion, etc.

This beauty blog has so much to offer that can keep you hooked up when you visit this site. It is suitable for women of all age, especially for Indian brides. You will get a guide to resolving your wedding problems related to the best places for a wedding, wedding vendors, shopping, travel diaries and much more. The founder of WedMEGood started this blogging to share her beauty and fashion knowledge and experience.

4.  Newlove -Makeup

beauty blogs in India


Newlove-Makeup is a unique idea of Bhumika Thakkar. Bhumika was very passionate about beauty, fashion and food and she converted her passion in a blog. Here, she shares reviews, swatches, latest launches, new products in the market, event updates, makeup, outfit posts, outfit ideas and much more.

Apart from her blogging journey, Bhumika Thakkar is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and a Certified Financial Manager by education. But for more than 7 years, she has been blogging. Based out of Mumbai, Bhumika loves makeup, fashion, and all things pretty, like any other girl, she is a big-time foodie, loves to explore new places and cuisines.

Her OOTD (outfit of the day) is a one-of-its-kind of thing that provides great ideas to ladies, who want to look fashionable and classy in their day-to-day life. Overall, Newlove-Makeup is among amazing beauty blogs where you get all range of beauty, fashion and skincare related info.

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5.  The Indian Beauty Blog

beauty blogs in India


If you love doing makeup but you have no idea about the right product and technique, The Indian Beauty Blog is here to help you. This blog was introduced by Ritu Rajput in the year 2012. Here, she provides reviews on top brands, salons, spas etc.

Whether you are interested to know about the price and availability of any particular beauty products in India or just want to know about the pros, cons, rating of any beauty brand, you will get everything on this beauty blog.

From being a simple lady to a popular face in the Indian beauty blogging, Ritu Rajput has strived hard to reach this position. She has worked with various leading national and international beauty & fashion brands. And, she has also become Ambassador for Lux from India for 2016-18.

6. Indian Beauty Forever

best beauty blogs in India


Indian Beauty Forever is another popular digital space, where you can check out makeup and beauty products reviews, makeup tutorials, especially eye makeup, nail art, beauty articles, outfit ideas, different makeup tips and much more. Niesha is the owner and editor of this blog, her love for makeup and beauty inspired Niesha to create this beauty blog.

 Every day, she learns new things and shares with a hope to help someone out there. Additionally, if you wish to look like your favourite celebrities, check out her blog. In her celebrity makeup section, Niesha tells the readers what all you need for looking like the star. This beauty blog works as a guide for beginners who want to learn the technique of applying makeup in simple and broad terms and no doubt it is among the best beauty blogs in India.

7.   Makeup Reviews Hall

best beauty blogs in India


Makeup Reviews Hall is an excellent beauty blog where you get a wide assortment of information on product reviews, home remedies, hair care methods, kajal, healthy living tips, etc. In the blog, explained a post on different issues related to face, skin and hair like acne, dandruff etc, with the cause of the issue and simple & hassle-free solutions to resolve the problem.

Prerna, a beauty blogger started this website to share her reviews and experiences on skincare, makeup and beauty stuff. This is among the best beauty blogs in India and works as a hub for all the beauty secrets. Apart from reading and getting valuable insights, the blog allows you to participate in the site by providing your reviews and comments in the guest post section. If you have just started blogging and need inspiration, these Top 10 Female Bloggers in India can help you.

8. Makeup And Beauty Treasure

Indian makeup and beauty blog


One of the best beauty blogs, Makeup and Beauty Treasure is an Indian blogging site that presents detailed and honest reviews of products related to beauty, jewellery, fashion, gadgets, nails, baby, etc on a daily basis. A 29 year old makeup and beauty obsessive, Megha Saraf has started this beauty blog site and since inception it has been flourishing.

The blog helps you to pick the right product which suits you the best and provides you value for you money. So before buying any product, you should definitely check out this blog once. Apart from the review, you will find price, pictures, and things written on the packaging. In nutshell, this blogging sites provides great value to its readers and you should follow it if you love makeup and want to learn more about beauty products and various hacks.

9. Girl Xplorer

Indian makeup and beauty blog


As the name suggests, Girl Xplorer is focused on exploring. Payal Pandya, the blogger and creator of this website loves to explore various topics from beauty to travel to shopping. This blog is like a one-stop destination, you can find product reviews, tips for health and lifestyle and also delicious hot recipes of drinks, cookies, bread, etc.

Payal Pandya initiated this blog in July 2013 and soon it secured its place among the best beauty blogs. Sharing about beauty products from different brands from across the world, giving her person thoughts, Payal educates her readers and keeps them aware about different beauty products and techniques. With so many advantages and brownie points, no doubt Girl Explorer is considered as a leading Indian makeup and beauty blog.

10. Urban Diaries

Indian makeup and beauty blog


The last name in this list- 10 Best Beauty Blogs in India, Urban Diaries follows a unique way of providing information and education to readers. It provides time-saving tips and hacks that can instantly make you look better with just a little bit of “extra” or by a small chance. As the name of her website says, “Urban”, the blog revolves around Urban-ness.

Tanya Dhar, the face behind Urban Diaries shares mainly about Urban lifestyle, travel, gourmet, wellness, style and lots more.  In the wellness category, Tanya shares a lot about wellness. She has written about multiple ways of handling life’s psychological issues which can affect your beauty. Bringing regular does of information, tips and knowledge, Urban Diaries is inspiring a lot of people and no doubt this blog is said as the best Indian makeup and beauty blog.

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If you think, your blog deserves to be listed among the best beauty blogs in India then we will acknowledge your hard work and content. Just write to, share all the valid reasons why you should be on this list and will make sure to check out your blog.  

As many makeup brands are emerging every day in India, no doubt that the culture of blogging is also going high. As it is very difficult to follow the right blog, we have listed these top 10 beauty blogs in India for your support.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Indian makeup and beauty blog


Q. Who is the best beauty blogger in India today?

Ans: Well, mentioning any particular name is tough. Becasue they are many who have created their unique mark in blogging. Ankita Srivastava and Kritika Khurana are a few popular names.

Q. How to earn money through beauty blogging?

Ans: Affiliate marketing is one of the effectives to make money through beauty blogging. You can become the part of a few affiliate programs and then promote their products or services on your blog. With each purchase, you will earn some part of money as a commession.

Hope you find this blog helpful and interesting. Who is your favourite blogger from India? If you think we have missed any important name, let know in the comment section below. 

 We would be happy to hear from you! 

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