10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women


Are you looking for the best hair oils in India? Do you need perfect oil for dry hairs? Want the list of 10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women? Go through the blog and you will have the solution.

Hair speaks volume about the inner balance of your body. It also plays a major role in our overall personality and confidence… That is why people mainly women are possessive and protective for their hairs. They go in all ways to make their hairs look perfect.

Sometimes, while doing so, they end up having various chemical treatments, without knowing the consequences they have on hairs. Also, there are many external factors that damage hairs like pollution, dust, unhealthy eating habits and stress.  In winter, hairs need extra care. The weather being cold and ways most of the hydration, it makes the strands lifeless and dry. Regular oiling protects hairs from these adverse effects and improves the hair texture; provide conditioning, nourishment and more.

Today, there are dozens of hair oil brands in India which offers you a variety of hair oil for you to choose. But finding the best brand & quality that suits your need is important.

Here is the list of 10 best hair oil brands in India, they work best on your hairs and make your hairs go longer and thicker. Also, the best option for each oil brand is given, you can purchase any oil directly, just click on the buy button and you will be redirected to the Amazon product page.  The hair oil price may vary according to the brands.

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

1. Parachute- The Popular Coconut Hair Oil Brand In India

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

One of the best hair oil brands in India, Parachute is known for offering the optimum quality products at the best market price. If you are tired of using different hair oils and want something that can impact actual nourishment to your hair, try this brand.

It impacts 10 times more nourishment to your hair strands. It infuses the wellness of Methi, Aloe Vera, Nagarmotha, Jasmine, Amla, Mehandi, Vitamin E and coconut oil in your hair care routine.

The popular hair oil brand, Parachute makes your hair strengthened from the core and that lead to less prone to breakage. This is quite effective in hair growth, hair strengthening, hair thickening, conditioning, stress relief and much more.

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2. Indulekha- One Of The Highest Selling Hair Oil In India

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

Indulekha is among the fastest-growing oil brands in the Indian industry. It is the best grape seed natural argon hair regrowth oil company for those who are looking to get rid of baldness.

The Induleka hair oil is made of Bringhraj and Svetakutaj. It provides deep nourishment to the scalp and reduces dandruff. The natural formula reduces hair fall and boosts up new hair growth by imbibing the wellness of mother nature.

And finally, you get soft and shining hair that makes you spotlight whatever the occasion is. Induleka hair oil is among the 10 best hair oil brands in India because of its numerous benefits like Anti-hair Fall, Hair Strengthening, Hair Growth, Hair Thickening and many more.

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3. Garnier Hair Oil- Popular Hair Oil Brand for Women in India

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

The paraben-free hair oil brand, Garnier is another popular hair brand for women. It is the best ayurvedic rosemary hair oil for instant and proper hair growth on the bald spot.

Garnier hair oil is infused with natural extracts. Every time, you apply the oil on your hair, it imparts great softness and shines in the hair that stays up to 48 hours.

The vegan formula of Garnier hair oil helps you in controlling frizz. The best part is that it works effectively even in damp weather and gives you an alluring aroma. Prevent greying, dandruff, lice, and split, through the amazing formula of Garnier oil and get a healthy scalp.

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4. Kesh King Hair Oil- Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil for Scalp And Hair

Kesh King  Hair Oil

One of the widely used hair oil by Indian women, Kesh King comes on the fourth position in this list. This hair oil deals with various hair issues including rough hair texture, hair fall, split ends and more. Besides, it is effective in adding volume to hairs and makes them silkier and shinier.

Kesh King Scalp And Hair Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil contains only natural ingredients such as amla, retha and sesame oil. It is made of 21 herbs which are cooked with the combination of essential oils like castor, coconut, and sesame oils; they are popular for promoting hair growth.

The brand claims that by using Kesh King oil weekly, one can get great and quick results. You can buy Kesh King Hair Oil Online on a different eCommerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and more.

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5. WOW Onion Hair Oil- One-stop Hair Solution

WOW Onion Hair Oil- One-stop Hair Solution

Are you going through serious hair-fall issues? Are you looking for a one-stop hair solution? Try WOW Onion Black Seed Oil, it works perfectly to keep excessive hair fall under control.

This amazing hair oil is blended carefully with essential oils to help you fight hair fall and make your hair stronger and shinier. What makes WOW Onion Hair Oil unique, this is Free from Mineral oils and Silicones. It includes Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil to provide a natural hair treatment and is free from all kinds’ chemical formulation.

Once you start using this oil, you start seeing changes in your hairs. You get smooth, tangle-free hair, with beautiful hairs and this is best for oil for dry hairs.

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6. Dabur Amla Oil- Best Anti-Hairfall Oil India

Dabur Amla  Hair Oil

Dabur Amla Oil is one of the top-selling hair oils in India. Dabur has been a renowned brand for many decades. Amla oil is a popular choice among people, this magical formula works great that makes your hairs healthy and strong from the root.

If you are looking for a solution that can prevent hair loss and make it grow at a rapid pace, no oil is as effective as Dabur Amla Oil. This Ayurvedic oil is based on a lightweight formula. One of the best things about his hair oil is that this is the oil is non-sticky and does not turn greasy. You will love the sweet fragrance of amla. The affordable price and easy availability are two major points that make it best Indian hair oil.

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7. Biotique Hair Oil- Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil with Bhringraj

Biotique  Hair Oil

Biotique is famous among Indian women for its herbal-based formulas. Biotique shampoo, Biotique conditioner and different other products are popular among Indian women. Biotique Hair Oil is also getting great response from people. This is therapeutic hair oil is quite rich in bhringraj and is available at a reasonable price.

Bhringraj has been used in different hair and skin products because of its super benefits. Biotique mainly contains the goodness of bhringraj herb that encourages the growth of the hair follicles. With the regular application of Biotique Hair Oil, you can minimize the split ends and dryness.

This is a fact that one cannot stop the white hair growth completely but you can prevent them by applying this oil on a regular basis.

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8. Khadi Hair Oil- One of the Best Hair Oil for Hair Fall

Khadi Hair Oil

A brand widely known for its natural and herb-based product, Khadi has introduced a unique oil formulation. This Khadi Global 18 In 1 Renewal BioActive Hair Oil works as the best remedies for hair fall, hair growth and to fight dandruff.

This is combined with 18 natural Herbs and natural extracts. With so many amazing ingredients it helps you to cure male pattern hair loss, thin, dry Itchy scalp.

This oil contains cold-pressed essential and carrier oils such as Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Pure Marula Oil, Avocado Oil, Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Castor Oil, Blackseed Oil and few more.

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9. Dove Hair Oil- Best Hair Oil For Daily Use

Dove Hair Oil

For a long time, we have been using dove soap, shampoo, conditioner and many other products. The smooth touch dove products give is just amazing. Now, recently the brand has launched hair oil in three variations- Dove Dryness Control, Nourished Shine and Hair Fall Solution.

The hair oil from Dove is based on a light-weight formula that spreads instantly on the scalp. It hydrates the hair easily without making it sticky or greasy. You can use this oil as a finishing serum if you want to control dryness after hair wash.

Another good thing about this Dove hair oil is its packaging that is very attractive and classy in a golden tinted bottle with an easy to use pump dispenser. If you are using other products from Dove and you are a delighted customer of it then for you this hair oil can be the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness in India.

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10. Patanjali Hair Oil- Hair Oil Brands Made In India

Patanjali Hair Oil

Patanjail, the household name presents one of the best Ayurvedic hair re-growth oils. This hair oil contains the goodness of Brahmi, Yasthi Madhu, bhringraj, Mehendi, wheat germ oil, and aloe vera extract.

Someone looking for a powerful remedy to get rid of hair fall, oil by Patanjali is perfect.

The regular massage of the oil treats hair fall as well as promote hair re-growth. The herbs present in the oil give strength to hair roots, prevent hair loss, and also stimulate hair follicles to encourage growth. Get smooth and soft hairs with Patanjali hair oil.

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Bottom Line on 10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

So above we have listed on top-selling oil for hairs in India in 2020 that can keep your hairs guarded against external harms such as dust, pollution without burning a hole in your pocket. Hair oils are the basic need of a person; hope this list would be helpful in choosing the right option according to your needs.

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

10 Best Hair Oil Brands in India for Women

How to apply hair oil for best results?

Using the product in the correct way is compulsory to get the maximum benefit from it. There was a time when the rough Champi was a boost for hair growth, but not anymore. Know some effective and easy ways to apply to those strands:

  • Use your fingers while doing oil massage on your hairs.
  • Always use warm oil on hairs for deep penetration.
  • Avoid the use of palm as it can tear off the weak strands.
  • Avoid using oil outside in the sun as it attracts dust and dirt with maximizing heat.
  • For the maximum output, apply oil for the whole night or to a minimum of 2 hours.

Do you oil your hair regularly? Which is your favourite hair oil? Share what you think about this post and let me know if I missed any important brand name in the comment section below.

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