Best Handbag Brands For Women

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women


Best handbag brands in India for women: Handbags have become a fashion trend in the last few years. Women and bags go hand in hand, just like companions. Here, it wouldn’t be wrong to say handbags are ladies’ best friends as they go everywhere with them.

Every woman wants a loyal handbag that can fit on her essentials perfectly and she carries it everywhere without any hassle. Thanks to an array of leading handbag brands for women in India, you can choose from a variety of options available and flaunt your fashion game. 

Here are some of the handbag brands that are currently trending in the Indian markets and reflect the choices of the Indian woman. Whether you wish to have a trendy handbag or classic handbag, there are ample options, you can choose from. 

Let’s have a look!

  1. Burberry- One of the Best Handbag Brands 

Burberry- One of the Best Handbag Brands

The British origin brand, Burberry was initiated in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. This popular and reputed brand brings incredible handbags by integrating distinctive designs, unique patterns, beautiful colors, and incredible style and is considered as one of the best handbag brands in India.

The brand offers both affordable and exclusive handbags with a hefty price that gives it iconic status and the best option for ladies searching for top handbag brands in the world. 

The unique thing about this brand is that a Burberry handbag is considered a dream come true for women. Although it may look expensive for some people it is worthy of every penny spent and that is why it is among the best handbag brands in India.

Celebrities, actors, leaders, musicians, athletes, and elite class across the world have Burberry bag because of its qualitative and distinguishing product line.

2. Caprese- luxury handbag brand in India

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women

Popular for its luxury handbags in India, Caprese brings a wide assortment of luxury handbags that are fit for every occasion. Whether you are going to attend any business event or you will attend your best friend’s marriage, a Caprese handbag can complete your outfit.

Because of its eye-catching shades like olive green, burgundy, gold, and others to suits different moods and occasions no doubt Caprese is among the top handbag brands in the world. 

So what you are waiting for, wear that glamorous look with the best handbag brands in India. Accessorize your favourite outfits with the exquisite collection of Caprese handbags in eye-popping trendy and chic designs.  Check the price of Caprese bags on Amazon.

3. Gucci Jackie- Famous for Its Luxury and Premium Collection

Gucci Jackie

Another luxury and premium handbag brand in the world, Gucci Jackie deals in various leather goods including extravagant handbags. Gucci handbags are known as masterpieces. It is one of the most luxurious items of its brand that speaks of opulence and style.

Started in 1921, Gucci Jackie is an Italian origin company. Try to have at least one Gucci Jackie bag if you are a huge fan of International branded bags.

Gucci is considered as best buys amongst its customer base because of its exotic bags made of satin, waterproof canvas, bamboo, and animal skins.

4. Chanel- An Iconic Brand  of Fashion Industry

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women

Chanel is an iconic brand; it is of French origin and operates via independent Chanel boutiques in most of the continents of the world. 

This brand was introduced in 1909 by Coco Chanel and with time has made a great impact in the global arena and has become one of the luxurious and premium brands in the global fashion industry. 

Chanel offers expensive but exclusive handbags to its elite customers and this is the reason why it is among the best selling handbags in India. 

 The cost of Chanel bags is staggering and may cost an arm but is worth every penny and everyone wants to own a Chanel handbag. Its designs are outstanding, the material soft and its look is to be seen to believe.

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5. House of Tara- Famous Brand, Offering Personalized Bags

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women

The House of Tara is a well-established and famous bag brand not only in India but across the world. With their collection of quirky and colourful handbags for all occasions, this bag brand has become favourite among youngsters. 

With a wide range of backpacks and totes, House of Tara offers customers to get personalized bags. It uses digital prints and Indian colours to give an opportunity to its customers to show their personality in whichever pattern they want.

This is a unique concept brought by this brand and that makes it one of the best college bag brands in India. When it comes to the cost, this is not high if you are a fashionista, you can have a bag from this brand within the price range of Rs. 700 to Rs. 5000. Explore Bags by House of Tara on Amazon.

6. Fossil- One of the Best Handbags of 2020

Fossil- One of the Best Handbags of 2020

Apart from its leading position in the watch industry, Fossil is well-known for offering the best selling handbags in India with its exclusive range of handbags for women. 

Their extraordinary quality in leather, with top-end designs, always fascinates ladies from age group. This is the reason why it has steadily obtained a place in the Indian market. 

The crossbody bags, totes, and cute satchels from Fossil are some of the favourite options for handbag-holic.

Don’t wait anymore to get Fossil bags if you want to flaunt your higher-end branded handbags and looking for the best handbag brands in India for women. Buy Fossil Ladies Bag on Amazon.

7. Kara: Popular Indian Handbag Brand

Kara: Popular Indian Handbag Brand

Established in 2012, Kara is one of the popular handbags for women in India. Its vast range of bags is exclusively curated for every modern woman that looks for the comfort and style at the same time. 

This Delhi-based bag brand can be a perfect option, which is looking for made in India handbags. Apart from its strong market presence in handbags, Kara has made its niche in the nags and shoe category, with over 600 stores in over 100 cities in India

Kara’s handbags are available in a wide range on almost all leading retail chains including Footprint, Metro Shoes, Reliance, Central, FBB, Payless, etc. Check the price of Kara bag on Amazon.

8. Da Milano- Popular Handbag Brand in India 

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women

One of the best handbag brands in India, Da Milano offers an exclusive range of handbags with state-of-the-art technology, creativity, and enduring sophistication.

Da Milano has been in manufacturing leather goods for more than six decades. Besides bags, the company also offers an amazing range of travel bags, portfolio bags, wallets, and other accessories.

Present-day, this brand operates 44 self-operated retail stores in 10 cities in India and has plans to grow soon. Additionally, the company is on the way to expand its reach in the global market with plans to open stores in Europe, Singapore, and Dubai. Explore amazing bags by Da Milano on Amazon.

9. Ladida- Unique Handbag Brand of India 

Ladida- Unique Handbag Brand of India

Ladida is another name in this list of 10 best handbag brands in India for women. It is one of the first of its kind’s brands that eliminated the use of animal leather. Instead, it uses faux leather and synthetic leather to make handbags and other products. 

Ladida was started in 2001 and soon it started dominating the top handbag brands in India for women with its premium quality at the best market price. 

Moreover, Ladida always brings distinctive designs in appropriate colors and prints. If you want to try something different or don’t like to use a product made of animal leather, Ladida can be your best choice. Buy Ladia bag on Amazon.

10. Lino Perros- Famous for Affordable Ladies Handbag in India

10 Best Handbag Brands In India

If you are looking for affordable ladies handbag in India, Lino Perros is your best option. It offers a wide range of fashion accessories including bags, belts, wallet and other essentials.

Lino Perros comes under the SAPL group. It was started by Sanjay Dua in the year 1999. The group has multiple parts like real estate, financial services, retail merchandise, etc.

Lino Perros is popular for its high-quality products and amazing designs. It is offering it in most of the cities today. The best part is that they have a budget-friendly collection in India, which has style and charm. Check the Lino Perros bag price on Amazon.

Bottom Line

That’s all about 10 best handbag brands in India that offer unmatched quality and style at the best price. All of them are stylish and easy to carry bags. Apart from diamonds, handbags are the second best friend of a girl, so select your bag smartly.

Select your bag that suits your personality!

10 Best Handbag Brands In India For Women

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Handbag Brands In India

Which are the best handbag brands in India? 

There are many popular names like Burberry, Gucci, Chanel, and many more.You need to find what suits you perfectly. 

How to find the best handbag for women? 

Look, colours, material, and cost these are some major factors you need to consider while buying your bag. Also, decide your purpose like you want to have a small bag for a party or a big one to carry your important stuff.

Where can I buy branded handbags in India?

Almost all brands have their own store where you can visit, check the product physically and buy. If you want to go online, try Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra. 

Can I buy a luxury bag at an affordable range?

Yes, you can. Many brands offer a luxury range of handbags at a reasonable price. Besides, they offer various discounts, sales, and festive season offers. Buy your bag during a festive period like New Year offers and other it will reduce your costing. 

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