10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women

10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women


Do you know which is the 10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women?

In this modern culture, every industry has grown and the apparel industry is not an exception. Today’s Indian apparel industry offers a variety of designer clothing. Among different clothes, Jeans have become the most fashionable style of clothing for both men and women in India.

Apart from style, Jeans are considered as comfortable outfits that can be worn on all kinds of occasions. Jeans provide many choices to decide from and the styles, fits, and rinses are also innumerable and hence the choice is surely not limited. It is sure that jeans can never go out of style. They are definitely known to be the best travel pants. Besides, there are many reasons why Jeans are loved:

  • Jeans are versatile and therefore you can select to wear them for different occasions.
  • If you go for quality jeans, they are durable. So you don’t have to purchase a new one very soon.
  • One of the best parts about jeans is that they are very comfortable
  • Most of the jeans are dark and hence reduces the probability of staining reduces.
  • You are free to wear jeans with various types of uppers like Tee, Shirt, Tops, and more.

There is a long list of popular jeans brands in India that make it confusing for selecting the most suitable option. For your help, I have compiled the list of top 10 best selling and most popular jeans brands available in the Indian market for women:

10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women

Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper/10 Best Jeans Brand
Lee Cooper

One of the most popular jeans brand in India, Lee Cooper was founded by Moris Cooper and Louis Maister as a company that produced workwear in 1908.

 M. Cooper (Overalls), as it was known then, also produced military uniforms during WWII. Present-day, the English company is headquartered in London and is working across the world. The products brought by the company include denim jackets and jeans.

Lee Cooper is one of the famous and leading brands and is known for providing an incredible look regardless of the body shape you have. This jeans brand comes in various attractive colors including dark blue jeans, Navy blue jeans, and black making sure there is a couple to match any potential tops. The best part about these brands is that it is a quite affordable, trendy, and smart brand for jeans.

Flying Machine

Flaying Machine/10 Best Jeans Brands
Flaying Machine

The home-bred Indian brand, Flying Machine is another best jeans brand for women in India. The brand was launched in 1980, and it is part of the Arvind group of brands.

Since inception, the company has been a crucial part of every fashion-conscious man and woman in India.

Flaying Machine mainly targets people in the 16-30 range, with all its marketing directed towards this audience only, but it doesn’t mean that people from outside this age group can’t wear the brand.

Killer Jeans

Killer Jeans/10 Best Jeans Brands For Women
Killer Jeans

Killer Jeans is a reputed name in the jeans manufacturing industry. It is part of Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited a branded apparel manufacturer that has won multiple awards over the years. KKCL is one of the best jeans brands for women in India.

 It produces jeans and western wear and holds many in-house fashion brands like Killer, K-Lounge, Easies, and Addictions. It has an eco-friendly collection of apparel that makes it a healthy and organic brand.

Today, Killer Jeans holds more than 300 stores, spread across almost 200 cities in India. The brand was incorporated into the KKCL family of brands in the year 1989 in Mumbai.

Allen Solly

Allen Solly/10 Best Jeans Brands In India
Allen Solly

The popular jeans brand for women in India, Allen Solly is the part of Aditya Birla Group. The foundation of this brand was taken by William Hollin and Co Ltd in the year 1744.

Madura Garments then bought it in the ’90s, and it became part of the Aditya Birla family in 2001. Allen Solly produces formal and informal shirts, jeans, and other apparel for men and women.


ONLY//10 Best Jeans Brands In India

ONLY is part of the Bestseller family of brand and is among the 10 best jeans brands in India. It is a denim fashion brand that targets young women. Today, the brand holds over 4500 stores across the world. In India, ONLY came to Mumbai in the year 2010. Now it has 53 brand outlets and 140 shops her.

Bestseller is a fashion company privately-owned by Troels Holch Povlsen, a Danish businessman. In the year 1975, he cofounded Bestseller in Denmark with his wife. Bestseller was inherited by his son, Anders when he was 28 years old.

Lee Jeans

Lee//10 Best Jeans Brands For Women

When it comes to the top 10 Most Popular Brands of Jeans in India, the list is incomplete without Lee Jeans. Henry David Lee founded the company as ‘HD Lee Mercantile Company’ in 1889 in Salina, Kansas.

At the time, it produced dungarees and jackets but later expanded to overalls, jumpsuits and also introduced the ‘zipper fly.’ In 1960, Lee was acquired by a corporation and officially became a brand. Present-day, the popular jeans brand Lee is owned by Kontoor Brands.

Numero Uno

Numero Uno/10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women
Numero Uno

Incepted in the year 1987, Numero Uno is one of the leading Indian brands that source, design, manufacture, and markets their denim.

Numero Uno is an Indian brand and is well-loved among the people of the country. This is the reason why the brand has grown exponentially over the years. It is highly responsive towards consumer needs and is famous for its dynamic designs and best jeans for women in India.

Today, there are approx hundreds of Numero Uno stores in India, covering exclusive brand outlets and multi-brand outlets. Additionally, the company also produces shirts, shades, jackets, t-shirts, bags, belts, and shoes.



Spykar is a leading Indian denim fashion brand, and one of the fastest-growing jeans brand in India. Launched in the year 1992, this home-grown brand has become one of the top 10 jeans brands for women in the country.

Today, Spykar has is facing fierce competition from international brands like Pepe Jeans, Levi’s, and Wrangler but now goes toe-to-toe with all of them. It manufactures casual wear, footwear, accessories, and perfumes. Today, the products from Spykar are available in hundreds of outlets across India.

Diesel Jeans

Diesel Jeans
Diesel Jeans

An Italian brand, Diesel Jeans is one of the most popular brands of jeans in India and is mainly famous for its unusual and surreal advertising campaigns. It manufactures denim, shoes, and various accessories.

The company was launched in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied in Molvena, Italy. Rosso used to sew jeans for himself at the age of fifteen; he also used to sell them. And later, he started working for a clothing manufacturer owned by Goldschmied. Rosso bought their 40% of the shares of the company that became Diesel. After a few years, in 1985, Rosso became the sole owner of the company.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American Company; it was founded by the designer Calvin Klein. The company is mainly designed for fashionable women if you want to wear a stunning collection of jeans with high comfort.

Calvin Klein is a renowned jeans brand for women in India that exemplifies bold and seductive. The innovative design collection by Calvin Klein always makes people fall for them and buy one for them.

FAQs on Jeans for Women

Q. What is the best way to take care of jeans? Should I never wash them?

A big no to washing denim and can often make a favourite skinny pair get their fitness back. I would suggest you wash them inside-out on cold.

Q. How to get the right fit jeans?

First of all, measure yourself using a flexible measuring tape, measure around the hips and waist. You also need to measure the natural waist and low waist measurement. Measure the inseam length from crotch to down. You need to make sure that the jeans you are wearing fit you where you are the largest. It does not, that jean is of no use to you.

Q. What are the different jeans fit terms?

10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women

Slim fit: It is an overall good fit jeans type without being too figure-hugging

Skinny Fit: Skinny fit is a body-hugging fit towards the hem

Tapered Fit: This type of jean fit comfortably till the thigh and taper to a narrower ankle

Straight Fit Jeans: Straight fit jeans straight from the thigh to the hemline. It features the same width from the top to the bottom of the leg.

Regular Fit: This is a standard fit of jeans that is almost the same as Straight fit jeans

Wide Leg Jeans: This jeans type is wider at the bottom

Boot-cut: The boot-cut jeans are straight through the thigh and slightly flared at the ankle. If you have muscular calves, then this cut might be suitable for you.

10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women

Q. Are skinny jeans out of fashion?

Absolutely not! Skinny jeans are a new classic. They are made to be fitted; having a pair of jeans that hugs your leg perfectly without being too tight is awesome. The best part is that the majority of skinnies are made with a stretchy blend of fabric to let for a tight fit without construction.

Q. What are the most appropriate jeans for the office?

Dark-wash jeans are perfect for the office. They do not only give an office-appropriate feel but also work as a slimming pair of pants. Go for a pair of black, navy and raw wash jeans for your office outfit.

Q. Which is the best jeans type to go on a date?

You can stick with your favourite jeans; give a try to a classic cut in a dark wash. A darker wash makes the look feel less casual but just as comfortable.

Q. What are the best tops to wear with high-waisted jeans?

You can go with a fitted layering top, tucked in with a cropped, structured jacket. Collarless tweed styles evoke a vintage feel from a different era, and equally complement your high-risers.

So these are the 10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women that you must try. If you are still confused, and not able to decide which brand to land at, you can do one thing, buy a pair that is the most comfortable pair for you to look trendy, smart, and stylish and decide for another.

10 Best Jeans Brands In India For Women

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