10 Best Money Management Apps

10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting


Do you want to keep a budget, but aren’t sure where to start? Do you have money in different places and want to keep an eye on it all easily? Don’t worry now: here, we are going to talk about 10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting. They will help you to meet your financial goals, start saving money, and live more financially secure!

These money management applications are uniquely designed to help you check your bank balance, track your spending, and analyze your habits. Moreover, some software will help you to make better financial decisions, as per the data gathered from your spending habits. You can access and review your financial status everywhere and every time.

Money management is an excellent skill; it is something that can help reap significant rewards in the long term. It symbolizes how successfully you are managing your finances. How much is coming in, when it hits your bank account, and where it’s going are all vital aspects of financial success?

A balanced budget, bills paid, and cash saved, money manage sometimes feel like a full-time job. You have to spend time and extra hands in order to manage everything and stay on top. But stop and calm down!

Thanks to technology, you have numerous money management software right at your fingertips. From saving more to splitting expenses, you can achieve your financial goals with these amazing money managed software.

10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting

  1. Mint


Among the best Money Management Apps, Mint is one of the best budgeting apps—and for good reason. Whether you are a beginner and an expert, you should give it a test drive; you will not get disappointed, trust me. 

In order to use this application, you just need to set up your profile and put your bank account information. No need to worry about the safety of your information, thanks to the triple-level protection of Mint

The best part of Mint money manages app is that it allows you to check all your financial information (from loans to checking accounts) on a single screen on its overview page. 

Moreover, here you can create detailed budgets and also track your spending after linking to credit cards and bank accounts with this Best Money Management Apps.

2. Empower


Empower brings amazing features of budgeting as well as savings that make it a unique money management software. This awesome banking and budgeting app connects all your financial accounts and tracks activities so you can have better control over your cash flow.

You can use Empower as a personal finance app and set your weekly and monthly spending limits for different categories. You can also take advantage of their AutoSave feature for better budgeting.

You only need to fix a weekly savings goal and Empower would automatically move extra cash–whenever available–into the saving account.

This is one of the best money management apps in India for those who are want to save but are not able to do so. This app will also find savings in your spending patterns. It provides a snapshot of your subscriptions and informs you to cancel that are no longer useful.

It also renegotiates your phone, cable and internet bill to lower amounts. You can even earn interest on your AutoSave account with no minimums when you open an Empower checking account. 

3. Moneycontrol 

Best Money Management Apps

Moneycontrol is one of the most popular portals for tracking stock market investments. It is the best app for those who trade/invest in Stock Markets or Mutual Funds.

 Moneycontrol summarises all your Stock Market and Mutual Fund Investments neatly and also keeps you up to date with the latest prices of these Investments.

On this platform, you just need to create your Portfolio and then you can track all your Stock Market Investments at the click of a button. Moreover, trade application provides you suggestions on whether you should buy/sell or hold your investments.

Moneycontrol has an active forum wherein people regularly discuss the best Investment ideas, the best time to buy/ sell and various other investment-related discussions.

Today, a lot of stock market traders are using this money management application and effectively keeping a track of their investments. Present-day, this app is available on both iOS and Android.

4. Mvelopes


The fully-featured online personal finance app, Mvelopes is based on the old “envelope budgeting” premise. With this software, you put your cash in envelopes; mark the envelope as to what the cash is for. When this goes and when it is gone, now again reset it during the start of your next pay period.

Mvelopes is here to make sure that your digital envelopes are managed properly. When an envelope is empty, the app will light it up in red. 

Mvelopes app is available for Android and iPhone both, and the best part is that you can sync to all your bank and credit accounts with it. 

This amazing money managed app allows you to select from three versions according to your budget and expertise: Mvelopes Basic, Mvelopes Premiere, and Mvelopes Plus. 

5. Quicken


The list of 10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting is incomplete without mentioning Quicken, and with various reasons. It offers a complete overview of your banking, investment, retirement, and credit card accounts a single platform and makes finance tracking easier for you.

Quicken app almost predates the computer age and this money manager software has been around in one version or another since 1983. 

It is a bit old-fashioned but this application set the standard. Quicken does almost every basic task, you want from a budget management app to do. Here, you can select your best financial part and selected from different versions of Quicken according to your needs and money you want to spend on. 

6. Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Track your budget with all information about your investment account with Personal Capital, one of the best money management apps available. 

This application presents an intuitive interface and visuals that you can see easily on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Personal Capital provides total graphs of your investments by asset class, investment account, or individual investment that makes it easy for you to track your investment performance and manage your portfolio.

It is true that the budgeting functionalities of Personal Capital are not so robust or intuitive but they get the job done. The major benefit of Personal Capital is that your investments are considered in the equation, giving you a holistic view of your total financial picture. 

All these factors easily show why Personal is the best personal finance app for android. 

7. Emma 

10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting

Known as ‘your best financial friend’, Emma is an awesome but free money management app. It helps to you avoid overdrafts, cancel useless subscriptions, keep track on debt and also save money.

Emma lets you check all of your accounts and spending habits in a single platform. It also has a countdown feature to payday so you know exactly when your salary is coming in and how to manage your money around that date. 

This money management app sends you weekly or monthly reports. Also, there is a ‘community’ where you can talk to other Emma users about finance and other topics.

If you are confused in selecting the best app for better budgeting, Emma is the perfect option to set budgets and track your accounts in one place – including your investments and pensions.

8. TriCount

10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting

TriCount is another popular option when you are looking for personal expense tracker app. It’s a fact that splitting expenses with travel buddies and roommates are tough and confusing. In this situation, people end up paying too much and others feel guilty about paying too little. Here, TriCount can be the best money tracking option.

This easy to use money management app allows you to track what each person pays and also who owes money.

With TriCount, you will be able to track every expense (from gas to hotel rooms) and also keep track of payments. 

Another amazing positive point about this money software is that it also makes you sure you won’t lose data and does all of the calculations for you. 

This app is also great for sharing expenses with a roommate and can work as a wonderful budgeting app for college students.

9. Moneyhub   

10 Best Money Management Apps

Moneyhub is another one of the leaders among the personal capital money management software. Moneyhub is quite useful for tracking exactly where you can cut back on your expenses and how changes could impact you in the coming days.

This app has ‘forecast’ feature that allows you to watch how much money you might have in the upcoming mothers. And lets you see how a big spend like a holiday, house or car might affect your finances. 

This FCA registered money management app is available for businesses and also for personal purpose. It also helps you to connects to the real-life experts for financial advice

Moneyhub provides you with a complete breakdown of where your money is being spent like on gas bills or travel but will also give the detail. 

Moneyhub also offers an easy way to get in touch with a financial expert, whether you want to invest for your future, make the most of your retirement.

10. Wally

10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting

Another unique name, Wally is a stripped-down budgeting app without a lot of bells and whistles. But let me tell you, these unique features are worth exploring.

First advanced of this money management app is that it supports nearly all foreign currencies so if you are a digital nomad and spend time outside the country, Wally is the perfect option for you.

It allows you to save pictures of receipts by which you can keep track of major items related to taxes and business without dealing with paper.

Each time you log in, the software will update you how much money you have, and what’s left in the budget until the month-end. Overall, Wally has everything you need to manage your finances without paper in almost any currency in the world.

Best Money Management Apps

10 Best Money Management Apps Pin

Last Verdict on Best Money Management Apps

These are 10 Best Money Management Apps for Better Budgeting available from the plethora of budgeting and money management apps. Hope this list would help you. 

Disclaimer: This blog is only for information purpose, and the website is not responsible for the accuracy given above about each application.

10 Best Money Management Apps

10 Best Money Management Apps (2)

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