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10 Best Pixie Haircuts: Celebrity Pixie Hairstyles


10 Best Pixie Haircuts: Are you looking for a timeless, classic look that enhances the beauty of women of all ages? Easy to maintain and style, a pixie haircut is perfect for any lady short on time but still desires for a haircut that stands out. It is a versatile style that can be cute, feminine, and sophisticated, all at the same time. Moreover, since this hairstyle suits every face shape, anyone can have this most versatile haircut. Try  Trimmeradviser to discover how this style can be transformational for your looks. 

A ‘pixie’ cut refers to any short style short on the sides, back and a little longer on the top. It usually has short and feathery bangs styled to the side. You will look lovely when styled back, but we have seen that these look equally trendy when messy and undone with celebrities. 

Anyone can wear a pixie cut if looking for a timeless style that demands minimal effort. Ahead, we share 10 Best Pixie Haircuts to inspire your next haircut. 

10 Best Pixie Haircuts

1. Ruth Negga – very short pixie haircut

A very short pixie haircut gives a bold, modern, and fashionable retro feels for the ones with naturally curly hair. Ruth Negga does it in style as it suits here naturally thick hair and angular features. Just get a good curl cream for those locks and ringlets. 

2. Rowan Blanchard – pixie bob

For those typical 60s looks, Rowan Blanchard debuted with her new hairstyle through her Instagram stories. The pixie bob style proved to be timeless for her. The modernity of her hair cut suited perfectly with her fine hair and round face. The style looks great when slicked back for a fresh and feminine look. 

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  1. Anne Hathaway – long pixie haircut

Anna Hathaway’s pixie moment drew everyone’s attention. She wears a long pixie haircut that is an excellent option for a transition to a cropped style, maybe later. Slightly shorter than bob, it leaves longer hair at the front giving you more styling flexibility. 

  1. Cara Delevingne – short pixie haircut

Cara Delevingne’s affinity for pixie cuts is well known; she recently came up with a white-blonde variation. This classic, timeless look is flattering on most face cuts and has a bold style statement too. With this hairstyle, you do not need much styling or maintenance. 

  1. SuRie- one of the best pixie haircuts with bangs

Experimenting with new, bold hair color, SuRie does it in style. Those bangs to her pixie cut suits entirely with her angular features and a strong jawline. The side-swept flatters a heart-shaped or square face; you can always grow your hair if you don’t like it. 

  1. Jennifer Lawrence – asymmetrical pixie cut

Jennifer Lawrence does it in style with the most iconic haircuts. A style that is cool and edgy; it makes your face seem slimmer and longer. The asymmetries look even great with long, wispy side bangs and more extended pieces on top that makes it easy to style and tease to give the illusion of volume. It also makes a face look slimmer and longer, drawing attention from everyone. 

  1. Kate Perry- pixie haircut for fine hair

Kate Perry’s fine hair is mixed with the right elements and the styling products to give her a relaxed look for summers. It is an icy blonde crop with the right texture and lifts, and it does not fall flat. 

  1. Janelle Monae- pixie haircut for thick hair

Here are a few fresh new vibes with Janelle Monae pixie haircut. It is a classy look enhanced by the thick texture of her hair. The cropped length makes the hair easy to manage, and these are simpler to style as well. 

  1. Jada Pinkett Smith – undercut pixie haircut

Jade Pinkett Smith added an edge to her pixie haircut by adding a relaxed and rebellious vibe. Her pixie haircut is longer on the top for a flattering contrast, giving styling options with plenty of volume and texture.

  1. Naomi Campbell – pixie haircut for curly hair

Naomi Campbell showed us how elegant a pixie haircut could look with curly hair. The cute, fresh, and youthful look with flattering shape makes the most of the natural bounce and volume. 

Pixie-Your Next Big Hair Move

This trendy haircut can be one of the most life-changing haircuts you can get. In fact, the idea can be so dramatic that you might question yourself – Should I really go for it? 

No worries, we are concerned and help you sort out the things. Here’s your quick pixie hairstyle guide:

Questions to Ask  for Best Pixie Haircuts


You need to make sure you are happy with the final result, and this haircut is no exception. Without resolving your queries, you may end up with a style that you may not like at all. Do not go through such an unpleasant experience; be wise by asking your stylist these three questions:

Question One: Will it suit my face?

Many celebrities sport this style; however there is a chance that it may not work for you. Although the pixie hairstyle will compliment all face cuts, it is so much about getting the right pixie. Discuss it a little with your hairstylist; give yourself time before deciding. 

Question 2: Which day will be the most convenient?

Saturday and Sunday will obviously be the freest days for you but are the busiest for your stylist. Find a day and time when you will have the maximum attention and focus of the stylist. 

Question 3: Time for your next appointment?

With your pixie hairstyle, you will like to look the best always. To maintain the crisp style, you need to plan ahead and book your appointments in advance. Your newfound hairstyle will grow faster than you think. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Getting a Pixie Haircut

Getting it right is essential, therefore keep these following four tips in mind before booking your haircut appointment:

  1. Start with a long pixie cut: Start by trimming your strands to just an inch or two, and later on, you can snip it further to suit your preference. If initially you cut your hair too short while getting your first pixie, you will be stuck for a few weeks waiting for your hair to grow. 
  2. Grows faster: Did you know that growing out a pixie will happen a lot more quickly than you may expect. It means two things – one for change in your hairstyle, you need not wait for long. Two, your appointments with the hairstylist needs to be more often to maintain your looks. 
  3. Quick-drying and washing: You already know what it takes to wash, dry and style your long hair. Well, it won’t be the case with a pixie haircut. Be happy as you will be saving considerable time on your hair routine. 
  4. All attention on your face: With this hairstyle, your face will get all the focus being in the front and center. You will no longer have long tresses to take care of all day. Just the right makeup tips, and that is all. 

Last Verdict on Best Pixie Haircuts

You need to be aware of what you are getting into with this hairstyle and not let your hairstylist decide it for you. It is the best way to ensure that you are happy with the end result. 

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