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10 Best Trendy Haircuts for Women in India 2021


Every new year, ladies look for new hairstyles and want to make sure they look as fresh, stylish and as modern as they can. In the first part of this blog series, I have listed trendy haircuts for women in India for 2020. You love that part a lot, so I thought to write more in this section. Since 2021 is around the corner, I have decided to put together what I have found to be the 10 Best Trendy Haircuts for Women in India for 2021 and the following years. 

The good news about hair trends in 2021 is that the focus is on personalization. These days, haircuts are becoming more and more tailored to your face shape, natural texture, as well as lifestyle. Overall, people are looking for styles that are easy to wear and make their hair look thick at the same time.

Keep scrolling to embrace your hair and start polishing up your look with one of the best haircuts shown here. 

10 Best Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

  1. Shaved Haircut: One of the Hottest Haircut Trends in India  

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

When it comes to the latest hair trends, how we can forget to mention the haircuts with shaved temples. This haircut is considered as the most daring style and it is getting great popularity in recent seasons. 

While shaved whiskey can go well with haircuts for any length, they look awesome on long hair especially. Sophisticated and elegant forms present a bold and confident personality that is increasingly chosen by Indian women of all ages. 

If you love experimenting and love to express your inner world by creating a non-trivial image, try one of the hottest haircuts for women in India. The best part is that the shaved can be covered with a long part of the hair, so you can redo your hairstyle at any time. 

2. Long Blunt Bob cut with Light Waves: The Popular Haircut for women 

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Bob cut is quite popular among India ladies; here I am going to mention a staggering variation of it that the long blunt bob cut for women. This haircut is especially with simple light waves that will enhance the cut along with flatter with face structure. 

Long Blunt Bob cut with Light Waves attracts women with its low maintenance, easy chicness, and styling versatility. What’s more, long babe with waves is becoming a favourite hairstyle and it is to be among the prettiest haircuts for women in 2021. So, if you are looking for such a style, then this cut is undoubtedly a fantastic variant to go. 

3. The Vintage Cut: The Classy, Modern Haircut 

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Get a flawless look with the vintage haircut. This has become swag for all modern, classy girls. This haircut has short curved hair inwards. The wavy layer looks amazing, especially with casual outfits. 

This is among the trending haircuts for short hair in India. This haircut provides you with a pleasant look and makes your personality more presentable. 

Check 10 simple & stunning long haircuts for women that would let you look stunning without compromising much on your hair lengths. 

4. Bangs on Forehead: One of the Trending Hairstyles for Girls in India  

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Bangs on Forehead is among the easiest and trendy haircuts for women in India. This is quite easy to do and does need a lot of efforts for maintenance. You can add bangs to this. If you love a simple hairdo, this is an ideal option for you, carry it off with style. 

Bangs on Forehead is perfect for women in their early 20s, compliment this style with the western outfit. Summer is mainly a good time to try this style, although you can also go in winter. 

5. Soft Curls with Long Bangs: Among the best Indian Hairstyles for Medium Hair  

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Soft curls with long bangs, a perfect option for a shoulder-length haircut is an easy to do hairstyle. With this hairstyle, the hair at the back is curled from the tips with big curls, and the front is kept short an inch and left to fall straight. 

 This hairstyle is widely carried out for the day to day looks and is considered among the best Indian hairstyles for medium hair. 

The fine fluffy curves on the shoulder add to its beauty. Generally, college teens and professional women carry this look. This haircut looks excellent on wavy and straight hair type and round and long face shape. 

6. V Shaped Layers on Long Length hair: Latest Haircut for Medium-long Hair 

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Looking for trending hairstyles for medium-length to long length hair? V-Shaped layers are extremely beautiful and look awesome on medium to long hair. These layers look exactly like what the name tries to describe. 

The layers of this hairstyle form a V shape when you look at it from the back. These particular V-shaped layers create an amazing balance of textures, volume and wispiness without needing to be overly textured with texturizing scissors or be detailed with choppy ends. This layered hairstyle is a classic look and among the best trendy haircuts for women in India. 

7. Twists: The Trending Hairstyle for Indian Women 

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Breathe some life into your cropped hairstyle with a few sexy twists. This does not only look fantastic but adds a charm in your personality. Apart from its unique bold look, this hairstyle also protects your lock. 

What I love about twists is that they need zero additional stylings and will let your hair repair itself from damage sustained from heat, colouring and just the general wears and tears of life. 

If you are someone who keeps trying new trends and confident enough to flaunt their style go for the option. Twists are other amazing trending hairstyles for Indian women that make you stand out. 

Want to cut your own hair at home? Go through the guide, How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

8. Asymmetrical Lob: One of the Best Haircuts for 2021

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

For those who are after an edgy cut but do not want to go too short, an asymmetrical lob might be right up their alley. Unlike another asymmetric style, this A-line style is particularly flattering and not very sharp. 

That means it is easier to grow out. Besides, you can wear it as a pony in case you have hair regret. But I do not think you will have any issues with this haircut to worry about. This is cool and on-trend style and one of the best haircuts for 2021. 

9. The Edgy Ombre Pixie: Short and Smart Haircut: A Trending Haircut in India 

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

The stylish, fresh, short and smart, the edgy ombre pixie comes up with all advantages you want in your haircut. This does not only look good but you feel good internally. 

Short body cut with silver or blonde hairs can instantly make your look charming and you are ready for any evening-night party with a gracious or casual outfit. 

You can keep the short pixies in any direction as per your choice. You can colour the little pixies to make it look elegant in the desired gear. A lot of celebrities are trying this look- it is a trending haircut in India. 

10. Chin-Length Layered Bob: A Perfect Haircut for Thinner Hairs  

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Chin-Length Layered Bob is one of the best trendy haircuts for women in India. It features subtle layers that pair perfectly with the longest, side-swept bangs. This is a perfect look if you have thinner hair and want a little boost in volume. 

What’s special about this hairstyle is that it does not need a lot of attention and care. So if you are someone with a very hectic schedule but you do not want to compromise with your hair and look, try this style once. I’m sure, you will not be disappointed.

The trendy haircuts for women are ready to transform the style scene in the New Year and they already have to some extent. Short, medium or long hair, don’t care! Find your style from this lustful of edgy haircuts and live out 2020 in maximum styles. 

Again remember, when it comes to the best haircuts for women, the key hides in keeping it low maintenance, but with just enough spunk that it does not look boring. 

Keep up with the trend, choose from any of the above trendy haircuts for women in India and funk it up in a jiffy. 

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FAQs on Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

How to Choose Best Haircut for Women in India?

No doubt, finding the perfect haircut that suits your face and hair length is a real problem and there are a lot of factors that you need to consider so that your hair adventure is not a disaster. If this is the first time, you are thinking to try a new haircut or even a new hairstyle, be realistic. Understand that what looks good in a picture may not suit the texture of your hair, so first take your hairstylist into confidence, think of your experience with several hairstyles and speak to people who have got the hairstyle you like, to find out if it works for you. 

You must also be very conscious about whether you can maintain your hairstyle for long or medium length hair. If any particular haircut needs a lot of care and product, then think again you have the time and you can afford that. 

How frequently should I have a haircut? 

How often you need your hair mainly cut depends on the style you wear. Long hair either layered or blunt cut will need the ends trimmed at least every three months to get rid of split ends. 

But shorter styles lose their shape quickly as they grow and may need to cut in every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. 

Additional Tips

  • Indian hair colour is naturally dark brown or almost black. You can easily add glam to your hairs by adding some highlighters or trying out a different subtle colour. 
  • Another way to give your hair charm is to try different hairstyles for different occasions. The new-look adds class and style to your personality. 
  • Make sure you get a trim every 3-4 months to maintain happy and healthy hairs. 
  • Always use nutrition-inducing shampoo and never skin on conditioner. 
  • Dry, frizzy hair and split end throw your hairstyle out of whack and destroy your image. Focus on embracing your natural hair texture, avoid regular blow-drying. Deep condition your tresses now and then get those split ends trimmed. 

Always remember, the trendiest haircut for women looks their best on the healthiest hair!

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

Trendy Haircuts for Women in India

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