10 Best Watch Brands for Women

10 Best Watch Brands for Women in India(2020)


If you are looking for the best watch brands for women in India, you are at the right place. As we know time waits for no one and hence, it is important to keep track of the time. And, watches from a reputed and good brand are one of the most prized possessions of all time.

In this modern culture, a branded watch is not just used for a time but also adds an elegant edge to the look. Also, it makes a fashion statement and is quite often used to accessorize an outfit. A style statement for all, a quality watch for anyone are a powerful way to make sure that you are dressed the best.

If you do not want to go through the brand list and want the best options; check these 10 best watches for women in India that are perfect to get finishing touch to any outfit.

Whatever be your age, your watch speaks volumes about your style, personality, and taste. From a formal convention to a casual rendezvous, they can make your look ultra-chic.

From a simple analogue watch to the one with all the advanced technologies, there are multiple options to choose from. Because there are many options so when you want to buy a watch for a woman, finding the best watch brand becomes a hassle.

 From luxury watch brands to those sought-after watch brands, here is a list of the 10 best watch brands for women in India. Whether your style is sporty, chic, classic, or techie, these watches will perfectly reflect your commitment towards quality:

10 Best Wrist Watch Brand for Ladies in India

  1. Titan – Best Watch Brand in India

When we talk about the best watch brands in India, Titan is probably the first brand that comes in mind. For years, it has been the most loved brand in India.

Titan was started in the year 1984 and ever-since then is growing. With the most trendy and unique designs for customers, the brand has managed to gain the loyalty of its customers and established an excellent market reputation.

What makes Titan stands out in the market; it consists of multiple sub-brands that a lot of people recognize as a separate entity. Popular brands like Sonata, Fastrack, Zopp, Nebula, Xylys, and Helios are in-house brands of Titan.

This is a joint venture of the Tata group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Some other power watches like Sonata, Fastrack also comes under Titan. The best part about Titan watches is they have a varied price range.

2. Daniel Klein- Top Name for Stylish Watches

One of the best watch brands for women, Daniel Klein watches are extremely stylish and compliment every outfit you wear.

 These watches are popular for making you stand out from the crowd. If you wish to be the head-turner diva of the night for your upcoming party, try this watch.

3. Tommy Hilfiger – A Well-known Brand in the Fashion Industry

Tommy Hilfiger is a leading brand name in the fashion industry. Like its different products and collections, their watches are quite famous and preferred by men and women both.

Tommy Hilfiger is known for dignifying supremacy and is able to enhance a person’s outfit to a great extent. The stainless steel design with scratch-glass protection makes their watch collection fabulous. What I love about this brand, most of their wrist watches are fit to wear for any occasion. Whether you are going for dinner with your girl gang or you are going to college, if you are carrying a Tommy Hilfiger watch, it will surely match with your outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger watches are mainly famous for their elegant and classy designs and feel quite comfortable when you are wearing them. From bold, vibrant colours to subtle, metallic finish, there’s a wide range for everyone.

4. Fossil – Leading Watch Brand for Women

Another leading watch brand in India, Fossil watches are also quite famous. It is an American brand is one of the best watch brands in India.

Fossil watches are the favourite option among people because of their stylish designs and affordable price range. The unique and fashionable designs of this brand for women are noticeable and a big reason for its popularity.

Fossil Q Wearables, Dean, and Decker are some of the best collections of this brand and make it to the list of best watch brands for women.

Fossil is an American based brand; it was established in 1984 and originated from Texas. It is widely renowned to be a millennial-friendly brand because of its elegant designs and moderate costs. Fossil is one of those brands that almost every teenager dreams to have one of its watches.

The brand has many series that it has categorized its watch under, each representing a different type. Apart from its watch series, Fossil has products in different categories of handbags, small goods, jewellery, and apparels.

5. Timex – Globally-Renowned Watch Brand

Incepted in the year 1954, Timex has been one of the best watch brands for women. With its premium quality and affordable range, the company has established a good market reputation and strong consumer-base not only in India but across the world.

The expedition and Quartz are some of the collections loved by the people from the Times. Optimum performance under a reasonable price range is one of the biggest reasons why people love this brand.

6. Omega- The Swiss Luxury Watchmaker

A legendary brand, Omega is a Swiss luxury watchmaker based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. If we talk about luxury watch brand for women, Omega is the best brand on this planet.

Its collections Speedmaster, Seamaster, and Constellation are legends of the watch world. They are not too flashy and but hold an appealing classic look.

Omega watches are hardy extremely well-built watches that are very comfortable to wear. The mechanics of these watches are the trusty Swiss quartz movement and its water-resistant up to 99 feet.

7. Tissot- A Name for Classic and Timeless Designs

Tissot is a unique name for introducing the first mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 and the first anti-magnetic watch in 1929–30.

Since 1983, Tissot belongs to the Swiss conglomerate Swatch Group (Longines, Breguet, Blancpain, Omega), and the brand has many firsts to its credit. In the year 1930, Tissot merged with the Omega watch making family and has been the official watch brand (timekeeper) for many sports events.

If you are confused about buying a classic Tissot watch as there are various options, then go for the Tissot every time. It is a good pick as it combines classic, timeless design with a cool minimalist, modern face, Water-resistant up to a pressure of 3 bar (30 m / 100 ft), its rose gold finish is our favourite.

8. Cartier- Pioneer in Innovative Luxurious Watches

Cartier- Pioneer in Innovative Luxurious Watches

Cartier is another famous luxury watch brand for women. It is a pioneer in the field of innovative luxurious watches for 150 years. Cartier is a Parisian company;

Cartier is the first company that created one of the first pilot watches in the world.

You would surely love the Cartier Tank Anglaise watch with its signature crown. It is inspired by the Renault Tanks in the First World War. This watch is a beautiful combination of vintage style and the indestructible tankish look!

The Cartier Tank Anglaise watch WT100003 has an Automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve and a date window at 3 o’clock position.

9.  Tiffany- The Famous Watch Brand for Women

10 Best Watch Brands in India

 Tiffany & Co. has been the world’s premier jeweller and America’s house of design since 1837. The range of luxury watches from Tiffany is flawlessly constructed with Swiss-made movements and components.

 These quartz and automatic watches put horology on the map. This Tiffany Art Deco watch is in 18k white gold with a white mother-of-pearl mosaic dial.

The watch includes a black satin strap with a diamond buckle and a 15.8 x 49 mm case set with 76 round brilliant diamonds and 4 baguette diamonds.

It is water-resistant to 30 meters/100 feet/3 ATM and has a total carat total weight of 2.36.

10.  Longines- Known for Elegant Classic Women Watches


Longines brings elegant and feminine watches that are perfect gifts for women with style. Their collection is designed with expertise, built on traditions and performance.

Longines has been in the industry since 1832 and has been bringing unique designs and collections. Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines is currently owned by the Swatch Group.

Its winged hourglass logo, registered in 1889, is the oldest unchanged, still active registered trademark.

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 How To Find The Best Watch Brands for Women in India

Best Watch Brands for Women in India
  • Dial: While buying a watch for women, always make sure to pick a dial that suits your wrist. It should not look too tiny or too huge after wearing. Many love big dials on their branded watches, some people prefer smaller ones.
  • Type: In the next step, check if you want a digital or analogue watch. You can choose from some of the top analogue watch brands for women according to your style.
  • Budget: We cannot deny from this fact that the budget makes a huge difference. Always fix a budget before buying a branded watch for women in India, and go for brands that fall under that budget range.
  • Strap Material: There are various options in strap material like leather, metal, rubber, plastic. Buy the type of strap you’d like your watch to have.
  • Colour: Another important thing while buying a watch is to choose a colour that can work on multiple occasions. If you go for a blingy watch, wearing it to the office might not be a good idea.

5 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Watches

5 Common Myths about Watches

Watches are among a few fashion accessories that people have been using for centuries. And, the best part is that watches have succeeded in maintaining their legacy. While no doubt, a watch has become an essential part of our daily life, many myths and misconceptions related to watches can lead to you buying a watch which really isn’t what you expect it to be. Here are the top 5 myths in circulation that you should check after going through the above best watch brands in India list:

1.    “Swiss-Made” Watches

Many people believe that Swiss-Made Watches means watches made in Switzerland. If it is said that a watch is “Swiss-made” it doesn’t mean it was entirely produced in Switzerland. As per Swiss law, “Swiss-made” means that at least half of the parts fitted under the watch were created in Switzerland.

2.    Jewels in a Watch

A lot of watch manufacturers refer to the number of jewels in their watches as an indication of quality. Earlier, it was tough to produce and set the jewels in the watch. That’s why the number of jewels in a watch was a good indicator of the quality. But today, it became easier to produce and set the jewels in watches and marketers are promoting the higher number of jewels as an indication when it comes to which watch brand is best.

Jewels have become a major factor especially when the question arises, which brand is best for ladies to watch.

Keep in mind that the jewels are synthetic and not valuable, so they do not increase the value of your watch just by being there.  

3.    Rolex Make the Best Watches

Rolex is a must-have name in the best watch brands in India list and across the world. It is due to the excellent quality, outstanding design, craftsmanship, and many varieties of innovations introduced by the brand. But still, one brand can not be said as the best.

We cannot really describe any one brand as the one who makes the best watches, because as per your preference and desire, you may find better options for you from different manufacturers.

4.    The More Expensive, the Better 

Which brand is best in watches! The brand that produces expensive watches- most of the people come up with this thought process.

It is one of the biggest misconceptions among people that the more expensive the watch, the better it is. Well, that’s not true. The highest-end watches mainly use mechanical movements, they are usually more complicated and expensive to the product. But mechanical movements do not tell the time any better than cheaper quartz movements.

Indeed, the quality in terms of design and craftsmanship of an expensive watch will always be much higher than a cheaper watch. You need to also expect a high-end watch to be more durable and to last much longer than the cheaper options.

5.    All Luxury Watches are Handmade 

It is a common myth that all luxury watches are handmade. Many processes are done by hand even today, however, some of the processes are not automated and are done by machines. It depends on the watch. For small runs and rarer watches, the process is more focused on handmade. But for the vast majority of watches machines have become part of the process today.

These are some myths about watches. Now, you are aware of the facts behind these misconceptions. Go ahead and choose which watch brand is best for you that suits your personality perfectly.

FAQ about Best Watch Brands

Q. Which is the best watch brand for women in India?

A. Titan, Tiffany, Fossil are some of the best watch brands for women available in India.

Q. Where can I buy the best-branded watches online in India?

A. There are many online sites where you can buy the best watches in India like o Amazon, Flipkart, and more.

Q. What are the most important aspects we need to see while buying a branded watch?

A. There are various watch brands, just make your pick your watch according to your budget and style.

Q. Do you have suggestions after buying a watch?

A. Whatever watch brand you choose to wear, make sure you take good care of your timepiece. Service it regularly and love it, It’s just like a piece of jewellery.

Last Verdict

So, these were all the best watch brands for women in India to bring for you. I hope this article was helpful to you. Tell me which one you are thinking to purchase in the comment section below.

Best Watch Brands for Women in India

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