10 Unique Investment Plans

10 Unique Investment Plans, You May Never Have Considered


Important Takeaways on 10 Unique Investment Plans

  • The best investment strategies boost the money investors make and cut exposure to risk.
  • A perfect investment plan for any person varies on different factors from how long you want to invest, how involved you want s and how you can tolerate the risk.
  • Expert investors combine various strategies to get the best-personalized strategy.

Part-I: When it comes to the best investment plans, a lot of questions pop up in our mind. If you are also wondering why people invest, the answer is given below:

Why Invest?

We all wish to enjoy a comfortable and secure future. For this, investment is necessary.

Investing brings multiple sources of income, helps fund your retirement, or even gets you out of a financial jam in the coming days. Most importantly, investment supports in growing your wealth. Apart from building build wealth, we also want to balance potential gains with the risk involved.

As the start of 2020 showed with the coronavirus crisis, markets became volatile quickly. Here, the investment can be good for the long term.

After the aforementioned question, the next question that pops in people’s mind is- what are the best investing strategies?

The best investing strategies are one where you can maximize your return and minimize your risk.

10 Unique Investment Plans

 Below is the investing strategy I’ve used and still use to this day to build wealth. Besides, I have also shared 10 unique investment plans you may never have considered.

All investing strategies help meet your financial goals and grow your wealth while maintaining a level of risk that lets you sleep at night.

Remember, these strategies do not necessarily stand alone. Besides, you can combine aspects of some or all of them to come up with the perfect investing strategy for you.

Don’t forget to check the Part-II: 5 Factors To Consider Before Investment

1. Restricted Stocks

10 Unique Investment Plan

We all know about the investment strategies in the stock market and how to invest in the stock market. Those who do not know about the stock market, they, they might know a reliable source to help them with it.

But have you ever thought, or even heard of, restricted stocks? Restricted Stocks are unique kinds of stocks that cannot be sold until a specific date.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but this kind of stock is great popularity these days.

This kind of investment is best for those who want to take restricted stock loans Here; they can put up their restricted stocks as collateral. These kind loans are the best way of paying down debts without risking anything major.

Restricted Stocks is one of the best investment options for beginning investors who need to build up a little cash flow and set up an emergency fund.

2. Bonds


If you do not know about bonds then know that bonds are loans that are made by an investor to a company or government. These loans are paid back with interest over time.

But the one-week point about bonds is that they pay out interest, but their returns are usually lower than that of the broader stock market over the long term.

Although bonds are typically more stable than stocks, and most well-balanced portfolios have some bond holdings.

There are multiple types of bonds, and they range in terms of how much interest they pay and how risky they are.

3. Peer to Peer Lending

10 Unique Investment Plans

When it comes to a unique investment strategy, you must try Peer to Peer Lending. It involves you essentially becoming a lender.

Under this investment process, you pool a sum of money with other peer lenders to a borrower once they qualify.

Thereafter, you get monthly payments, as well as interest. You would be surprised that the return on peer to peer (P2P) loans can far exceed your original investment.

These days, P2P lending is becoming famous, so starting your investment is a great way to make some money over time.

4. Mutual funds

Mutual funds

When it comes to the best investment strategies, a mutual fund is something that would surely come in mind.

Mutual funds are investments that package multiple individual investments (often stocks or bonds) into a single offering. Here you don’t directly own the underlying assets yourself; you do share in the ups and downs of the mutual fund’s value.

If you choose the right mutual fund, you can have a good asset. Some mutual funds have high expense ratios or high minimum investments (or both).

 But you can avoid high expense ratios by comparison shopping among funds. Besides, you can also sometimes bypass high minimums by arranging a direct deposit into the fund.

5. Collectibles

10 Unique Investment Plans, You May Never Have Considered

Let me make it clear here that it is not what you might expect on a list of potential investments. Collectibles are a different type of investment strategy.

Don’t worry; collectibles are a relatively safe and fun way to invest your money. If you manage it properly, collectibles can pull in quite a high profit. You only need to stay aware of your market and when the right time is to sell.

Unlike other forms of investment strategies, collectibles show little to no sensitivity to interest rates. it gains value with inflation. Overall, Collectibles are another best investment strategy if you wish to invest and also enjoy yourself.

6. Land


This option could certainly fall under the investment strategies in real estate, but I am not saying land with homes or buildings on it.

I mean empty lots and open spaces. Today, the land is a highly valuable asset and the world is constantly progressing.

Sharecroppers and farmers will rent land from you and may even cut you in on some of their profits from crops, should they think to sell.

If you are searching for the best investment strategies in India, own large and open tracts of land. It can be a great way to expand your investment beyond what you thought possible.

7. Money Market Accounts

10 Unique Investment Plans

An FDIC-insured, interest-bearing deposit account is called a money market account. This kind of accounts earns higher interest than savings accounts but, they also need higher minimum balances.

Money market accounts are relatively liquid and earn higher yields, so you can consider it as if you are looking for emergency savings.

In exchange for good interest earnings, you will have to accept some restrictions on withdrawals, limits on how often you can access your money.

This type of account is one of the best investment strategies for beginners who need to build up a little cash flow and set up an emergency fund.

8. Cryptocurrency

10 Unique Investment Plans-Cryptocurrency

You are probably aware of the Cryptocurrency. But it is not still is not widely popularized as other forms.

Although, with the evolvement of technology in our daily life and we are accomplishing most of our tasks with digital solutions- cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is a great way to invest your money.

Today, cryptocurrency has become the best option among personal investment strategies. Many experts believe that cryptocurrency is the prevailing currency of the future. So it would be quite profitable for you to get on board now to stay ahead of the game.

9. Music Royalties

10 Unique Investment Plans/ Music Royalties

Very few people know that they can invest in music royalties. The initial investments on this type of revenue are very high, but you can see astronomical returns if you invest correctly.

There are the various site where you can find a way to invest in specific song catalogues or genres. And anytime those songs are used or played, you will get some royalties.

Just select your catalogues wisely, earn thousands of dollars in the first year only.

But keep it in mind that just doing a few research into the music industry would not enough, you will have to go deeper. This investment is best considered for those who have good knowledge in the industry or eager to learn.

10. Become a Silent Business Partner

Become a Silent Business Partner min

You consider yourself overtly creative, but have you ever thought to start a small business without getting engaged fully?

See, a lot of people have an amazing business idea but lack the capital to start it. Here, here you can play an important role. Also, it is the best investment plan in India for the middle class.

This investment is full of risks no doubt, but people prefer to be silent business partners. They just offer the capital to start and run the business, and someone else does the day to day and provides the ideas.

Revenue is distributed between you and your partner. With the right business plans and techniques, you could generate a good amount of money shortly.

These are the 10 unique investment plans you may never have consideredI hope you would find your investment option now. Before investment, you need to learn to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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