10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending (1)

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending- Curb Your Overspending


If you are trying to save money, but can’t seem to stop yourself from spending on indulgences, here are 10 ways to avoid unnecessary expense.

See, there are various reasons why we overspend. It could be because we do not know our actual spending habits. Maybe we are guest mating our income, expenses, debt payments, and spending incorrectly. Then in the month-end, our bank account balance dips lower than what we consider.

Whatever the reasons, if you want to take control of your finances, these 10 ways to avoid unnecessary spending will help you keep your spending in check. 

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

  1. Plan Your Budget Smartly

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Keep complete track of what you are spending, and if possible log on daily entries into a budget spreadsheet on a daily basis. Over time, you will be able to notice how much you spend every day, week, month, and year.

Take help from useful budget planners. These planners are quite supportive in analyzing your budget and pinpoint exactly where your wallet is haemorrhaging.

Track your income in the same way- always make sure that you are not spending more than you’re earning. In any situation, just cut out the expenses that are not doing anything for your savings, and see your earnings grow.

2. Set Some Savings Goals

Set Some Savings Goals

Planning works great. Is your saving some money to buy your own home? You just probably want to pay down those credit card balances. Whatever the reason, fix your goals.

When you get a clear idea of what you are saving for, you will be ready to work toward that goal. Consider your goal as a line of defence protecting you from spending inordinately.

3. Cut Your Extra Phone and Internet Service

Cut Your Extra Phone and Internet Service

Today, phone, TV and internet have become vital needs. But buckle down and decide what you need as far as data capacity and TV channels, then shop around for the best bundle or individual services.

A lot of people are not using cable TV. They still use an old-fashioned antenna for free local broadcasts and get a low monthly internet rate for computer purpose. There is even cheaper TV alternative like Netflix, Hulu, etc. and shop around for cell phone services to save maximum on your bills.

4. Reduce Electricity Use

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

Electricity is expensive, but this is not like there is another option. What is optional is how much electricity you choose to waste. Some simple steps can save your money: get energy-efficient lights bulbs and turn off when not in use.

Try to avoid vampire drain; it is the power that is slowly sapped by electronics like workout equipment, kitchen appliances that are not in use frequently.

Unplug them until they are needed. AC is the most significant power users, so do not keep your thermostat at sub-freezing temperatures. Use fonts to circulate air. Turn off pre-programmed utilities such as Ac, heating and sprinkler system.

5. Walk As Much As Possible

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending- Curb Your Overspending

By walking to complete errands, you will limit your wandering range to stores that you do not need to go.

Also, it will help you to avoid impulse purchase, as you won’t have the luxury of a cry to transport extra items.

6. Eat Food At Home

Eat Food At Home

Avoid going out to eat. You will save big bucks by staying home, and home food will be better for your health also. Check your pantry before you take another trip to the store. You might have some food there.

When you go shopping, eat before you go- trust me, a hungry shopper is a speedy one.

Always remember that you are going to the store when the food is gone. You will take fewer trips and lower your grocery bill, effectively saving you some money in the process.

7. Carry Cash In Limit

Carry Cash In Limit

Try to keep your wallet cash-free as often as possible. It will help you in preventing quick and unnecessary spending besides forcing you to avoid these cash-only convenience stores that sell nothing but a treat!

Another advantage of using your debit card is that you will be able to notices where your money went without having to hold onto all your receipts.

8. Forget Your Credit Cards

Forget Your Credit Cards- 10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

When you go to the mall or the grocery store, take only the amount of cash you think you would need. Always leave your credit cards at home. Unless you know that you are going to purchase something through credit card.

If you are an online shopper, remove your credit card information saved onto your shopping profile. It would make slightly less convenient to buy, and in the few moments you are reaching for your wallet and taking your credit card, you may think that you do not need that item.

9. Give Every Buck A Job

Give Every Buck A Job

To avoid your unnecessary spending, try to zero out your accounts. Here, I am not saying you to spend everything in your account until you reach zero.

Instead, find a home for every buck in your budget, so you are not tempted to make thoughtless purchases by thinking- if I have the money, I will spend it.

Allocate your earning into smaller categories; it will help you in making a smart spending decision. With this, you will be less likely to spend away from your entire paycheque.

To make it easier, set up an automatic transfer on payday to divvy up your paycheque into separate accounts.

10. Consider The True Cost

Consider The True Cost

Whenever you want to buy something, consider the “true cost” to you. Try to find the actual cost by calculating how many hours it would take you to earn money to pay for what you want to purchase.

When you convert the monetary figure to an hourly one, it will serve to deter you from making the purchase you might regret.

Bottom Line

Trying a few of these ways could lead to huge savings down the road. Meanwhile, following all of them would transform your financial future. It might not be easy at first, but it can be fun!

Think of the money in your bank account as your score in a video game- avoid the speedy temptations, and follow these tips to rack up those points.

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If you have any doubt regarding the article, please let me in know in the comment section below. And do not forget to share your strategy of avoiding unnecessary spending.

Have a happy reading. 

10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending

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Curb Your Overspending

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11 thoughts on “10 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Spending- Curb Your Overspending

  1. I realized what an exorbitant amount of money we were spending on eating out during the pandemic and how much we could save if you limited it.

  2. I really like your point about calculating the “true cost” of items. I try doing that and I think it really helps me curb my spending quite a bit.

  3. With all the sales and price drops happening now, it can be hard to resist retail therapy! Thank you for reminding me to save my money instead!

  4. I really need to forget my credit card, I have observed I make unnecessary spends special when its on an app. Going to note these down ! Thanks for the amazing post

  5. I had overspending issues when I was a full time working mom. I would eat out for lunch every day, over spend with online shopping and basically drained my paycheck way more than I should have. These are great tips I should have used back then.

  6. Great tips, I would say that credit cards can be used if you use them wisely and are informed. Finance can be tricky to get a hang of so I’m very appreciative of this post!

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