5 Bad Habits You Need to Break Right Now

5 Bad Habits You Need to Break Right Now


Self-care, self-respect, and self-happiness for women are hot topics these days.  In this article, I am going to talk about 5 Bad Habits You Need to Break Right Now.

We all have habits that at one time may have served a purpose, but now are likely getting our way and have become the hurdle in the path of our happy life that we deserve. But there is a long list of behaviours we get stuck in, year after year. But at what cost.

This got me thinking about some important things most of us do mainly women. They are not in our best interest, some of the bad habits we can kick now to lead a happy and healthy life:

5 Bad Habits You Need to Break Right Now

Toxic Relationships

If you in a relationship with someone who does not give you respect and makes you feel bad or drains your positive energy, it is not the right relationship for you. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the person is to walk away and say goodbye.

Taking Approval from Others

It is a fact and no one can deny from this fact that we cannot please everyone every time. When you live your life to get a gold star from the people around make us pretty dependent upon their opinions, judgments, and moods. So stop doing this instead, let’s be true to yourself, do what you feel is right, kind and try your best.

Negative Self-talk

A lot of people do this, often in a humorous way. Don’t do this. We are all a work in progress, have good days and bad days. Saying things about yourself that would be hurtful if someone else said them about you-if someone told them about you. It seeps into your psyche and sends a message that you are not enough when you are more than enough.

Avoid Self-care

With a lot of works and busy routine, fitting in time for us has become almost impossible. But neglecting self-care gives a message to your deepest self that you do not deserve to take care of. Don’t do this.

Make wellness a priority, whether it is a five-minute meditation in the carpool line before picking up the kids, a 30-minute stretch class, and a glass of wine with a friend, a monthly massage. The important thing is, spending some time on something that brings you a little peace and pleasure, which is good for your health.

Clothing Issues

In the first point of looking a certain way to take the approval of others, we follow the same rule about what we wear. Even if it means not wearing something that makes up happy, stop doing this. And start wearing what you love, unapologetically from the bold colour, loud prints, and what makes you feel amazing.

These are some bad habits that most women have. Maybe some of these fit you and some don’t. But the major growth factor is to be able to self-assess and change whatever needs to be changed to keep moving in the direction we desire.

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