5 Best Natural Replacements For Beauty Products

5 Best Natural Replacements For Beauty Products


In today’s modern culture, we have an extremely busy schedule every day. Given this scenario, we tend to ignore our skincare issues or rely on market-bought products as a quick fix. The ugly trust is that these products may contain various chemicals that can have damaging side-effects on your skin, hair, and overall health.

We have come up with some natural substitutes for your common beauty products that can be easily made at home. You may have not known but some home ingredients can work wonders:

5 Best Natural Replacements For Beauty Products

Use Heena Instead of Hair Dye

Hair dyes do magic with hairs; people use it when they want to hire their greys and look their best. But most synthetic hair dye products contain chemicals called secondary amines or tar derivatives that have been linked to cancer.

So use the natural hair dye- henna. You can combine it with sesame oil and curry leaves, or mix with beetroot juice, or add into a mix of curd, lemon juice, and tea- whatever the shade you desire. Heena will surely give you coloured hair and keep your body cool at the same time.

Use Aloe Vera Instead of Moisturiser

Moisturising creams are widely used for dry skin to keep it moisturized. But these creams contain petrolatum that tends to be contaminated with harmful chemicals. So don’t take rips of these being absorbed into the body through the skin and go for the natural skin moisturizer, aloe vera. You only need to cut the fleshy leaves of aloe vera plant and collect the gel that oozes and apply it on your skin.

Use Soapnuts and Skhikakai Instead of Shampoo

Different shampoo available in the market contains various chemicals from sodium lauryl sulfate to produce foam that can cleanse dirty and grease from hair. But along with this, they also remove all oil from the scalp that is compulsory to nourish your hair. The perfect natural alternative that avoids such damage is soap nuts or reetha with shikakai.

Use Coconut Oil Instead of Makeup Remover

We use cream and alcohol-based makeup removers on a daily basis to remove our makeup. But sometimes, using too many chemical-based products can harm our skin. Here, you can go for a natural ingredient that will leave your skin looking and feeling its best. Use a dab of coconut oil and ensure all your water-proof makeup slides off easily while leaving your skin hydrated.

Use Pomegranate Seeds Instead of lipsticks

Direct exposure to the sun, smoking, dehydration, and using a lot of caffeine darken our lips. Sometimes, dark lips may also be a result of using lipstick daily for a prolonged time. Its chemicals cause it and you will need more lipsticks to cover this darkness.

You can break this cycle and get your natural pink back. You only need to crush pomegranate seeds and mix in some milk cream. Apply to your lips every day and your lips will be naturally red and full. Combine pomegranate seeds with sugar and olive oil and use this paste to gently scrub your lips.

Hope you find this post, 5 Best Natural Replacements For Beauty Products helpful and interesting.

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  1. I love the benefits of coconut oil, but never did I know that it could also be used as a makeup remover! Literally the only thing I still buy in the store. Great info!

  2. Thank you for these great tips and easy natural replacements. Always looking for ways to add clean into my life.

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