Factors to Consider Before investment

5 Factors To Consider Before Investment


Part-II: In this modern era, investment is a must. It does not only allow you to create a corpus for saving but it also enables to earn a good return on your saving. Even, it can generate regular income if you invest in the right way. But sometimes we make wrongs decisions and loss our savings. My guidance 5 factors to consider before investment is all about solving your problem

The problem with today’s world is that there are too many options. Right from buying bonds to investing in startups, there are a number of ways available.

What becomes crucial is how you decide which options to choose and when to invest?

The fact is that there can be a perfect plan that suits everyone’s needs. So it is vital to understand what factors you need to consider before making the right investment decision.

Part-I: To understand this blogs properly, check my previous blog here I have discussed 10 Unique Investment Plans, You May Never Have Considered.

5 Factors To Consider Before Investment

  • You should invest in stocks only when you know you have enough income and safe investments to weather the ups and downs of the markets. It is one of the most important factors to be considered in the investment decision.
  • While indexing, as it’s called, means to just invest in an index and mirror or mimic the performance of a market, like the stock market. When the market gets volatile and outright crazed, you could be looking at some serious volatility, even when you own an investment that tracks an index.
  • Lump sum investment is better pushing all your money once. It means investing a set sum of money, say, a few thousands every month. That way, you’re investing a fixed sum which means you’ll always purchase more shares of an investment when prices are down, and buy less when prices are rising. Smart.
  • If you are looking for safe investments with high returns in India, go for a dividend stock. With it, you can not only earn on your investment through long-term market appreciation but also earn cash in the short term.
  • Momentum trading is a major factor influencing investment decisions. Always avoid momentum trading. Steer clear of buying on dips. There are dips every day in the markets! So Just make sure you’re looking for good quality companies that might be in an oversold position.

Alert: How To Invest Money Wisely

I have heard or gone through more terrible investing ideas, than good ones. Recently, I visited a wealth expo and 90% of what the speakers shared was not only wrong.

It was all crap and a majority of the people fell for it — lining up to pay thousands of dollars on speculative investing products that promised 30%+ per year. They were fascinated by slides that showed manipulating data. They are usually dudes with nice suits and big smiles. Stay away from these kinds of fake people

No doubt, there are expert financial advisors, but many people who sell investment products or work with money, just want your money.

How To Avoid Wrong Investment Plans 

How To Avoid Wrong Investment Plans
  • You should never buy a financial or investing product from a person you just met.
  • In case, you do not understand any particular investment plan, don’t invest in it. Even one of your close friends is saying you do so.
  • Accept it there are no “secrets of the super-wealthy” that anyone will sell you for a sum of amount, it is a long process.

Bottom line on 5 Factors To Consider Before Investment

Investing is a perfect way to build your wealth over time And, today you have much best investment plan with high returns. You just need to understand the pros and cons of each investment option to make an informed decision. Initially it may seem daunting, but soon you will have a good result.

I help you like article 5 Factors To Consider Before Investment. But before investing your money you will have to learn to avoid your unnecessary spending on a daily basis.

The problem with today’s world is that there are too many options. Right from buying bonds to investing in startups, there are a number of ways available.

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  1. Great ideas. I think most people believe that investing is a bigger task with few rewards, but with knowledge comes better opportunities to invest in what makes sense to you. Thanks for providing your insight and information.

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