6 Food Products That Are Effective In Preventing White Hair

6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair


6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair: It is quite normal for hair colour to change as we age. But white hair can appear at almost any age. Even teenagers and people in their 20s may notice strings of white hair.

Our body has millions of hair follicles or small sacs lining the skin. The follicles products hair and colour or pigment cells that contain melanin. With time, hair follicles lose pigment cells, resulting in white hair colours. The right diet would help you in this regard. In this article, I will share the list of 6 Food Products That Are Effective In Preventing White Hair.

6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair

  • Green Leafy Vegetables: The lack of folic acid causes great white hair. Folic acid is great in enhancing the possibility of healthy hair, good skin scalp because of the presence of protein, and sufficient cell growth.  You can supply enough quantity of folic acid in your body through dark-green leafy vegetable beets, cauliflower, spinaches, and lettuce. Eat these vegetables on a regular basis to avoid white hair.
  • Blueberries: Another major reason for white hair is the deficiency of vitamin-B complex and mainly B-12, copper, iodine, and zinc. Because these elements play a major role in proper products of melanin pigment. The blueberries contain all the above elements and therefore, it is quite supportive in reducing white hair.
  • Nuts: if you are looking for instant solution for your white hair, go for the nuts. Nuts hold a huge amount of natural herbs. For better results, mix almond oil with lemon juice, amla juice together and apply it on your scalp.
Food Products That Prevent White Hair
  • Sunflower Seeds: The seeds of sun-flower contain vitamin-E, iron, zinc, and vitamin-B6. The Vitamins-B6 is vital to prevent white hairs. For more expected results, heat the sunflower oil and then mix it with nuts pest before applying and wait to see the result that how quickly it can support you to get your black hair.
  • Tuna Fish: when you are looking for food products to prevent white hair, tuna fist is another good option. It is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This fish is known as an agency of fresh protein. Studies have proved that protein is helpful for proper hair growth and white hair prevention also.
  • Black Tea: Black tea is quite rin in antioxidants. These antioxidants help prevent free radical damage to hair, and hence, premature greying. It also helps you darken hair colour while adding shine. Black tea is quite supportive of relieving stress. As we all know stress is a contributing factor to premature greying of hair.

These 6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair are not only great for white hair prevention but also will give you the extra care for scalp skin and healthy hair growth. Hence, take these foods for taking proper hair care and save your hair from whitening so early.

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6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair

6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair
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12 thoughts on “6 Food Products That Prevent White Hair

  1. Great information to pass along to my kids. I can see why I went grey/ white so fast. All these factors my doctor mentioned to me as doing a lifestyle change. (I am eating more green stuff now) these vitamins and antioxidants are so important, at any age. I love this! My kids are not showing any grey even into their 30’s. I was already showing grey at that age. So I think you have some great tips. I know I wish I would have known this years ago! Great Post! I can’t wait to share it with the kids! 🙂

    1. Sorry for your grey hairs. All these foods I am eating in my daily life and something I’m sharing with you people. Hope these foods will be helpful for your kids.

  2. I need to start eating these foods then because my boyfriend is already pulling out those pesky hairs!

  3. I eat a lot of those and still have grey hair. Even headstands in yoga didn’t help lol. But today I’ve embraced it with humour. I dye my hair but not so often. Sun does miracles too actually. Great tips though!

  4. Great tips! I need to try these because I’m getting a lot of white hair in my 20s and it’s alarming!

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