Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home

Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home


If you are stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t worry. I have come up with Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home.

You can easily spend some quality and craft time with your children. For this, just grab the crayons, glue, glitter, and paint and help your kids to show and shine their creativity. These fun activities for children are quite easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have in your home.

You just need some inspiration to get the ideas flowing. What’s that you hear? It is probably the combination of concentration and laughter and certainly not a kid yelling.

Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home

Create Your Own Music Pictures

Kids love colors, and this simple activity can be easily set up without needing any special supplies. For this, you just need to get some colored paper, scissors, and PVA glue. You can also use old magazines and cut them up into lots of different pieces and then use them to create mosaic art.

Cardboard House

Amazing Crafts And Activities To with Kids

Cardboard house is made from all those grocery delivery boxes. Help your kids and add some colorful construction paper for a fun roof and do not forget to cut out windows and doors.

Painted Wall Shelves

For painted wall shelves, paint some boxes and hang on the wall for display shelves and a tiny house. Your kids will love to put their collection of shells, treasures, and other little dolls and toys on here. You can easily hang them on a wall or stake them for a full rainbow home.

Oversized Matching Game

Keep your kids moving and thinking with this oversized version of the classic matching game. This oversize matching game is great for toddlers and little ones that need to get some activity when staying inside.

Massy Art Project

The big messy art project is a great way to enjoy some happy time with your kids and make them engaged in an art activity. It is full of fun. Let them go wild with those paints-big rolls of paper. They will love getting a chance to paint with their hands.

Paint a Plant Pot and Plant Seeds

Paint a Plant Pot and Plant Seeds, it will double up and tick two kids’ activity in one. It will not only get the paints out and get messy but once you have decorated your plant pot, kids can add some soil and seed to grow something too. If you have smaller kids, get a terracotta pot and some paints and just let them go at it. If you have older children, go for stenciling motifs on to a pot or building their own out of air-drying clay.

Family Art Piece

Each paint on a canvas and put together for a collaborative family art piece. It is one of the favorite projects for a lot of people. Try it now, create a family art piece with your kids’ support a hang it in your room.

Hope you find these Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home interesting.

Amazing Crafts And Activities

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13 thoughts on “Amazing Crafts And Activities To Do With Kids At Home

  1. Such creative and fun craft ideas! Although I do not have little ones at home, I can def give couple a try with my teens! We have so much time in our hand lately, it will be fun! Thanks for sharing

  2. I love the idea of creating a family mural! We could make it “abstract” and totally get my 2 year old involved!

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