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My Recent Visit in Barbeque Nation Restaurant – The ‘Unlimited Food’ Experience

My Diary

Barbeque Nation is not only a Restaurant rather it is a food journey that takes you through multiple flavours of Asian, Mediterranean, and Oriental cuisines and enjoys the pleasure of grilling your food with the humongous assortment of dips and sauces.

For the early part of the lockdown, restaurants were closed and even when they’re-opened, I was hesitant about going for all the usual reasons. I wondered whether the staff had adapted to the new Covid-infested world and its demand.

Finally, yesterday, around nine months after the panic began; we decided that it was time to take the plunge. We were still darspoks of course and decided that we would stick to the big hotels where we were confident, hygiene protocols had been introduced and followed. 

We decided to re-invent the buffet experience at the casual-dining restaurant chain Barbeque Nation and devour the appetizing array of the yummy barbeques and much more.  

I was eagerly waiting to dine at Barbeque Nation for a while. Being a food lover and an avid fan of grilled food, my expectations are always high whenever I visit BBQ.

Barbeque Nation has created an excellent niche for itself in serving a live-grill right at your table. The seasonings and the marinades to add relish to a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian skewers right served on your table- emanate a great aroma that lets your family and you sit around it and go back to the warmth of old days.

Barbeque Nation is one of the foremost outlets for North Indian cuisines in Delhi. I remember my first visit to the Barbeque Nation, Noida 18 was in the year 2018 I guess; after then I visited multiple times to most of their orifices in different vicinities.

I never experienced bad service, quality or taste till date and Hats off to the Management.

This time, I visited Vivek Vihar outlet, its rustic look with its wood and the open brick-wall surface is alluring and brings a warm feel. The sizzle of the grills livens up the whole atmosphere and gives diners a comfortable and cosy experience that is worth remembrance.

Starter- The Thrilling Grilling Experience Begin

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While we waited for the barbecue to be laid, it was time to start with the soups.

The moment the waiter approached our table, we found ourselves in food heaven. The wondrous gastronomic journey began.

To start with the herbivore, they got nice starters for us which includes mushrooms, barbeque watermelon, pineapple, stuffed mushrooms, beetroot rolls, kajun spiced potato, kebabs, tandoori aloo, and mouthwatering paneer. They are the most common dishes for all the vegetarians.

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For non-vegetarians, there was deliciously spiced prawn, mutton seekh kebabs juicy deeply marinated tangdi, and Madagascar spiced fish, perfectly cooked chicken and more.

By the time we have had enough of the rather healthy skewers which yet do not induce the guilt of the health freaks and hence makes barbecue nation ideal for gluttonous alike, little is left in terms of our ability to go to the main course. But we braved the bursting stomach, went for the main course.

Drink: Enhance Your Food Journey at Barbeque Nation Restaurant

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BBQ offers free welcome drinks if you go for lunch. For dinner, you have to pay extra for the drink. Well, I ordered Virgin Mojito, the mocktail of flavours- a blend of sweet, sour and mint. It had a strong lime flavour, with a hint of mint.

Main Course: Varieties of Cuisines for Different Taste Buds

An extremely well-spread buffet was waiting for us in one part of the restaurant. It had everything- right from a soup, to curries of all kinds of meat and veggies, a biryani, salads of multiple varieties etc. The vegetarian selection had Paneer Pasanda Gobi Mussallam, Subz Biryani, and Veg Singapore Noodles.

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You can give a customized order for nanas, rotis, and kulchas- as per your desire.

In the main course, I tried the “malai kofta” and “veg handi biryani” with some corn and marinated onion. Also, the dal was really nice and home-style and paneer had a flavoursome gravy.

The non-veg side had Chicken, Biryani, Mutton Handi Gosht, Butter Chicken Masala, Yummy Fish, and Chicken Tikka.

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Among the non-vegetarian options, I will vote for the mutton curry and chicken masala. You will not miss Old Delhi after you taste out here.

Everything was just wow! Barbeque Nation unquestionably does not need any review; they already created a brand for excellent taste, quality and service. One thing I would still recommend, starters for vegetarians are less as compared to Non-vegetarians in BBQ and it would be great if they can introduce more veg diseases to create a strong base with vegetarians also.

Awesome Desserts

For dessert, there was ice-cream, gulab jamun, phirni and moong daal ka halwa. 

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Cheesecakes, Brownies, Mousses, ice creams and other Indian desserts made us want to scuff ourselves even more. And making our way to the dessert section, I tried the Cheesy Brownie, Gulab Jamun, Plum cake and of course, the phirni. Phirni was served in a very small kulhad and it was awesome in taste. Their desserts are awesome.

Kulfi Nation 

Now, I visited the Kulfi Nation, one of Barbeque’s dessert concepts in the buffet menu at no extra cost. Made with pure milk, these sinful kulfis are perfect for sweetness. I got four options to choose from: Malai, Kesar-Pista, Paan Mango.

The Mango kulfi was good, but it required a little improvement. I felt it should have little more concentration of the mango pulp for better taste.

My Personal favourite was Pan Flavored, it was just amazing! A great way to end an Indian meal, the flavour of paan kulfi was perfect in every respect. The toppings of gulkand and tooti-frooti and the khus syrup added layers of refreshing flavours in complete harmony with each other.

The Birthday Special

Barbeque Nation has a tradition of celebrating the birthdays of its visitors. If you visit there to celebrate anyone’s birthday, a bevvy of staff accompanied by a drum would come chanting and singing to wish the birthday person of the group.

By the end of this delicious journey, we were full and finally, a waiter with a beautiful smile brings the bill. Oh, how I forgot to tell you that barbeque nation has a buffet system and there is a fixed price in which you can eat how much and whatever you want, there is no limit.


Per person, the meal will cost you between Rs. 700-Rs. 1,100 depending on whether you visit for lunch or dinner over weekday or weekend.


Service was fast and skewers were replaced immediately so that you do not have to wait for food. If I found anything spicy or not of my taste I informed them and they bought the next bath for us that is less spicy and made the required change.

I will appreciate the staff’s Hospitality and Service. One of the staff, I do not remember his name. He was quite humble, polite and must say made our evening pleasant with his Cordiality!

Final Words

I have been to BBQ multiple times. The food was delicious every time and one problem I have had with this venue is I am not able to taste everything that has to offer. Seriously there are so many varieties in the buffet! And, all are delicious. You need to prioritize which ones should take most space in your tummy.

Overall, it is a great, totally worth visiting. You must try if you have not visited so far!

Some Tips, if you are planning to go Barbeque Nation Restaurant

  • Do not drink a welcome drink or Mocktail at one stroke, go slow.
  • Start with starters, it will take half an hour for the only starter and that’s completely okay. Take some time, talk with your friends and click some beautiful pictures.
  • After starters, opt for the main course. Here, I would suggest taking a very little amount of quantity but with regular intervals.
  • Make a reservation in advance to avoid waiting time.
  • Once done with the main course, take a short break and then have your favourite desserts.
  • Please have a light breakfast in the morning and if possible skip your lunch if you are going for dinner. (Reach before 7:30 pm to enjoy the early bird discount).
  • If you are going for lunch, take liquid at breakfast.
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 If you are looking out for a place where you can indulge in delicious cuisines, tickle your senses with authentic taste, and savour the delectable experience, you should try Barbeque Nation.

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  1. The food looked enticing making ne hungry by reading this post. So sad, we are on a national lockdown for now which means all restaurants are closed again.

  2. This sounds like a unique place to eat. And the food looks delicious! I don’t think I have ever had a mojito, and it looks so yummy with the fresh mint in it.

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