Best Essential Oils in India

10 Best Essential Oils in India You should Use for Healthy, Glowing Skin


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The century’s old tradition of using essential oils is one with lasting impact- for many good reasons. Carefully extracted from plants through distillation or evaporation methods, these vital oils also come up with a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties that make them effective for improving skin, hair and overall health.

Eliminate harsh ingredients from your personal care regime and let your glow shine. Try these essential oils to keep your skin looking clear, boost moisture and give you a youthful glow. They can even help make your locks look luscious. While there are a variety of essential oils to choose from, with benefits ranging from healing scars, reducing wrinkles, exfoliating skin, the key is to use them in the right way.

Here are the ten best essential oils in India that are helpful in many skin conditions- from acne to ageing, dryness to oiliness.

10 Best Essential Oils in India

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oils have excellent healing power for different skin issues and comprise antiseptic properties. This is the most expansively used of all essential oils. It is present in almost all cosmetic products in the form of face washes, massage oils and more.

Tea tree oil works great for treating acne and can also be used as a makeup remover when mixed with some extra virgin oil. It is widely accepted for its natural anti-inflammatory actions and considered as one of the best essential oils in India for skincare.

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2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is one of the best essential oils in India; it is widely used to regulate sebum production. It prevents your skin from looking oily and also reduces the onset of acne. Because of the presence of humectants ingredients, jojoba oils perform as a protective barrier that prevents your skin from losing moisture. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the oil effectively protect the onset of skin infection.

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3. Sandalwood Oil

Known for its aroma, Sandalwood essential oil has been used in India for ages. It is also considered as a restorative oil. This oil effectively soothes inflammation caused by dry skin. This is an antiseptic that helps in reducing the appearance of scars and hyper-pigmentation. It greatly treats different skin conditions like rashes, boils, acne and other infections.

Some studies suggest that oil could be even used as a chemopreventive agent for skin cancer; it means it is able to delay, inhibit, reduce or reverse the risk of skin cancer.

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4. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a prized possession among those who prefer natural treatments because of the soothing calming effect of its scent. Besides, this oil is very gentle and has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties. Add a few drops of lavender oil to your shampoo to scent your hair. You can also dab some dab of this oil on the bristles of your hairbrush before you use it. If you do not have any skin issue this is perfectly suitable to cleanse and soothe the skin.

Unlike other essential oils that must be diluted in a carrier oil like apricot or almost, lavender can be applied directly to the skin. It is amazing in providing relaxation.

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5. Rosemary Oil

Enriched with oxidative defuses, rosemary oil is helpful in preventing harmful free radicals from damaging your skin. It also reduces inflammation and boosts circulation.

Besides, the oil contains antioxidants and reduces skin inflammation and boosts circulation. And this is because of the natural oxidative defuses of the essential oil.

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6. Grapeseed Oil

Suffering from acne breakouts? Apply grapeseed oil on a regular basis to treat your acne. Grapeseed oil goes deep inside your pores and cleanses your skin deeply.

Also, it contains a strong antioxidant ingredient called proanthocyanidin which can tone your skin and also protects it from absorbing UV rays.

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7. Neroli Oil

Extracted from the flowers of the orange fruit, Nerolio oils have enchanting citrus and floral aroma. It has robust antifungal activity as compared to antibiotics. This oil is supposed to be cytophyslactic and aid cell regeneration, making it a great anti-ageing ingredient.

Neroli is a wonderful essential oil for treating devitalized, ageing, mature, and sensitive skin types. The present of antibacterial properties makes it effective for acne treatment. Neroli’s rejuvenation properties work effectively for scarring and stretch marks.

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8. Rose Oil

Rose oil contains an exceptional ability to enhance your skin permeability dramatically that makes it one of the best essential oils in India. The presence of the lipophilic character of rose oil opens up your skin so that it can absorb all the essential nutrients and chemicals in a better way.

That means, when this oil is mixed with your beauty product, it can also improve its efficacy. You can use this oil as a moisturizer and apply it as per your skincare routine.

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9. Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil derives elements to smooth skin as from centuries it is meant to be a calming herb. This oil is super powerful in the treatment of inflamed skin and acne, all because of its inflammatory origins.

It helps in creating an oil absorption tendency and improves the skin texture while lighting it. The oil is also helpful in reducing marks and toning the skin.

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10. Ylang Ylang Oil

Widely-known as a skin preserver for many good reasons and considered among the best essential oils in India. This oil contains antioxidants that promote skin renewal by repairing the lipids and proteins in your skin.

The antioxidants of this oil have free radical scavenging capacity that effectively prevents signs of ageing, and this is the reason why you find ylang ylang oil in multiple anti-ageing cosmetics. You can use this oil by mixing coconut or jojoba oil and massage all over your face and neck before going to bed for healthy and glowing skin.

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Major Factors to Consider While Buying Essential Oils

Best Essential Oils in India

Since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, they vary in quality from brand to brand. Now it’s on you to find the right option wisely. In order to help you, I have listed here some factors that need to be considered. Always check the below points before making an essential oil:

  • Compare the Product Cost: No doubt, high-quality essential oils are quite expensive. These pure organic essential oils come up with more number of benefits as compared to lower-priced brands that are laboratory-made.
  • Check Past Reviews: When you want to know about any product, check what previous users are saying about it. Don’t get influenced by the product package or bottle design but the benefits that other users have derived from the essential oil.
  • Brand Reputation: A lot of oil manufacturers do fraud and make duplicate products with the desired aroma that is similar to the main product. Hence, it is vital to have a look at the reputation of the manufacturer’s as not to fall prey to their deceit.
  • Ingredients: One of the major factors, you should consider while buying any essential oil is the composition of ingredients used in making the product.
  • Product Label: Check the product label to make sure that the product you are going to use is made of 100%. It indicates that the oil does not contain any synthetic components or diluted.

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Common Misconception about Essential Oils

The major myth about essential oils is the idea that essential oils are completely innocuous. Unfortunately, people believe since they are natural, essential is inherently safe to use. In reality, they can have adverse effects that irritate and must be used with caution and care.

Do you have any other tips to share when it comes to finding the best essential oils in India? Any questions? Let me know in the comment section below.

Important Precautions to Take Care of

Best Essential Oils in India
  • Essential oils are natural and contain only herbal components; still, there are risks of allergic reactions. So, if you are using any essential oil for the first time, always do a patch test before using it on your face.
  • Do never use essential oil in its purest form, dilute it with water or any carrier oil or you can also mix it with your moisturizer. Moreover, essential oils are quite strong and may cause adverse reactions if they are not diluted.
  • Although essential oils do not contain any chemical or abdicative component, do never take essential oils internally. These are only meant for topical use.
  • These oils are fine to be rubbed on your arms and legs. In case you should not put oil inside your mouth, ear, eyes, nose or private parts.
  • Make sure you are not using oils that are too old. Don’t keep oils for more than three years. Older oils get spoiled because of exposure to oxygen. They could not work well and could irritate skin and cause an allergic reaction.
  • Essential oils must be stored in a cool, dark place to prevent spoiling or degrading. You can store essential oils for one year with proper storage and handling.

At last, excess of anything is bad and so is true for essential oil. Even excess use of diluted oil can cause a bad reaction. It holds even true if you are sensitive or allergic to them.

Essential oils are used every day to treat different skin problems but they can cause skin problems as well. Follow the above tips to make sure you purchase genuine products, also keep all other factors in mind so you can take maximum benefit from these essential oils. 

Best Essential Oils in India 

Best Essential Oils in India

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