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Stylish Fitness Trackers- 10 Best Smartwatches for Women in India

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Best Smartwatches for Women in India: Smartwatches are the craze right now. Thanks to the advancement in technology and the invention of the smartwatch, we can access the world on our wrist. These stylish fitness trackers are one of the many functional technologies which have made our lives easier and managed. 

So, if you’re looking to have the world at your fingertips, a smartwatch is the best option for you. It can help you in different stuff as your trainer, your assistant, and your phone, all-in-one solution. Presently, there are a huge collection of smartwatches in India that comes with handy features and have prominent looks.

 Don’t worry, if you are confused about finding the right option. We’re here to help you decode these innovative devices and find your best-fit tracking companion. And, for this, we’re presenting here 10 best smartwatches for women in India as of now. So, sit back and go through the post until you get your perfect choice. 

Before starting the list, let’s make it clear here that this extensive list doesn’t include any normal watch. If you want to buy a watch for women, we have a dedicated post for selecting the best watch in India. 

Let’s get started!

10 Best Smartwatches for Women in India

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

The first name in the list of best smartwatches for women in India, the new Apple Watch Series is specially designed for the woman on the go. This amazing fitness smartwatch holds the new S4 dual-core 64-bit CPU and that is why it can run twice as fast as the Series 3. Additionally, on opposite sides of the watch, it features a speaker and a microphone that allow you to make phone calls and communicate with Siri easily.

The new electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor tracks your heart health. If you do yoga sessions daily, take advantage of the breathing app, it guides you through a series of deep breaths.

 For overall wellness, take advantage of the improved accelerometer and gyroscope, which can read motion data eight times faster. Everyone needs some “me time,” and it is perfect to end a yoga session or a long day.

Don’t worry about the options, you can choose your stylish fitness tracker from two different sizes 40mm and 44mm and six colours, including three different aluminium and three different stainless steel finishes.

2. TOOBUR IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

In today’s digital world, the price of fitness watches or smartwatches is quite high- if you think so and that’s why you have dropped your plan of buying the best fitness watch, take a pause.

There are plenty of affordable and best smartwatches for women in India that flaunt many of the same features. The TOOBUR IP67 Waterproof Activity Tracker is one of the best options here; it has 14 different activity modes that measure stats like steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate. Moreover, it is able to track your sleep trends.

This fitness tracker easily syncs with your Android smartphone and serves up messages in notifications to keep you always connected. Another amazing thing about this watch is that it is small in size but still manages to deliver most of the benefits.

If you don’t need those extra features and are looking for the best smartwatch for women, don’t pay a high amount, go for the TOOBUR watch, it provides all the basics at a fraction of the price.

3. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

One of the best smartwatches for women, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch looks stunning. Apart from its attractive look, this fit tracker offers more than just looking good and provides numerous features and functionalities. It can track your daily activity, including heart-rate and sleep stages.

According to what exercises you are planning to do, you can easily change to a variety of physical activities modes such as Run or Swim, record workouts, and connect to smartphone GPS. By using the watch, you can receive calls and texts. In addition, it has the ability to store and play hundreds of songs. What more could you want from a smartwatch? At last, this is the best smartwatch for women in 2020.

4. Garmin Forerunner 235 Tracker Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

Another awesome smartwatch made for fitness lover, Garmin Forerunner 235 Tracker Smartwatch is best budget smartwatch in India. It has an Advanced Activity Tracker that tracks your every moment.

Also, the Smart Notification system let you see the incoming email, messages, call alerts, calendar reminders and more. The best part about this smartwatch for women is that you can connect it with your android or iPhone device.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 Tracker has 1.23” Protected Display. It is available in three different colours, Grey, Orange and Red. You are going to love the extra-large display with different types of watch faces of this fitness tracker. One thing that I founded about this smartwatch is, it has a low battery backup in training mode. Overall, this is one of the Best Smartwatches for Women in India.

5. Amazfit Verge Phone Call Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

Known for its long battery life, Amazfit Verge Phone Call Smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches for womenwith 5 days (120 hours) battery life. It monitors your heart rate all-time through an optical sensor. The in-built Mic and Speaker provides you with amazing calling experience and has a GPS system.

If you are looking for something stylish and classy besides best features, try this Classic look watch band with new design material. Choose from different colours Blue, Black and White and get clean design with a high-performance display.

To connect your Smartwatch with your fitness tracker, install the Mi Fit app. You can also use a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on the watch and the 1.3” wide display makes it easy for you to read SMS and other important messages.

6. Noise Colorfit Pro-2

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

The second-generation smartwatch, Noise Colorfit Pro-2 comes up with inclusive health and fitness tracking. Featured with a battery life of 10 days, the tracker provides water resistance with IP68 certification. This watch supports both the Operating Systems i.e. Android and iOS that makes it one of the best smartwatches for women in India to buy.

It includes 9 sports modes such as walk, run, hike, bike, treadmill, workout, climb, spin, and yoga. Besides, it measures heartbeats at a rapid pace and holds numerous features including sleep monitoring, step tracking, as well as calories burned.

It shows calls, text, and social media notifications. Choose from different colours like Jet black, Mist Grey, and Teal green and get one-year manufacturing warranty.

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7. Fossil Women’s Gen-4 Venture

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

Fossil Women’s Gen-4 Venture comes with amazing rose-gold-tone stainless steel, it is an ideal classic looking smartwatch for modern women. What makes it the best smartwatch for women 2020, it looks traditional but has clandestine tech features at the same time.

Because of the large size full-colour display and personalized watch faces, the graphics are quite easy to read. It provides you with all kinds of notifications related to the calendar, alarm, time zones, social media, and text.

The advanced control system, tracks all your activities, monitors heart rate and controls the music. This fitness smartwatch for women comes with 18 mm Fossil bands that you can change whenever you are bored with the band colour. It detects the steps, distance, and calories burnt during exercise and also assist with specific tasks and goal tracker.

8. Honor Magic Watch-2 (42 Mm)

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

Another affordable option among the best smartwatches for women in India, Honor Magic Watch-2 comes with numerous photo storage ability and long-lasting battery backup. This smartwatch counts heart rate also SWOLF, distance, calories burned and tracks elevation during the hike.

The smart feature from Huawei TruRelax manages stress, organizes scientific sleep app patterns. The female cycle tracker records the detail of period rotation, the Truseen3.5 recognizes swim performance with water resistance capacity up to 5 ATM. This smartwatch is featured with a Dual Satelite Positioning System that records speed and route when running, walking, or cycling.

This fitness tracker holds 13 built-in running apps, a smart assistant, and 15 goal-based fitness models. Besides, this smartwatch has numerous other features like a weather app, alarm, stopwatch, timer, speaker, microphone, and music control.

9. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

The Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch holds a 1.33-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The display of this watch is protected by a kind of Corning Gorilla glass mainly designed for wearables. It holds a 380mAh battery that can last up to 2 days.

Samsung has been in the smartwatch industry for a long time and its latest collection is full of awesome features and advanced functionalities. This device itself is IP68 certified and has all the important set of sensors including heart rate monitor, pedometer, and GPS. The GPS is so strong that it can track your movement while jogging or even casual travelling.

Utilize the built-in Samsung pay ad and make payment through your smartwatch just in a few steps. Overall, this is one of the best smartwatches for women in India.

10. Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

The Huami Amazfit GTS Smartwatch, the best smartwatch for women under 10k price, is created with quality materials and has all basic to advanced features. The watch holds a 1.65” AMOLED Display with Corning Gorilla glass protection.

The elegant, lightweight design gives the watch a premium look and feel. It is also featured with activity tracking, app notifications, 12 sports modes and 5 ATM water-resistance. The battery lasts for up to 14 days on a single charge and a magnetic charging cradle with fast charging support means you get an excellent battery backup.

Final Verdict

There are a wide variety of smartwatches available in the market that offer multiple featu10 Best Smart Watches for Women Bringsres and enviable style. Our 10 Best Smartwatches for Women brings together a solid mix of both latest features based options to an affordable one. It may not be the perfect list containing all best smartwatches available in the market, but it brings together a strong list of different fitness tracking watches, offering great features, affordable pricing and stylish options suit nearly any style.

Are smart watches a waste of money

Which smartwatch brand is best in India?

There are many popular brands like Apples, Samsung, Honor and a few more that are doing great in the Indian Market. You need to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

How to find the best smartwatch for women in India? 

In order to find the best smartwatch, you need to consider some major factors, like 

  • Functionality: Have a look at functionalities, buy the smartwatch that can track your activity level and sleep patterns. Although, advanced models work as a smart assistant and work with your smartphone. 
  • Style: There’s a variety of styles available in the market, go with the option that you won’t mind showing off on a regular basis.
  • Price: Earlier, smartwatches were quite expensive but now they are available at the different price range from low to high. You can buy according to your budget.  

Are smartwatches a waste of money?

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch to replace your Smartphone completely, then it is a waste of money. But if you just want to combine fitness tracking features and Smart notifications into a single device, then a Smartwatch is definitely worth it.

Are Smartwatches harmful?

Just like any other wireless devices, smartwatches produce radiation. But you don’t need to worry about it, because that tiny amount of radiation does not alter your DNA. The FDA assures that it is nothing to be worried about.

Can you sleep with a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is bigger in size that can make you feel uncomfortable sleeping. But if you find it okay, then you can go to sleep wearing a smartwatch. 

So that’s it on 10 Best Smartwatches for Women. Hope this list will help you in selecting the right product as per your budget and requirements.

If you have any query regarding this, let us know in the comment section and we’ll be happy to hear from you. 

Best Smartwatches for Women in India

10 Best Smartwatches for Women

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