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Why did I Take a Break from Blogging?

My Diary

It has been a long time since I posted something on my blog. I had about a 23-month break from blogging. My last blog was posted in March 2022, sharing news about my marriage. Let me inform you guys that so much has happened throughout this journey—good and bad. I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl. I moved in with my husband.

During this break, I got enough time to think about what is important to me to flourish in this journey. Sadly, during this period, I had to let go of numerous sponsored posts and collaborations. It hurt me to say that I am a kind of yes, can manage all types of people, but I could not.

First Reason to Break from Blogging: Changing Priorities

Working as a full-time employee, striving to be the best mother, the best partner, the best daughter-in-law, writing, and trying to cook and manage the household, was not working. Well, I never thought of taking such a blogging break. What was four days with or without a post turned into a week, then months, and then a year.

Second Reason to Break from Blogging: Writing is a Struggle

After I published my blog in March of last year, I was striving to craft content for the site. I had a lot of ideas in mind, and I wanted to do and write about them. But in this hustle and bustle, I hardly have time to work on those ideas.

So the main reason I decided to step back was to realign some of my priorities. Blogging requires a lot of effort and time, from research to creating content to marketing your piece, connecting with blogs, and having a solid social presence. Another reason is that, as much as I love writing, I always fight a battle in the entire posting and promotion of the piece on social media.

Third Reason to Break from Blogging: Refocusing and Re-evaluating

So after the pause, I went through the anxiety of not constantly being on my blog, crafting new posts, and sharing them with you. And for a while, I felt calm and peaceful. I found my creative juice again! Where did I focus? I learned numerous new recipes, from authentic South Indian dishes to fast foods and a lot more. Throughout my motherhood journey, I embraced this period. I learned many new things from my mother-in-law about how to manage multiple household tasks at a time without getting stressed and caring for others unconditionally. There are many other things that I was able to focus on while on my break.

My leanings throughout this blogging break?

In this halt of one and a half years, I realized that I was stressing so much about things that just did not matter at all. Life is too short to focus on such things.

  • If you do not like something and this is not the source of your livelihood, leave it.
  • Always be honest with yourself. Instead of looking at others, embrace what makes you you.
  • Never compare yourself to someone on social media. You never know what their deal is behind the screen.
  • Always capture your good moments.
Break from blogging

So, what’s next?

Finally, I am coming out of this break and planning to get back to posting my blogs regularly in the coming weeks and months.

My focus is on writing and publishing blogs about my day with my baby and work, parenting, stuff around being a working mom, and much more.

I want to share my struggles and achievements. I want to write about my learning. I want to help others learn from my previous missteps. Share something worth saying.

There would be some insightful and interesting content, some effective tips, and some information about my routine as a working mother. Overall, there are some amazing things I love, and I think you will too.

I might not be able to consistently post, like a weekly post, but as we get back into it, it is coming.

I am eagerly waiting to see what the future holds for our daily lives and to experience what else unfolds in my career and blogging journey.

Thanks a lot for your love and support; it motivates me a lot.

Hi, working mothers! What is your best advice for me?

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