Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: Get Elegant, Effortless and Expeditious Look


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We all love doing makeup. Whether we are going to attend a party or meeting with friends, we are free to wear makeup in any way we want. There is nearly an infinite number of choices when it comes to everyday makeup looks, as per the bevy of beauty trends and using different cosmetics.

But the problem begins when you want to create a makeup look that is fitted for the workplace. Most working women are often confused as to which products they should and should not use while getting ready for office. And then which shades of makeup are acceptable. In this post, I’m going to clear all your doubts by discussing some amazing everyday office makeup for Indian skin.

Looking professional and competent is a must in the corporate arena. And it is a fact that not all makeup looks are acceptable inside the office. There are many makeup looks that you should avoid when you are at your workplace. The bright red lips, thick mascara, layers of the foundation are just some of the things you need to avoid.

Whether you prefer a more natural look or a polished one with some highlighters, these looks will go perfect for everyday office makeup for Indian skin and will inspire your next go-to look. Choose from any of these makeup tutorials and I assure you that you look perfect, so go ahead and grab your makeup bag and get each of them a try.

Apart from covering some polished and classy everyday office makeup looks this post also incorporates valuable makeup tips for beginners.

I believe that today, makeup is not always a thing that conceals and enhances your look; in fact, it focuses on and intensifies your actual beauty.

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: The Natural Look

When you look for an office makeup look, the lesser the makeup, the better. So, you should avoid wearing too many layers of eye makeup and too bright colours; always go for a refreshing and clean look.

Putting foundation is your choice, you can or cannot; it does not make a lot of difference in your natural look. Just make sure that the foundation matches your skin tone perfectly.

  • For the cheeks, opt for either cream or pink blush.
  • On the lips, you can either put on lip gloss or add some colour; here, pink is a recommended option.
  • You can put some nude eye makeup or go for the brown shades to make your eyes pop.

Makeup kit is an all-in-one solution that contains all beauty essentials in a single box and streamlines your beauty routine. I have created the list of best makeup kits to fit your needs; they will help you to attain a smooth finish and an endless glow. 

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: Dewy Look

Get dewy, glowing looking by focusing on low-coverage products and highlighter. As mentioned earlier, the classic makeup look should be focused on a fresh look and there is no best way to look fresh than to create the illusion of the dewy skin. By using a highlighter, you can actually create fake glowing skin and create the dewy look.

  • If you have fair skin, go for a highlighter in the champagne shade’ if you have dark skin, I recommend that you should go for a copper tone.
  • You just need to apply the highlighter to the cheekbones, at the inner corner of the eyes and centre of the eyelids

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: No Makeup Look

There was a time when girls used to conceal their natural beauty behind the tones of makeup. But no more! Today, enhancing one’s natural beauty is a new trend. This is an amazing everyday office makeup for Indian skin that embraces your born-with-in-beauty. The no-makeup look seems quite empowering but figuring out where to start is a bit tricky.

  • Start by prepping your skin, now apply a minimal amount of concealer under your eyes, between your eyebrows, on your cupid bow, and bridge your nose.
  • Set your concealer with some loose setting powder.
  • For eyes, apply your kajal on the upper lash waterline and coat your eyelashes with waterproof mascara.
  • On lips, apply a rosy lip shade.
  • Take a neutral peachy tone blush and apply it on your cheeks.

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Although I always focus on using minimal makeup for an office look, smokey eye makeup looks are trending these days. This is perfect for those who love trying different looks and you can also try it when you need to attend any small get-together in the office. In this look, all the attention will be on your eyes, so keep your lips nude or wear a lighter shade of lipstick.

  • After all prep part, use an eye pencil in black or brown and draw along the upper lip, close to the eyelashes.
  • Create a cat-eye as you arrive in the outer corner. From the end of cat-eye, draw a line over the crease of the eye.
  • Blend the links with your index finger and now follow these steps to blend until you get your desired shade.
  • Use a nude, brown or dark eyeshadow to fill. Begin from the outer end and blend towards the middle of the eyelid.
  • Layer on shades from dark to light. Blend lighter shades from the inner corner to the middle and keep dark towards the outside corner.

You are a beautiful, talented and amazing sweetheart! So don’t let overdone makeup distract colleagues and superiors from your professional qualities. Stick to simple and classy makeup look for instant workplace success.

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: Youthful Glow

If you want to look radiant without the hassle of whipping out a tough eye look, this gorgeous, sparkling blush makeup look is awesome for you. You just need to apply a small amount of face primer from forehead to chin and then start your makeup part.

  • Colour corrects all the imperfections like hind any redness, peck up any dullness and neutralize any other discolourations with a few quick dabs.
  • Now, apply a thin layer of foundation across your entire face.
  • Dush a peach blush onto each of your cheeks and sweep the colour in an up and out motion from your cheekbones to your temples.
  • Define your brows for fuller, natural-looking arches and also apply volumes your mascara with the right product.
  • Apply a pretty pink coat of matte lipstick on your lips

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin: Wing Liner

Bring out your ferocity by building the perfect cat eye makeup look. Don’t mistake it to be less natural as it can be so quick and also be classified as a simple eye makeup look.

  • After using your favourite foundation or BB cream, apply a neutral light peachy brown-toned eyeshadow to eyelids.
  • Make your eyes pop, and then draw a thin, rough line on your eyelids with the kajal; smudge it with your brush or fingertip in an outward motion.
  • On lips, apply a rosy lip shade.

Quick Guide to Prepare You Skin for Makeup

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin

Here’s a quick guide for skin care-cum makeup guide to prepare your skin for office makeup:

Step: 1- Cleanse: Cleanse your face with gentle face wash and pat it dry.

Step: 2- Tone: Splash your face with toner or simply dab with a cotton swab. In, you are not sure about applying toner; just splash your face with water.

Step: 3- Moisturize: Put 8-dots of moisturizer on face and spread it upward and outward. Do never skip moisturizer even in summer. Use a non-greasy serum and water-based formula instead.

Step: 4- Sun Protection: Protection is a major step of the everyday office makeup for Indian skin. While going outside even after sun, make sure to apply the sunscreen- 8 dots, upward-outward spread. Do not forget to cover your neck, arms and feet.

Step: 5- Primer: Wear primer to keep makeup in place, especially on the eyelids and lips. Primer works great to create a smooth and even base for applying makeup.

Knowing how to do the 5-minutes makeup routine is every girl’s need. If you are like me who don’t have enough time in the morning to spend on makeup and also not bold enough to say we #wokeuplikethis. Check 5-Minute Makeup Routine|| Quick and Easy Makeup Guide

The Dos and Don’ts of Office Makeup for Indian Skin

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin
  • Always purchase cosmetics as per your skin types. Generally, matte formulas work amazingly for oily skin while shimmery products hold well on dry skin.
  • Be smart in your purchase; if you are a first-time buyer, buy them in-store instead of online so that you can get an idea about the exact shade. Always test the product under the natural light to know the correct shade.
  • Imagine if you are carrying fake lashes fell off during the meeting or if you had glue malfunction to manage during a conference call, it will be a hugely embarrassing moment for you. So avoid doing fake lashes in the office.
  • Avoid frosted or glittery lip things; there are too many pretty pinks and nude lipsticks out there to go.
  • Go stash a pretty, pinkish natural lip colour in your corporate environment.
  • You do not need to use foundation or concealer if you have clear, even-toned skin.
  • Make sure to use concealer and foundation a shade lighter tone than your actual skin tone.
  • Keep makeup brushes clean; wash them once a week or two, as per the use.
  • Finish your makeup with a setting spray to hold it all through the day.
  • Do never use expired makeup and skincare products.
  • A big no for going to bed without taking off your makeup, it can clog your skin prose and lead to a breakout.

And you are all set! You are ready with your perfect look.

I will love to see how your perfect everyday office makeup for Indian skin turned out. Share your views with your office makeup look in the comment section below. Subscribe #Female Insight to get all the latest updates in your inbox.  

Everyday Office Makeup for Indian Skin

Contouring is quite helpful in enhancing the gorgeous features you already have. I have created here a quick guide that teaches you how to contour your face step-by-step with Easy Contour Tutorial: Best Contouring Makeup Tips.

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  1. I love a natural look. I’m drawn to nudes and blush colored eyes and lip shades.

  2. I wish I liked neutral lip color on me. There really are so many beautiful neutral and soft pink colors out there, but I’m a dark red lip kind of gal myself. Your list of dos and don’ts was great! I’m glad to see you mentioned to take makeup off before bed. It’s so easy to forget to do that after a long day.

    1. Neutral colours give you a natural look by the way, it’s a personal preference. Taking off makeup before bed is compulsory according to me, otherwise, it can harm your skin a lot.

  3. It is good to know which is the best skincare routine and makeup is best for your skin. I need to have a better strategy.

  4. Yes, just like you I also prefer the natural look when I go to the office. I usually skip the eye makeup since I feel its overboard but will follow your advise of using brown shades.

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