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10 Free Blogging Apps for Android: Management, Productivity, & Efficiency

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In this ultra-modern age, there are various forms of communication. People share their knowledge and express their thoughts on multiple platforms. Blogging is one of them that allow thousands of people to share their experience and thoughts with the whole world through words, images and videos. It is quite easy to start blogging and with the emergence of efficient blogging apps for iPhone and Android, today blogging is not limited to desktops only.

Whether you already run an established blogging site or you’re planning to start one, you may face several issues. This blog post will help you to sort out some of the best free blogging apps that can help you resolve most of the problems of the blogging routine.

As a blogger, we must take advantage of these applications and make blogging easier. But today there are a huge number of apps available on Google Play store and every app is not worth a try.

I have made a list of 10 best free blogging apps for android that can help you with blogging, traffic analytics, audience building, productivity, management, etc. These apps are completely free on Google play store so you don’t need to spend a single penny on these apps.

10 Free Android Apps for Bloggers

Platform Apps

  1. WordPress


The most popular blogging platform, WordPress is also in the leading position when it comes to the best free blogging apps for android. This app is made compatible with self-hosted WordPress blogs and blogs hosted on allow you to do all work like crediting, editing, and publishing blog posts, comment moderation, analytics data checking and also publishing photos or videos taken with the camera on your mobile phone.  

So now, you do not need to rush to your computer, you can easily type your content and share it with your audience through your phone. The best part is that this blogging app for android is completely free. Try the WordPress app now, and get power right in the palm of your hands.

2. Blogger


Blogger is another popular platform you use for blogging. If you are working on Blogger, you must give this Blogger app a try. With this blogging app, you can post new entries, add photos and labels, put your locations, and schedule your blog posts.

The unique thing about this application is that you do not need to log into this app as you have an accessible Gmail account on your mobile. If you have many blogs with bloggers, it will not let you down.  

Although Google itself is behind this official app of this blogging service, one pitfall of this application is that this is very limited as compared to the WordPress app. Still, it satisfied your basic needs as a blogger.

3. Tumblr


Tumblr was started in 2015, it is known as a microblog rather than a full-blown blog. It is because posting short blurbs of interesting content like quotes, photos and videos are less taxing. This application has all the important blogging options.

 It has useful features like posting content, scheduling posts, viewing, and replying to messages, and you can even manage numerous Tumblr blogs with the app. The Android version consists of a clean and beautiful interface with navigation buttons. The app also shows you Tumblr blogs of Contacts in your address book, so you can easily start following them.

One disadvantage of this blogging app is that it cannot show GIF images on home feed, and the general complaint is that it is not tablet-optimized.  

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Photo Editor Apps

4. Snapseed


Snapseed is a free and professional photo editor developed by Google. It allows you to edit your pictures to enhance their aesthetic quality. This is one of the best blogging apps for android that allows you to edit and fine-tune things such as brightness, curves, saturation, shadows, and much more.

The Snapseed editor comes with 29 regular and premium tools and multiple Filters like Tune image, Raw develop, crop rotate, text, brush, lens, HDR scope, blur, etc. If you love clicking pictures apart from your writing, this professional photo editor can be your best solution. There are many other creative editing options available on the Snapseed app like frames, text, double exposure, and grunge overlays.

5. Autodesk Pixlr

Autodesk Pixlr

Apart from being the best photo editing app, Autodesk Pixlr is today among the best free blogging apps for android. It has been downloaded over 2 million times because of its multiple features at free of cost. If you can spend some time to create an Autodesk account, you will be able to get many more pro-features.

It allows you to add effects while taking a picture. There are many other features like filters, auto fix, collage, and other exciting features. You will love Social media integration by which you can easily post the picture on Facebook and other social platforms.

Note Taking Apps

6. Evernote


When looking for the best android apps for bloggers, how can we forget the amazing idea capturing app, Evernote. This is a perfect app to store all your ideas in one place, be in the form of text, audio or image and then synchronise them.

Evernote is considered as the top note-taking app used by millions of people across the world. It provides a free version that gives you all the basic features. If you want to upgrade to their premium version you can easily upgrade and avail more features like offline access, storage space, customer support, etc.

With this blogging app, you can add your ideas from any of your devices and access them again from other devices. You can download the Evernote app for iOS as well as for Android.

7. Microsoft One Note


Microsoft OneNote is a full-featured note-taking app. It does many more tasks than other note-taking apps. This is a free app with two squares up rather equally, though they could not be more different in their look and feel.

Unlike Evernote that looks squarely such as standard business software, Microsoft OneNote mimics paper. When you create a new note, you just need to click anywhere on the page and add content to that sport, just like you used to work with paper.

You can select a background for your notes that looks like the texture or use templates for meeting notes and more.

With one of the best free blogging apps, you can type text, drag and drop images and attach files into the note, create a checklist, record audio, draw sketches and many more.

Multipurpose Apps

8. Grammarly


Just like Grammarly extension helps us create content without error, Grammarly Keyboard helps us to write error-free text on our phone. It is a free productivity application that assists you to write error-free and with ease in any app you use. The application provides your text hundreds of checks and seamless integration on every app so you can type without any issue.

Grammarly is helpful for checking sophisticated grammar, contextual spelling, advance punctuation, vocabulary enhancements and synonyms apart from the Basic English Grammar. This app is useful for both native and non-native English speakers and those who don’t write in the English language that often.

 It makes your writing easier by underlining any errors in real-time. Overall, it is one of the best android apps for bloggers who want to just write and not worry about grammar errors while doing so.

9. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become essential for bloggers today; it allows you to gain insights into your reader’s habits and activity on your website. You just need to go through some backend configuration on your blog before Analytics starts functioning.

Google Analytics is the perfect solution to monitor your website traffic on the go and also check key metrics in built-in reports. It also offers tools to compare date range, apply segments, and monitor real-time data for bloggers.

This is one of the best free blogging apps for android by which you can start and manage a successful blog on the run. Whether you are working with WordPress or Blogger, it is very easy to set up.

10. Dictionary


Dictionary is the last name in this list of 10 best free blogging apps for android mobile that turns to blog easy for you. Whether you have a good grasp of the English language or you do not fall into the expert zone, this app will support you to be a master.

The unique thing about this blogging app, it covers almost all of your language issues. It performs as a Swiss knife for those who are non-native English speakers. It supports voice command, you just need to speak a word and it will come up with a list of matching words.

If you want to find synonyms or antonyms, it will give your results along with proper examples. The company claims it to be the number one dictionary app on Android OS.

If you want to find synonyms or antonyms, it will give your results along with proper examples. The company claims it to be the number one dictionary app on Android OS.

Free Blogging Apps for Android

Free Blogging Apps for Android

Final Thoughts on Free Blogging apps

So these are 10 Free Blogging Apps for Android to bring Management, Productivity, & Efficiency in your blogging. Hopefully, you found these blogging apps helpful. Well, here are a few more blogging apps that will help you directly or indirectly in blogging.

  • MS Office for Android
  • Google Keep
  • Youtube creator studio
  • Aweber Android app
  • Photo Editor by Aviary
  • Mailchimp for Android

Your Turn

That’s it by my side on the best free blogging apps for android. Now it’s your turn which blogging apps are you using, Let me know.

If you use any other free apps for bloggers that are quite effective then let me know in the comment section below.

Also, if you find my blog helpful and love my efforts then follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter. Don’t forget to subscribe to Female Insight to get all the latest posts in your inbox.  

Free Blogging Apps

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