Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

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Freelancing work is on great demand these days. It is a kind of job that is inconsistent but you’d be paid pretty well according to your bid and the client you get. This is the best way to exhibit your awesome skills. The best part is that getting started with Freelancing is quite simple; you just need to find the right platform. In order to ease your task, I have complied with the list of top 10 freelancing websites in India.  

Whether you are an excellent coder or an ambitious writer, these freelancing sites offer all types of work opportunities. It’s a good starting point to launch your freelancing career in India and live the life you dreamed of. By working on these sites, you can get enough work to sustain your lifestyle.

So, here is an extensive list of freelancing sites in India that will help you find good projects to match your skills and give you some sort of security that you get paid for your works and skills. Let’s take a look at them

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

  1. Upwork– The Trailblazer Of Freelancing In India

Upwork- Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

Upwork is a top name among the best freelancing websites in India. It was started with the amalgamation of Odesk and Elance; both were leading freelancing platforms up to the time of their merger.

Present-day, Upwork hosts more than 5 million clients and 12 million freelancers. It boasts an impressive 3 million jobs worth $1 billion posted every year.

Upwork gives its best to streamline the process for both clients and freelancers. For clients, it offers simple project management tools and for freelancers, there are various features to support in finding and securing jobs.

Overall, this is the first name when it comes to the top 10 freelancing websites in India.

2. Worknhire– Leading Indian Freelancing Website

Worknhire-Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

The foundation of WorkNhire was taken by Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash with an aim to provide the best work to the Indian Freelancers. Today, this site is among the leading Indian freelancing websites.  

Being one of the best freelancing websites in India, WorkNhire strives to present a perfect platform where companies and freelancers both can collaborate and grow together.

This site has all kinds of features including sign up, fill out your profile, list skills, and experience, and start bidding. The best part is that this site pays freelancers in Indian Rupees instead of US Dollars.

Another amazing fact about WorknHire is that it allows you to associate with your clients directly nearer to your locality. So here, you can communicate with them offline also.

3. Fiverr– A Unique Freelancing Site Offering Remarkable Opportunities 

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

Fiverr is another popular freelancing website in India, founded in 2010. It is an excellent platform for interactions among the employee and the employer over small businesses.

This is well-known for offering remarkable opportunities to start-ups that are presently not much recognized but definitely are in an urgent need of recognition.

If you are a professional and looking for a platform, Fiverr would provide you an easy approach to get hired and find work easily.  

It boosts the versatility of the work available on the site. Fiverr offers various regular tech or writing savvy jobs, fun, and lifestyle-related employment opportunities.

4. Freelancertohire– Successfully Connecting Businesses And Startups 


The Indian crowdsourcing marketplace website, Freelancertohire is one of the latest names in Indian freelancing. It allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete.

The platform was started in the year 2018, and its headquarters is located in Odisha, India.

FreelancerToHire works as a platform where it connects business and startups with affordable freelancers ready to work on your projects. You can easily find here freelance jobs and hire professional freelancers from all across the world.

Here, you can hire or Find freelance programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry more at a fraction of the cost.

The ultimate goal of Freelancertohire it to make it easier for people to hire freelancers online from over a million professionals and get freelance jobs from thousands of projects posted. Overall, it is one of the top 10 freelancing websites in India if you are looking to hire or give outsource service.

5. Toptal– A Unique Freelancing Website In India 

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

Toptal stands for ‘Top Talent.’ This is one of the best freelancing websites and a remote-friendly company.

It works to connect companies with suitable software engineers, designers, and business consultants.

Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott started this site in the year in 2010. The headquarter of the firm is in Silicon Valley.

Toptal works on a unique process, unlike some other freelance websites, it does not offer bids for projects. But it finds freelancers, prospective customers according to their needs, and directly connects both.

 If you’re a professionally trained software engineer, financial expert, or designer, and looking for freelancing opportunities then Toptal is one of the best freelancing sites for you.

6. Truelancer– The Perfect Freelancing Platform 

Top 10 Freelancing Websites In India

Whether you have an incredible idea or a unique solution, Truelancer can be your perfect freelancing platform. This site has a conventional portal where you can get freelancers to work in India.

It provides you the option to post your services for firms to hire. Besides, you can also use Turelancer through an app to make sure you never miss any job postings.

All these features make, Truelancer as the best freelancing sites in India.

But there is an issue that people do not like that Truelancer takes a cut of 8-10% of the billed amount, as per your membership. Although, you can find more membership on this site/upgrade area.

7. Elance– A Mature Community Of Freelancers 

Elance- A Mature Community Of Freelancers

If you are searching for outsourcing work or finding jobs, Elance(now the part of Upwork) is another one of the best websites in India for freelancing projects.

eLance community is very mature and bridges the gap between clients and those seeking online pay. To work on this platform, you need to register to find more details and bid on jobs.

 If you are a beginner it might be tough in some ways to get clients to connect with top freelancers who are ideal and perfect for the project.

With elance, you can kick off projects in hours, working together in your secure online workplace. Although the name of the freelancing site is elanced, all the billing and payments are handled on Upwork.

8. Rockerstop– One Of The Best Freelancing Sites In India 


Because of Its Free to access and no Commission, Rockerstop is an emerging name among the top freelancing site In India.

One thing that makes this site special is that it doesn’t charge any commission for project or signup or to receive jobs. Besides, you can directly call or message to your clients.

Means, you can approach your clients directly at any time through messages, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook messenger, and more.

The works on the basis of the ppl ( pay per click ) model.

The charges are quite low. For one lead, you need to pay just 10 INR. This means you can purchase 10 leads for 100 INR only.

The cost is so low that it allows you to grow your freelancing business easily.

9. Constant-Content- Best Marketplace For Freelancing Writing 

Constant-content- Elance- A Mature Community Of Freelancers

For those who are excellent and enthusiastic about writing, Constant-Content can be their best freelancing option.

 This is one of the debut article marketplaces for solemn freelance writers to make money online.

Because Constant-Content is so sophisticated so that you are able to charge top dollar for your writing (charging upward of $100+ each article).

This freelancing site has a stern editorial method but, the amazing marketplace and demand for the article and other written content make this marketplace the best name among the top 10 freelancing sites in India.

 10 Squidoo– An Incredible Community Of Writing

Elance- A Mature Community Of Freelancers

Squidoo (now the part of Hubspot) is another top name for freelance writing jobs. It is strengthened by the thought of Seth Godin, Squidoo.

This platform has an incredible community and writing system, it allows anyone without a blog or website to begin writing and making money online.

Its intuitive interface allows you to instantly create ‘lenses’ about whatever topic you wish. If you are looking for the best freelancing sites for writing in India, Squidoo can be a good choice.

Last But Not Least…

These are the top 10 best freelancing websites in India. If you are looking to begin your freelancing career, choose any of these sites as per your needs and niche.

I hope this list would help you in the best way to know the best websites offering freelancing jobs and services.

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Best Freelancing Websites In India
Freelancing Websites In India
Best Freelancing Websites In India
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