Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function

20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function


Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function: So, you are preparing for your best friend’s wedding or your favourite’s cousin’s reception party? And if you are like me, very choosy when it comes to party wear, you probably start planning in advance about your overall look even a few days before the special day. You have found your perfect party dress, favourite shade lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, blushes, awesome nail arts and beautiful collections of jewellery that best match your dress.

 No doubt, you are going to look so awesome with all these, but no party look is complete without a distinct hairstyle. No matter how beautiful an outfit you are wearing or how well done your makeup is, if your hairstyle does not suit your face or is not done properly; you cannot look your best.

 Your hair is the crown for you that can create magic in your appearance.  It creates a statement for you and greatly enhances your overall beauty.

While there are thousands of beautiful hairstyles for the Indian wedding function, choosing the perfect one for your special day might seem a tough task. Well, don’t worry because I have curated here a list of 20 best Indian wedding hairstyles that you can browse through and show your unique personality.

20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function

  1. Traditional Braided Bridal Hairstyle

Traditional Braided Bridal Hairstyle 1 min

A thick braid, decorated with flower garlands, pearls or chic golden accessories is considered to be a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian wedding. This very beautiful braid is tight, thick, and neat. Most Indian hairstyles feature a middle part that is adorned with Maang Tikka. This Traditional Braided Bridal Hairstyle will go perfect if you have an oval, face and triangle face.

2. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid min

One of the easiest hairstyles for Indian weddings, Waterfall Braid is quite simple to make plus it doubles your charm. The amazing part about this hairstyle is that it can be flaunted in plenty of ways and are perfect if you want to keep your hair loose without making them completely unruly.

Waterfall Braid is widely popular amongst Western brides and wedding functions of western countries; you can try this beautiful hairstyle at any Indian occasion and add a twist in your Indian wedding look.

3. Large Twisted Bun

Large Twisted Bun min

Bun styles are still popular at Indian weddings; they are like evergreen among Indian ladies. The large twisted bun is one of the most-loved bun looks by Indian divas tying the knot. What makes this hairstyle one of the most popular hairstyles for Indian wedding function, you can decorate your hair the way you want, you can add beads, flowers, and ornaments to have a princess-like look. Shiny clips are also used on the side to make the bun look perfect.

4. Open Hair with a Top Soft Lock

Open Hair with a Top Soft Lock 1 min

Love you long hairs? There is nothing better than to show off your long and beautiful hair and let them cascade down your shoulder. This is a great choice when you are looking for the best hairstyles for the Indian wedding function.

To have this fascinating style, tie your hair half up to make them stay in place and add some dainty flowers like baby’s breath, in order to give your wedding hairstyle a more appealing and stunning look.

5. Long Wavy Downdo With Bouffant and Maang Tikka

Long Wavy Downdo With Bouffant and Maang Tikka min

If you are someone who doesn’t like to style a tight braid or a compact updo, you can try this modern free-flowing hairstyle with a bouffant. You can carry this Long Wavy Downdo with Bouffant and Maang Tikka with a bridal veil that is easy to fix at the back, under the bouffant.

Whether you have thick hair or thin hair, this amazing hairstyle for Indian wedding function looks awesome with both hair types.

6. Stylish Curly Downdo with a Middle Part

Stylish Curly Downdo with a Middle Part 1 min

No doubt, we Indian girls love our hair and take very good care of their locks. Weddings or any special occasion can be the perfect time to show off the beauty of your hair in your hairstyle. Hairstyles for Indian wedding functions with springy curls and a central parting adorned by Maang Tikka look excellent. A more refined option to the popular today shattered curls!

If you have long hair, check my specific blog post on long hair- 10 Simple & Stunning Long Haircuts for Women

7. Rosy Bun

Rosy Bun 1 min

Roses are an essential part of the wedding, especially in India. This beautiful and super impressive bun accessorized with fresh roses will go best with red lehenga or saree. This is a messy curly bun held together with bobby pins. With this hairstyle for the Indian wedding function, the front section is done in middle parting with slight twists going into the bun.

8. Formal Updo in Indian Style

Formal Updo in Indian Style 1 min

In Indian weddings, women especially the bride tends to indulge in an abundance of jewellery and flowers. But if you prefer modern minimalism, you will really appreciate this rather simple but elegant and refined updo with a bouffant and bun at the nape. Make sure to use a sophist-o-twist bun maker for a perfect bun. Go for this outstanding hairstyle for Indian wedding function, when you prefer simple and classy!

9. Classic Braid

Classic Braid min

Classic Braid is a simple and elegant basic Indian hairstyle for weddings. This hairstyle is mainly opted by Sound Indian or Sikh brides. Under it, the braid is accessorized with beautiful gold look clips. It is one of the best hairstyles for Indian wedding functions and the whole look seems traditional Indian and elegant.

To make this style more attractive, add a twist. For this, you can make a high bun and then a braid out of it.

10. Juda Hairstyle

Juda Hairstyle min

Do you have short hair and that is why, you are worried about your hairstyle for every wedding function? No worry anymore. Try a Juda hairstyle. This is a go-to hairstyle by Indian brides or wedding guests to have a traditional yet elegant look.

There are mainly five different Juda hairstyles like Braided Juda, Bun with the floral look, French Juda for short hairs, classic bun, and Donut buns. You can try these hairstyles to have an impressive look at your grand wedding or for any special occasion.

11. The Glorious Gajra Style

The Glorious Gajra Style min

Gajras and Indian weddings have years of bonding, they have been going hand in hands. Today, Indian brides opt for this look on their wedding day as it gives them a traditional and classy look. You can try an enhanced look with gajra by making some modifications. Instead of any simple and plain gajra, use the one with roses.

A simple bun covered with beautiful gajra will give you a very traditional, authentic and Indian look. To make it more enhanced and impressive, add a fancy Juda pin in the centre of the bun.

12. Evergreen Curls

Evergreen Curls 1 min

Evergreen curls, one of the most popular hairstyles for Indian women that you can carry without any fuss. Unlike any normal curls, the hair after being curled with tongs, has been tied up high and the shorter length hair has been pinned up to the upper area only. The longer curled hair has been accessorized with stunning flower clips.

The front section under this hairstyle can be side frings or a simple middle parting with a maang teeka.

13. Voluminous Indian Updo with a Polished Finish

Voluminous Indian Updo with a Polished Finish min

Another unique and modern hairstyle for Indian wedding functions, Voluminous Indian Updo with a Polished Finish is trendy these days. This multi-tiered updo amazes with its volume, and the flawless polished finish as well as the delicate options for beautiful hair accessories.

14. Straight and Sleek

Straight and Sleek min

Advancement on the simple straight hair, straight and sleek is another great option when you are looking for some of the best hairstyles for Indian wedding functions. Under this hairstyle, crown areas are done up in a high proof accessorized with a big and wide hair clip.

Thereafter, the rest of the hair is kept straight. This is one such look that can never go out of fashion besides it looks super chic.

For short hair, check here 10 Classy and Cute Short Hairstyles for Women

15. Fishtail Braid Covered with Mogras

Fishtail Braid Covered with Mogras min

Whether this is your own wedding or you are going to attend your best friend’s wedding, this braid style is going to rock. Sonam Kapoor’s messy fishtail brain that she wore on her Mehendi day was a game-changer.

This is a quite traditional bridal hairstyle in India with a stent and a lot of mogras. If you have long hair, the Fishtail Braid covered with mogras is an awesome choice.

16. The Elaborate Bun

The Elaborate Bun min

If you love wearing a lot of different jewellery in your hair, try the elaborate bun to support them all and be ready for one of the most important days of your life. Opt for a single hairstyle and then work it into another to get layers of seamless, artistic perfection. You can easily use the extensions to create interacted braids and rock a super extra bun.

This is among the amazing hairstyles for Indian wedding functions that you can try.

17. Casual Chignon Bun

Casual Chignon Bun min

One of the hairstyles for Indian wedding functions, Casual chignon buns are back in fashion. The hairdo looks so awesome with a gown and cocktail dress. And this is the reason we often see the hairstyle in after-wedding parties. This wonderful bun goes well with short hair because the focus is mainly on the top and front head. Use special hair sprays to add texture to your hair and be ready for your D-day.

18. Half up/half down

Half up half down min

Have you ever thought to try something in between? Here, I am talking about the half-bun and half hair down hairstyle for medium hair length. This beautiful hairstyle looks superb for medium length hair.

The best part is it takes minimal efforts and just looks as polished as a full updo. You can be a show stopper on your wedding day with this hairstyle without making a lot of efforts.

19. Pixie Hairstyle for Indian Wedding

Pixie Hairstyle for Indian Wedding min

Because you have short hair and you are worried about how to style your hair for your wedding, this Pixie hairstyle for an Indian wedding can probably resolve your problem. You can adjust a sassy short haircut like a pixie to fit into the style of Indian wedding.

You can style your pixie with life at the roots, defining the sharply angled ends. To have this amazing short hairstyle for Indian wedding function, first, you need to buy some right floral hairpiece. Make sure that all the items you are buying are in tune with the right texture of your hair.

20. Trendy Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Trendy blunt bob hairstyle min

For all those modern women, who are looking to add a classic touch to their bridal look, go for this Trendy blunt bob hairstyle? This is an ever-green hairstyle for Indian wedding function that can never go out of fashion. This is one of the hottest hairstyles created by Antoine de Paris in 1909. And over the years, it has been rocked by powerful women across the world.

Hope you have enough inspiration for your upcoming BFF wedding ceremony or your bridal hairstyle from these 20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function!

Which one of these hairstyles for Indian weddings inspired you the most?

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Be ready for the upcoming wedding session looking your very best with a beautiful hairstyle.

20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding Function

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