How to Celebrate Father's Day During Coronavirus

How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus


Father’s Day 2020 is just around the corner (Sunday, June 21). So have you prepared anything for the special day yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t. I have got all covered up with my guidance on How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus. 

I have rounded up some unique Father’s Day gift ideas that include something for everyone. Whether your father is a music lover, fitness fanatic, a foodie, this article would surly guide you to bring smile on his face.

Your father would always say he is easy-going and wants for nothing, but you know when it comes to his Father’s Day gift, it’s got to be the best. After all, he’s the individual who works so hard to provide us with the life we want, but rarely tell us what they would like in return.

This special day honors the superheroes in our lives who have served as our fathers, mentors, and role models.

2020, however, is different than most due to the coronavirus outbreak. While the government is normalizing the situation and businesses are opening slowly but still, things are not normal today.

That means it’s harder to follow your normal traditions like Father’s Day brunch at his favorite restaurant or organizing a party with your friends and family. The way we celebrate these great men may look a little different in 2020, but the extent to which we celebrate and honour them will not.

Here are a few unique ideas when you confused how to celebrate father’s day during coronavirus while also keeping your loved ones healthy.

Send A Unique Gift

How to Celebrate Father's Day During Coronavirus

If you are living away from your father, the best you can do is to send him a meaningful gift.

Creating a priceless memory box of personal letters and photos gathered from family and friends can work great if your father says he does not need anything.

Or if you want to send him something for daily, go for a watch, his favourite perfume, a formal shirt, a pair of shoes, etc.

Write Him A Letter

Write Him A Letter

Nothing can make your father better than a handwritten note by you. It’s classic, personalized, and highly emotional, your father will love it; trust me.

Write down all your childhood memories with him. Don’t forget to write a think you note appreciating the efforts he has made for your better present and future.

For more ideas, check Amazon, Flipkart, and search the best gifts for father’s day.

Create A Video Card

How to Celebrate Father's Day During Coronavirus

A video is one of the most effective ways to express feelings.  And what better than Father’s day to tell your father how much you love him and how special he is.

 Gather all the troops and create a video card to share. You can ask your family members and friends to record a video describing a favorite memory about their superhero.

 Now, compile all the videos and share them with your father. When you are confused about how to celebrate father’s day during

Coronavirus, video card is a perfect gift option. This will continue to spread happiness and love with every press of the play button.

Organize a Virtual Meal Together

Organize a Virtual Meal Together

Now it is not a huge problem if you ware away from your loved ones. You can share a meal with your father virtually.

Order your papa’s favorite meal or dessert and get it delivered just before organizing yours before your meeting.

You can order similar refreshments for yourself and to other family participants, too. And now have fun together.

Make a Photo Album

Make a Photo Album

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Collect all the photos from every phase of your dad’s life and put them in a photo album.

To make it interactive, you can ask your father to write down the memories related to the picture on the back of each photo. It is an excellent way to pass along the stories and experiences of our loved ones

Learn Something New from Your Father

earn Something New from Your Father

In childhood, we used to spend a lot of time with our father. He used to teach us everything from cycling to swimming. But today, we hardly get time to spend with our father.

So again let’s live those movements. Tell your father to help you with your accounts or car or any activity that you wish to learn from your dad. It will remind him about the old times when you used to call him for every little thing.

Take a Virtual Tour

Take a Virtual Tour

Apart from having a meal together, you can also take a virtual tour with your father whether you are living with your father or away.

You can visit the National Parks, tour Versailles, and swim through a coral reef, all without leaving your home.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown period; various organizations are offering virtual experiences.

So plan a virtual tour, curl up on the couch, and travel anywhere your father wants.

Bottom Line

If you live with your family then instead of ordering food from restaurants, try to cook food at home. It will make the food special and he will surely appreciate it.
So these are some ideas to tackle your doubt How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus. To read more interesting articles, check here.

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18 thoughts on “How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Coronavirus

  1. I love the idea of taking time to learn something new from your father! That’s truly a gift that will keep on giving!

  2. I love the photo album idea. Fathers day hasn’t been on my radar honestly, so I better get to work.

  3. One of my favorite gifts I’ve given was a grandparent album. I took a scrapbook and had a two-page spread for each of the grandchildren. They wrote letters (or in the case of the youngest, dictated letters) or drew pictures about their grandparents and I filled the pages with the letter and photos of that grandchild with their grandparents. It really was a treasured gift.

  4. I’m slowly planning my Father’s Day long distance celebrations so this came in handy!

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