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How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home


SO, YOUR HAIR is getting long, and all of the salons are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It may be time to cut your hair at home.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you do not take things properly. The key is to start small with a few careful snips.

It is okay if you can’t make it to the salon right now and are in desperate need of a little trim, it’s perfectly fine to give yourself a quick fix at home. Right now is not the time to decide you want bangs.

We recommend you to just freshen up your layers, trim your (already-existing) bangs, or nab split ends at home. And for this here we’ve rounded up the best instructional guide with videos below to help you cut your own hair at home.

There are some points you need to keep in mind before you get started:

Cutting your hair is more complicated than it seems, and this guide is not one-size-fits-all. It would you figure out the basics of where to begin.

On average, we’ve all added a half-inch of hair during the first month, and our next trip to the hairstylist or barber could be in weeks, if not months.

Still, stylists will advise you to avoid getting too overzealous with your scissors, but sometimes you have no choice.

Think Again Do You Need a Hair Cut?

Do you really need a hair cut?

First find out you want it because you want to change your look or you genuinely need a haircut. There are various ways, you can change your overall look without being extreme or doing something you may regret. Expert hairstylists believe that we can never make our best hair decisions when we’re stressed.

If you need to do it, before you make any permanent changes to your hair, do some temporary ones. See this is a perfect time to grow out your hair.

If your hair fried from repetitive heat damage, you can break the heat-styling cycle and your mane will be looking its best in no time.

If you’ve played with the idea of changing your part, go through the transition while you’re at home. You can also fake a hair transformation. Create a faux bob with the help of some bobby pins. If your hair is long enough to put into a ponytail, then you can use creative styling to create fake bangs with no scissors required. Try covering your head in barrettes or learn to fishtail braid.

For curly-haired folks, use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. It would stimulate your scalp and also work its natural oils down the length of your hair. That makes your hairs stay shiny and strong.

Besides, there are some other ways to stimulate your scalp and encourage faster hair growth. Try a DIY hair mask with the ingredients you have in your kitchen like eggs, honey, and apple cider vinegar. They are great for your hair; just mix up in a bowl and cover your hair, then let the mask sits for as long as you’d like before rinsing.

These are some ways to make your hair strong and shiny. But still, if you want to cut your hair or this is the only option you have. Here is the step-by-step process on how to cut your own hair at home.

Required Gears

Gears for Hair Cut

Sharp scissors: A quality edge helps keep your hair from fluffing out at the ends or moving around too much while you trim. Use precision scissors or place an order for hair-cutting shears that are razor-sharp and should be handled with care.

Hair clippers for short hair: If you have hair clippers, this is a good alternative. This self-cutting trimmer will help if you plan to cut your hair without any help.

Important Points to Remember While Cutting Hair at Home

How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home Short, Long, Curly

Get Help from Someone: Cutting our own hair in the mirror is quite difficult. If it’s possible then get someone to help you trim, it would result in a perfect trimming. If you have to do its own, use many mirrors to see from every angle. Besides, it is better to take breaks to check your look.

Pay Attention to Texture and Length: A DIY haircut is challenging to process for folks with long, thick, straight, healthy hair. When your hair is curly, short, or especially textured, you can easily find mistakes, so use caution.

Start small: Have you ever used a magnifying mirror to tweeze your eyebrows, and after a few moments you realized that you did it wrong. The same things apply to your hair. If you cut more hairs, you cannot get them back once you’ve snipped away too much. Start with small, it will take some time but you will be able to save yourself from various other issues.

Avoid horizontal lines: Sometimes, horizontal lines are important for removing length, but if you snip vertically, it would keep your hair from becoming too blunt. In case, you’ve cut horizontally, make sure to follow it up with vertical snips to thin out the ends and make the cut look more natural.

If you are not feeling dextrous enough to cut vertically, hold your scissors diagonally. Hope these points would be helpful if you are looking for How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home.

Be Conservative: If this is your first time, trim your hair—don’t try to restyle it. But if you have any kind of doubt, it is better to wait and book an appointment with your stylist once shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

Step-by-Step Process to Cut Hair

Here are our step-to-step hair trimming and cutting process with some links to tutorials How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home, according to your hair’s length and texture.


Washing and Conditioning 

Wash and condition your hair, and then let it dry. Hair shrinks as it dries so. It would help you avoid taking off too much. Work out any tangles using a brush before getting started. In case, your hair is unruly, mist it with water. But make sure to be getting it too damp. Snip with the ends of the shears instead of the full length of the blade.

Keep your shears or clippers and a comb on hand.

 Also, get clips to section your hair into manageable segments. Before starting your trimming drape a cape (or an old towel) over your shoulders.

Step- 2

Work According to Your Natural Hair Texture

Snip hair when it’s dry if your strands are curly or wavy so you will be able to get a better idea of what the final look will be. If you have straight hair, cut while it’s wet or dampen it with a spray bottle first to get the cleanest, sharpest lines possible.

Step- 3

Position and Trim

Trimming from the center of the top of your head, take a curl, holding it upward as far as the length allows, snipping the end to the desired length. Once you’ve trimmed that first strand, gather the neighbouring strands to the right and snip, repeating on the opposite side, all-around your head. Ensure your cuts are guided and not random.

Process to Cut your Hair According to Your Hair

How to Cut Your Layers Using a Ponytail

If you’re worried about getting a perfectly even cut, try the ponytail method. Smooth, hair into a ponytail at the top of the hairline near the forehead, pull them forward and snip ends. The sharper the angle, the more drastic the face-framing layers will be.

Watch this video for more in-depth instructions.

Cut Your Shoulder-Length Hair

The best method of cutting your lob, bob, or shoulder-length hair is to bring your hairs to the front and secure them with small elastics before trimming off ends. Clean up any choppy ends with small, precise cuts for desired outputs.

Watch this video to understand properly

Maintain a Short Pixie Cut Easily

For your semi-relaxed hair, use clippers, shears, and lots of clips (and patience) to maintain your short pixie style. Part hair evenly, clips them back tightly and then comb through for a precise cut.

Go through the video for more in-depth instructions.

According to the Hair Type

For Long Hair

Divide your hair and clip it into different sections. Bring one section forward at a time, and find how much you want to take off.

The best you can take a quarter of an inch to half an inch. Trim off the length and then snip the ends to add texture and blend everything out.

Watch this video for more in-depth instructions.

For Short Hair

In short, hairs having damp locks will help you perfectly. Here, it is better to take help from someone else. If you’re using scissors, have them start at the sides and work around your head. They can use a comb to help guide the shears and determine where to cut. You need to be careful while trimming around the ears.

This video is a good tutorial for a classic short cut using shears.

For Curly Hair

If you have curly hairs, the type of trim you’ll want completely depends on your curl type. If you have looser 2A to 3B curls, follow this tutorial, where you would work with dry hair and trim curl by curl at an angle to get voluminous results.

In case, you have tighter curl types ranging from 3C to 4C, follow a different approach; section your hair, detangle, and use firm pressure to keep your hair from moving too much as you trim.

 This tutorial is perfect for highly textured hair.

As per your curl pattern and your hair shape, you may need more videos tailored to your wanted result. Trimming curly hair is a tough task so, be patient and work in small sections.

For Kids’ Hair

 Cutting a kids’ hair is really a hard nut to crack. But you can make it easy; use a mixing bowl (or a headband). This is not for older. And by high school, a bowl cut is not going to help their social standing.

This tutorial is perfect guide to cut kids’ hair.

We hope you like our article on How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home. If you have any doubt, please let me know in the comment section below.

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How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home
How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home

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  1. Fantastic article with all the tips and videos. Luckily I have curly hair. So you do not notice the growth as much. I just waited for the hairdresser’s to open again and went last week 😉

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  3. I actually had my masters in cosmetology but let it lapse since I do not work in that field anymore, so I cut my husband’s and my own hair on occasion. This is good information for those that are inclined to try during the pandemic.

  4. I’m thankful I had a hair cut a few days before the big lockdown happened, but am finding my hair grows a lot faster than I thought lol. I can’t wait to try out the video for trimming my layers back in 🙂

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