How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

How to Get Pink Lips Overnight (Naturally & Quickly): 10 Home Remedies


Having natural pink lips without using makeup is the dream – one that I am here to make come true with a complete guidance on how to get pink lips overnight.

Soft pink lips not only add to the appeal of your smile but also your overall beauty. And, you can make your lips fuller, brighter and softer using some easy remedies. Yes, it is possible. Whether your lips have become pigmented, discolored, chapped or you do have a pink pout naturally, I am here to share the secrets of getting those gorgeous pink lips.

And you will surprised to hear that you can get those beautiful lips at home?

Just read on to find out how to get pink lips overnight and how some home remedies and easy tips can help improve the texture of the skin of your lips and restore its natural pink colour:

Causes Of Lip Dryness And Discolouration

How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

Before go to through the methods to get those creamy, rosy lips, let’s just go over why you find that your lips aren’t moisturized or pink.

The skin on your lips is one of the more delicate areas of skin on your body. It is thinner than the rest of the face that makes it more prone to harm from the environment. Besides, lip skin does not have any oil glands that moisturize it. 

If you are in direct exposure to the sun it promotes dark spots on the skin, especially around the upper lip area on your face.

The hormones also have an impact on the colour of your lips; higher levels of estrogens correspond to the formation of dark patches on some areas on the face.

In one line the skin of the lips is the thinnest and the most sensitive. Major causes behind lip dryness include sun damage, dehydration, hormonal imbalance, excessive consumption of caffeine, smoking, environmental pollutants, and using poor-quality cosmetic lip products.  It needs some effective routine lip care and attention.

Having beautiful pink lips without makeup is the dream. If your lips have become dark and dull with time don’t worry! You can have your beautiful lips back with 15 minutes every day to take care of your lips

10 Methods On How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

Methods of getting pinks lips

To get natural pink lips, there are natural as well as artificial ways. Artificial ways like plastic surgery, scrubbing, or peeling that can harm your lips in the long run. Therefore, here, I am not talking about artificial techniques, but will only focus on getting pink lips naturally:

Method 1: Honey-Sugar Scrub

Use honey and sugar scrub and give your lips a little TLC. This scrub is very gentle, making it well-suited to the tender skin of your lips. Sugar scrubs are best known for their efficiency in exfoliation. It will gently exfoliate the dead skin cells that often give your lips an unpleasant appearance.

How to Apply: Mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a small bowl. Apply the scrub over your lips with your finger and do a light massage. Leave the scrub on your lips for a few minutes and then wash it off with water.

 Do this 2 or 3 times a week to see noticeable results.

Method 2: Fruit Based Lip Mask

If you want to say goodbye to those dark patches on your pout and get pink lips naturally, go for a strawberry mask. It comes loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. It brings great nourishing and brightening effect.

How to Apply: Smash a strawberry and make a pulp, mix a teaspoon of olive oil and honey with it, and mix. Apply and leave on the paste on your lips for ten minutes and then wipe it with a damp washcloth.

Use the mask three to four times a week for better results.

Method 3: Pomegranate Seeds and Milk

Pomegranate is excellent in lightening pigmented lips and also prevents them from getting darker from sun exposure.

How to Apply: Take some pomegranate seeds and grind them. Mix pomegranate seed with some milk cream and apply it onto your lips. Leave the paste to dry for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water.

If you repeat this daily for one month, and you will see your lips become pinker and fuller.

Method 4: Raspberries, Aloe Vera and Organic Honey

Berries contain vital minerals and vitamins to keep your lips healthy and vibrant. And, raspberries and strawberries make dark lips rosy pink lips. To get pink lips overnight, make a lip scrub with raspberries, aloe vera, and organic honey.

How to Apply: Blend an equal quantity of few raspberries, aloe vera gel, and organic honey in a bowl. Apply this paste to your lips and do some gentle massage. Wash it off after 20 minutes.

Method 5: Lemon and Almond Oil

Lemon is a wonderful skin-lightening agent and works as a natural bleach and skin tone. And, sweet almond oil hydrates your lips and helps even out their complexion also.

How to Apply: Mix half a lemon into 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Lightly massage it on your lips, for better results leave the mixture on your lips overnight.

Do the same process every night for 3 to 4 weeks to get the expected result.

Method 6: Rose Petal Lip Mask

Rose Petal lips mask is another amazing option for naturally getting pinks lips. If you have dry lips, you can mix a few drops of honey or cream with this paste.

How to Apply: Soak five or six fresh rose petals in milk overnight and grind them together in the morning with a few drops of milk. Apply the thick paste and cover your lips with it for five to ten minutes. Wash off with plain water.

Apply it daily for one week and see the improvement.

How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

Method 7: Beetroot Juice

When it comes to getting pinks lips overnight, beetroot is one of the best options. It works to clear up the pigmentation of your lips. Besides being natural, it’s also free of chemicals and inexpensive, so the most reliable option.

How to Apply: Combine one tablespoon of beetroot juice with the same quantity of honey. Wet your lips with a piece of cotton and massage this liquid over your lips. Leave it on overnight.

Repeat this process a week to get naturally pink lips.

Method 8: Turmeric Powder and Milk Scrub

Exfoliating is important for our lips to get rid of the flaky, dead skin on the surface. Turmeric powder is quite effective in removing the dead skin and helps it heal. And, the lactic acid present in milk help softens and lightens lips.

How to Apply: To prepare a gentle lip scrub at home, mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a teaspoon of cold milk and apply it on your lips three times a week. Let it sit for five minutes and then scrub it off gently before washing off with plain water.

Method 9: Lemon and Sugar

An excellent natural bleaching agent, Lemon helps to exfoliate all the dead skin cells. But lemon is acidic in nature, and not all skin types will adjust to its nature. Mainly, if your skin is extra sensitive skin.

How to Apply: Cut a thin slice of lemon and put some sugar on it. Now, you need to rub this slice on your lips for a few minutes. Soon you will notice that your lips will begin to get lighter.

Follow the same process once in three days for the desired result and this is How to Get Pink Lips Overnight.

Method 10: Use Glycerine

Pure glycerine helps bind moisture to our skin. If you use it correctly, it can improve the skin’s tone and texture by mitigating pigmentation. It is the perfect solution to get pink lips overnight.

How To Apply- Dilute glycerine with almond oil, honey or ghee or simply plain water, and apply it directly on your lips.

Leave it overnight to get attractive pink lips.

Additional Tips on How to Get Pink Lips at Home

How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

• Keep your lips moisturized is compulsory. Always apply a good lip balm with SPF protection as a follow-up regime after using the scrub and mask to maintain the new texture of your lip skin.

• Apart from different techniques drink an adequate quantity of water. Make it a habit of drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water every day when you are looking at how to get pink lips overnight.

• Commercial lip balms contain chemicals that make your lips dull after some time. So try to avoid using them, and go for a homemade lip balm or those made from natural ingredients.

• The juice of fresh mint leaves mixed with lemon juice and honey can make your lip brightener.

• If you have a habit of licking your lips, leave this habit right now. Saliva makes the lips chapped and dry that makes your lips dark and dull over time.

• Leave smoking and drinking habit and use of caffeine; if not possible try to control them.

• Always remove your lip makeup before going to sleep.

• Do never use any expired lip products for a complete lipcare.

FAQs on How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

Q. How to turn lips pink overnight with quick solutions? 

A. With gentle exfoliation, you can remove dry skin that could be making your lips look dull. 

Next, massage your lips. It boosts circulation and makes them appear pinker. Coconut or almond oil are good options to gently massage the lips. 

Now, try a lip mask; apply the mask on your lips and leave it on for five minutes and then wash it off. And that’s it and this is how to make your lips pink overnight. 

Q. How to get permanent pink lips in a day and get rid of dry or discoloured lips? 

A. Well, practically it is not possible to get permanent pink lips in a day but if you follow the above steps, you can have those rosy lips. And to maintain this charm, follow these steps:

  • Wear SPF Lip balm always just the way you apply sunscreen to the skin to prevent hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and visible aging. 
  • Smoking can stain the lips and other parts of the body that come into contact with tobacco. Stop smoking to get rid of black and discoloured lips.  
  • Drink enough water to keep your lips hydrated all day. 
  • Avoid licking, biting, or picking the lips. 

And, don’t forget to follow the above lip care steps given in the above answer for the question of how to make lips pink instantly.  

Q. How can I make my lips pink overnight without using home remedies? 

A. Home remedies are always a better option. This blog will guide you on how to get pink lips home remedies fast. Still, if you want to get pink lips without home remedies, go for the quality – lip scrub, lip balm, and lip mask. 

Q. How to get pink lips naturally with beetroot? 

A. Beetroot juice contains natural agents that lighten up lips. It also helps in cleansing and lightening lips. The natural red colour of the juice can instantly turn your dark lips rosy. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon of beetroot juice, blend it properly and apply it on your lips for a few days. 


Try out these home remedies; you will be surprised to see How to Get Pink Lips Overnight! Besides, stay hydrated, get your vitamins, and avoid bad habits to get great-looking impressive pink lips. To protect them, apply lip balm regularly and very frequently to ensure all the moisture in your lips stays locked in.

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How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

How to Get Pink Lips Overnight

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