How To Handle Business And Pregnancy

How To Handle Business And Pregnancy


Running your own business can be a huge challenge when you are pregnant, but the right knowledge and planning on how to handle business and pregnancy help you tackle your hurdle that comes your way.

Let’s start with a moment. Suppose you hear the news that you are pregnant, your first thought would be ‘yay’ and the second would be ‘oh crap, I destroyed my business.

Your reactions may very but it probably would be the mixture of excitement and worried feelings.

Well, the entrepreneurial journey is a roller-coaster ride; it needs a lot of dedication and hard work. So is motherhood. What happens when a businesswoman gets pregnant?

How to handle business and pregnancy perfectly? When the matter comes about selecting between their business and their kid, how does a women entrepreneur prioritises? And more interestingly, what are the misconceptions they have to battle now? Here’s complete guidance with step-by-step process on how to handle your business and pregnancy at the same time perfectly.

How to Handle Business and Pregnancy Both

Do Planning in Advance

How To Handle Business And Pregnancy

You will have to understand that being an entrepreneur and balancing an infant is not a short-lived need. You must have a full-proof plan ahead to win the game.

Stop making perceptions in advance that because you are pregnant or with infants, you will be less committed to your business.

Ask For Help

How To Handle Business And Pregnancy

Agreed that pregnancy and breastfeeding are truly what only women can do. But in other parts like caregiving and managing your kids, ask help from your partner.

In many families even today it is perceived that caregiving is primarily a female responsibility. Stop doing this, encourage and appreciate the increasing role of men in care giving. 

Moreover, as working women, the role of help that you create around you at home is one that plays a vital role in your overall game. Just like a start-up business, for your child, having the right care-giving team and making blocks in place helps in success.

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Accept that you are Not a Superhero

Accept that you are Not a Superhero

No doubt, pregnancy is full of enjoyment. But it always needs an adjustment in expectations and in your work routine as well.

 In the first trimester, women started feeling nauseous and functioning at less than almost percent of their normal ability. In reality, they have to struggle hard to pretend they are feeling normal.

In the second trimester, the situation gets tougher. So you should be clear among your team and family members at least. Try to adjust your work according to what your body is saying.

Decide When to Disclose

Decide When to Disclose

I understand that telling your clients about your pregnancy is really a tough task. Because when you let people know that you are pregnant, you may not consider being able to work with the same efficiency.

Obviously, during pregnancy, you cannot work with the same ability. Several clients may thing that you are leaving the business and so on. But you should disclose them.

See, if your clients, employees, and anyone in your business are not able to accept your pregnancy, a condition that only lasts nine months, they cannot accept you having an infant, a kid, and a grown child.

Instead, you should announce your pregnancy with enthusiasm. Also, share your plan for what the new being in your life will mean for the company both before and after birth to tackle the doubts about your ability to run the business effectively. 

Fix Boundaries

Fix Boundaries

Having a baby in your tummy is no piece of cake. It is like ticking time bomb in your tummy.

When you pass three to four-month in pregnancy, you have to look at your calendar and decide what items you are going to prioritize in the months and weeks leading up to the baby’s birth.

It helps you in prioritizing and moving stuff off easily that does not matter. You can apply the same thing in your business. Cancel those meetings that are not in your priority list, and divide your work among those that can be done by your team member too.

Curb Your Symptoms Before They Interfere Your Work

How To Handle Business And Pregnancy

If you have morning sickness that most pregnant women suffer from, the best advice is to eat.

Keep taking small and healthy snacks throughout the day to keep your blood sugar steady and curb nausea.

If you are going for a meeting, try to grab a seat by the door during meetings so you can make a quick exit if you feel nauseated.

In case, your symptoms are really severe, it’s better to ask your doctor about medication.

It is a big challenge to fight fatigue. In order to boost your energy, get the move. A brisk walk at lunchtime can work great.

If you feel the lack of focus, take copious notes, and use cheat sheets. Do the toughest tasks first.

Tell no to extra works until you see how you are handling the basics.

What about Doctor’s Appointments?

Fix Doctor's Appointments

Plan your doctor’s appointment before starting your work or whenever you get free time. If possible, be the first patient in the morning or an afternoon session. Then, the doctor is less likely to be running late.

It is vital to schedule your appointments as per your work calendar. Don’t go to doctors those days when you know you have an important meeting or work.

Sometimes, your doctor may need you to stay for some tastes or treatment. And, you really do not want to have the added stress of missing important work. 

Bottom Line- How to Handle Business Pregnancy

There is an innate distrust of pregnant women from clients, employees and other people who feel that a woman de-priorities their work if she is pregnant. No long term work comes in, assuming that women in question will have to take a year off from work. 

You should not take these things seriously. Try to find the solution. And most importantly, your dreams of building a successful business depend on your ability to convince your clients that pregnancy is not something that can be a speed breaker- but it would be an accelerator.

All in all, don’t panic, you beautiful lady! You can do what want!

I hope you find the article helpful and interesting.

If you are planning to establish a startup while raising a family or you already have,  share your experience in the comment section below.

Also, if you have any advice for emerging mompreneurs, share it with us

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  1. I was so happy to find this post! I just started my own business and plan to expand our family within the next year or two. Managing two small kids while working from home is a big concern! Thank you for your tips.

    1. Firstly, congratulations for your business. I wish you would rock in it. This blog is just to support strong ladies like you who are managing their kids and business efficiently.

  2. Must say that you did wrote on an important topic as usually every women at some point have to worry or let go of career/business due to pregnancy but planning it well before is must. Great tips 👍🏻

  3. The first three month was so hard for me. I had to shut down everything. Thanks for this tips. They would come handy next time.

  4. I’ve never been pregnant but I do have two girls under 3 that I adopted from birth. My youngest we adopted this year at the same time of me starting my own business so I definitely know the stress of managing business with motherhood!

  5. Pregnancy and being at work at the same time is quite a burden to a woman. It would be great if everything is well-prepared psychologically, physically, and materially. Thank you for your great tips. It did help a lot for a woman in such a situation.

    1. Thank you so much, Cathy. The purpose of this blog is to support all those strong super women who are managing their business as well as their kids.

  6. it has been a while since my last pregnancy (my younger is now 14).. and i was working during those pregnancies.. your tips were among some of thie things i used to get thru

  7. This is great. It’s a lot of work but definitely can be done while leaving room for grace.

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