How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s

How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s


Do you feel tired of your life? Have you lost interest in your daily routine? Are you eagerly looking for How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s?

Do you feel like you are stuck in your 9-5 day job that you don’t live?

Have you lost the charm of your romantic relationship? Or are you still looking for the right one?

Have your student loan and other finances become a burden on your head?

Do you feel jealous of your friends’ success?

It is said that the best time of a person’s life is between the 20s and early 30s, but it cannot implement on everyone. In the present scenario, young adults are going through more stress after their first few years of employment.

But the sad factor is that very few people talk about it. Reason being them feeling ashamed and restless.

In this digital world, people post nice pictures on social media to hide the embarrassment and show that everything is perfect.

In reality, they all feel lost.

The main problem is society’s standard of our way of living. In our society, there is an age marker where at particular stages of your life, there must be a definite growth.

Some people achieve that but rest find it impossible to even begin on the marker.

Those rest or should I say most of the people live unhappily.

In this blog, I will go through the signs and symptoms of a midlife crisis, and look at solutions for overcoming it.

What Is a Midlife Crisis?

How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a midlife crisis is “A period of emotional turmoil in middle age characterized especially by a strong desire for change.”

People try different ways to deal with it but the most effective way is to change how they act and feel. This can happen at any time and can last for several years.

The term “midlife crisis” mainly reflects the negative aspects of change.

What are the Symptoms of Midlife Crisis?

Feeling Uninterested

You feel “bad” about everything in your life. Instead, you should appreciate what’s working in your life, and then try to shape your life how you want to see it.

Keep moving; learn to forget your past. All you can do is today, not yesterday or tomorrow.

Not Getting Out Of Bed

When you find yourself not wanting to get out of bed, it’s a sure sign that you need to change.

Different people have different beliefs on how to overcome a middle life crisis, some think that having a new car or home can resolve the problem. While this might be a temporary solution.

This time is to learn something, learn that skill you always wanted to pursue, and see how it nourishes and recharges.

Debating, but Not Taking Any Action

I have seen many people debating which next step to take to improve their personal and professional life. But they do not take any action.

If you have the same behaviour, it’s time to change.

 Do proper research, discuss with your friends, family members, trusted guidance about your ideas.

You may get some guidance. Because the more you learn, the more inclined you will be to act.

Life without Any Goal

When you live with no goal in sight it is disheartening.

Don’t despair, grab the opportunity to slow down, reassess your desires, and course correct.

Focus on cultivating mindfulness; it would help you to get in touch with your real desires and you will get answer for How to Overcome Midlife Crisis.

Plans are not working

One of the biggest signs you are going through a mid-life crisis is because your plans are not working anymore.

It can be anything, you have established for yourself like your job, your normal routine now feels stagnant, even stifling.

If it happens, try to be kind to yourself. Let’s have some time to change tracks and start getting curious about what will serve you best at this stage of life.

Feeling Jealous Of Others

When you find to spend more time analyzing other people’s life than thinking about your life, it creates a different kind of trauma in your mind.

You have to understand that the achievements of others are based on a different set of opportunities than you had and the choices they made that were different than yours.

Symptoms of Midlife Crisis
How to Overcome Midlife Crisis

Feels like A Chore

After some time, we get to a point in our lives where people know us for what we do (a strength) and they rely on us to do it (a need), and we have been consistently rewarded for that combo.

Why the crisis? In this phase of life, we miss our passion.

 See, when you have a need that intersects with strength but you lack passion, this is called a “chore.”

Work to find your sweet spot where passion, strength, and need overlap.

Successful, But Not Satisfied

I have seen many people who are successful but they are not satisfied with life. They always think about how to overcome a midlife crisis in the early 30s.

When life and work aren’t working, go through your strengths and values.

 You are successful but not satisfied; it indicates that it’s time for a change.

You are Not Playing to Win, But Playing to Not Lose

It shows that you lost that edge you once had. You are making decisions based on fear, not from certainty.

To get out of this mindset is to focus on getting your certainty back. Take bigger calculated risks.

It happens that we believe that we not young anymore, so we fear running out of time. But we should know that now we have more experience than before, so we are wiser. Play to win.

Overwhelmed By the Ticking Clock

After years, sometimes we are overwhelmed by the time we have left to live out our dreams and create our best life.

It results in the deep desire to “get the car!” or “sell the house!”This is not a new decision, but it is something that we’ve been contemplating and envisioning for some time.

Confused and Unclear On the Direction

If you are feeling confused that means you are no longer satisfied with what you are now doing or where you are.

You may be excellent in your work, but you’re not connecting how this all is helping you get where you want to go.

Here, you need to take a step back and reflect on where you had clarity and perhaps how you lost it.

How to Overcome a Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s

How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s
How to Overcome Midlife Crisis

Whether we call it a “crisis” or just coming to grips with reality, getting an honest appraisal about your present situation and where you’re going is vital to living life with purpose.

This kind of thinking would help you to clarify your definition of success, and bring a catalyst for any changes you believe important.

If you want to turn your crisis into something positive, learn to exercise emotional intelligence–the strength to direct your emotions work for you and stop it going against you.

If you feel that you’re beginning of midlife crisis or going through it–here are some helpful tips on how to overcome a midlife crisis in your early 30s:

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

Comparing yourself with others creates an issue in your life that does not exist actually.

It pushes you to lose appreciation for all the positive parts of your life–and instead, focus on what you are lacking.

You know from every generation, people have gone through this stage. But due to this social media craze, your success is measured with Likes, shares, and followers.

People share every personal highlight and try to create a ‘perfect life’ scene. While few people post struggles and failures.

You will have to understand life is not a competition. Stop thinking about someone else’s life and start planning yours and you will get the answer for How to Overcome Midlife Crisis.

 Appreciate your life, accomplishments, and leanings. 

Define Your Success

Everyone has their definition of success.

 Some can compromise on relationships but fight their way to their career. Some compromise on a promising career over a family relationship. Because this is their success.

How about you? According to you what is your success?

Here there are three ways by which you can find your goals and overcome a midlife crisis:

  • Core Values- Think and analysis what do you want most in your life?
  • Find your strengths- Discuss with your friends and family to find out what your strengths are.
  • Your Passions- It may sound easy to follow your passion. But in reality, this is tough.

Instead of following your passion asks yourself- How will I do it? How will I relate to my current job? Does it still excite me after some years?

Do never let others’ success mantra impact you. Invest some time in reassessing what is most important to you – what do you want to do and where do you want to be.

Accept Your Problem

When you work to resolve your problem, acceptance is the first step.

Acknowledge how and where you are even if this is not where you want to be YET.

Take it as a normal transition in your life. The problems you are going through right now are your bridge to a greener pasture.

Don’t scare from rejection. Be open-minded, honest, and willing to change.

Talk to Someone Else

Be open about your problem, talk to your trusted friend or a family member. You can also go to a therapist.

This is a perfect way to brainstorm their thoughts along with yours it would give you more options and perspectives to reconsider.

Exercise and Eat Healthy Foods

Here, I am not saying to take a gym membership card.

But focus on moving your body. Walk around the neighbourhood; do cycling in a nearby park. Go to the pool or river.

In meals, bring changes in your weekly menu, focus on healthy foods. Sticking to any particular meal is not good. Explore. Your taste buds and body will thank you later.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Spend time on doing what you are passionate about so deeply. Give your interests a fair share of attention.

If you love cooking, you may make a food blog for that and share your recipes.

Do we never know the future? It could be an additional gig for you adding up your monthly salary. You never know where your interests lead you.

Keep trying to do what interest you. But don’t make decisions out of fear.

How to Overcome Midlife Crisis?

How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s

Last Verdict on How to Overcome Midlife Crisis

Now, we on at the end of guidance on How to Overcome Midlife Crisis in Your Early 30s. Thank you for your time and patience. Just focus on finding what matters most to you, always stick to your priorities.

Don’t get influenced with other’s concept of success, it’s time to reflect–and define what’s important to you.

Take decision what course you want to do. And with time you will be able to turn your crisis into an opportunity.

At the end, you will become the best possible version of yourself!

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  1. Such an interesting read. We always think midlife crises happens in mid life, around 40-50, when may be you become an empty nester. Thank you for sharing the symptoms and ways to make yourself feel better!

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  5. I think we all have periods where we doubt ourselves. It’s so important to remember that we are all different and it’s not worth comparing ourselves to others.

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