Important Questions You Have About Covid-19, Answered

Important Questions About Covid-19, Answered

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Important Questions About Covid-19, Answered: It seems like every day, experts are knowing more about coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19 that means also seemingly every day, the recommendations about what’s required, what you need to do, and what you shouldn’t shift. To date, nearly 31,332 Indians have tested positive for COVID-19 and over 1,000 have died. 

Given the dire circumstances, there are a thousand questions on our minds. What are the symptoms? What precautions do we need to take? And many more.

Important Questions About Covid-19

Here are the few Important Questions About Covid-19 Answered that people have in their mind with their possible answers:

What are the symptoms of someone infected with COVID-19?

It varies person-to-person. But some common sign includes fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. In more server situations, the infection can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death.

What do people need to know about wearing masks?

The CDC recommends you wear a cloth face covering over your mouth and nose in public where other social distancing measures cannot be maintained. It is effective in preventing the spread of the virus from people who do not have any symptoms. The cloth will help in containing anything coming from your nose or mouth and also provides some level of protection for you against viral droplets.

If you are walking outside and maintaining a good distance, it is still better to wear a face covering. Studies have proved that viral partials can travel much further than 6 feet. But, your masks cannot be a substitute for staying home or distancing.

Is ordering takeout safe? Do we need to take any extra precautions?

According to doctors and epidemiologists, it is safe and low risk for infection. Because there is no evidence of food or food containers linked to the transmission of the new coronavirus. Here, you need to take some extra precautions: request no-contact delivery, pay with card and maintain 6 feet of distance.

After bringing the food inside, put it on a counter. Remote the food with utensils and put them on the plate. Throw away the packaging, clean the counter, and wash your hands.

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Should we wear gloves when we are out in public?

As per the CDC recommendation, people wear gloves if they are caring for a sick person. The COVID-19 does not transmit through the skin. Gloves can be just contaminated as your hands and they will make you less likely to maintain hand hygiene. If you do not know to remove them properly, it will defeat the purpose and create more waste.

What kind of precautions we should take in public transportation mainly once more people start to go back to work?

Maintain as much distance as possible, cover your nose and mouth with a cloth or mask. Make your habit of not touching your face, and wash hands as soon as you get to work.

Is it ok to work out outdoors?

Working alone outdoors is the best option. You get fresh air and sunshine but, try to refrain any activity that can put you at risk of getting infected or getting hurt because this time, you will not be able to go to the hospital.

As a business start to open up in a few places, what sorts of points do we need to remember while going out?

Again, you need to maintain distance, cover your nose and mouth with a cloth. If you see the firm does not practice social distancing, skip it. Most companies want to open safely and will take measures to change how they operate but use your judgment also.  

We hope you like the article-Important Questions About Covid-19 Answered. If you have any questions in your mind, let us know in the comment below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I have found sticking to outdoors to work well. Most restaurants in this area have outdoor dining options which has been excellent.

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