Interview of Woman Entrepreneur

Interview of Woman Entrepreneur from California


Since the start of Female Insight, we have been empowering and educating women. With this discussion part, we share the inspiring journey of female entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Today, we are with a flourishing lash brand Woman Entrepreneur from California. Please welcome Jennifer Ngo, she has recently started The Lash Drip. We are glad she is here to share her wonderful journey with us.

 1.    Hello Jennifer, thanks for your time. At the outset, please give our readers a glimpse of yourself.

My name is Jennifer Ngo, and I am the founder of The Lash Drip. I launched this lash brand in 2020 when California was announced to be sheltered-in-place. Saying that I love social media is an understatement; I think it is amazing that marketing is able to reach any parts of the world, something that was not possible almost a decade back. With my own business, I am able to combine my love for social media marketing and my own lash business!

2.     Describe your brand and the products or services you are offering.

The Lash Drip was created to perfectly finish off every makeup look! Many women are afraid to wear lashes because dramatic ones tend to be heavy, but our lashes are designed for lightweight comfort and all-day wear.

3.     Where does your interest in entrepreneurship come from – how did you start?

I have always had a drive for entrepreneurship! I come from a family of self-employed individuals, so it was natural for me to become my own boss. Of course, my parents wanted me to become a doctor because the career path was a one-way street. However, I knew my passion and creativity were pushing me somewhere else.

4.     What makes your brand stand out in the market?

There are a variety of lashes on the market that spans from cheap plastic to really expensive animal hair. I wanted to create my lash brand that gave that luxe feel, without being too expensive! It was important for me to source high-quality synthetic fibers to allow customers to wear our lashes all day. Not only that, but I also make sure these lashes are strong enough to be reusable.

Interview of Woman Entrepreneur from California

Interview of Woman Entrepreneur from California

5.     What’s a day in your life like as an entrepreneur?

Upon waking up, I usually go through and reply to my emails and direct messages from Instagram. From there, I package the orders that are placed that day. Because of Covid-19, I decided to offer face masks to my customers, so I do spend some time designing and DIY-in mask orders. I love writing little notes to my customers, just thanking them for choosing The Lash Drip and supporting a female-owned business!

By the end of the day, I am dropping off packages at the postal office. In between all this, I love engaging with my followers and posting on Instagram (which is where I get most of my business from!)

6.     Who is your target audience? How do you keep your clients happy and satisfied?

My target audience is just anyone and everyone who wants to try lashes or those who are already advanced in the lash territory. I know a lot of people are afraid of trying lashes because they seem complicated, but my brand strives to make it easy for them (especially with our magnetic lash sets as an option).

 I always ask for feedback from friends and customers, and even social media to see what else my audience would want from my lash brand.

7.     After all this success and failure, what do you struggle with now?

My biggest struggle is my self-doubt. It is easy for me to think of the worst possible scenarios and believing all will fail later. However, I have a great support system that is always rooting me on!

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8.     How do you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life?

Honestly, since I love my lash brand so much, I tend to mesh both my personal and professional life together. My friends are all aware of my online business, and I love asking them to be my lash models! It is like two birds in one stone, I get to hang out with my friends AND gain something out of it for my lash brand.

9. What is your future plan to keep growing in the market?

Right now, I cannot imagine being a huge brand. I really love doing everything on my own, while collaborating with fellow influencers. I am always excited about new products in the market, so I hope to branch out to offering tools or glue that makes wearing lashes even easier!

10. Tell me about a favourite book that inspires you.

The book that I never fail to reread yearly is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson. It is a simple read, with such strong and powerful stories about hitting rock-bottom and getting out of it. It is the perfect self-help book that slaps you a piece of reality about life. No sugar coating here, life is all about living and learning, so deal with it.

11. What is your favourite quote?

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” ― Coco Chanel

I think as a society, we care too much about what people think of us. I only live life the way I want to, unapologetically.

12. What piece of advice would you give to emerging woman entrepreneurs/bloggers?

It takes work, and that does not just mean time or money, it means knowing to keep going despite mistakes or failures. Just because your favourite entrepreneur found success within a year, does not mean you will achieve the same result with the same route. It’s about the journey, not the destination. That’s life!

Thanks for your time Jennifer, it was great talking to you.

Thank you too, I also enjoyed a lot!

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Interview of Woman Entrepreneur from California

Interview of Woman Entrepreneur from California

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