Latest Makeup Trends in India

17 Latest Makeup Trends in India that You Can’t Miss in 2021


Finally, the year 2020 is over with bittersweet memories and we are in 2021!

While the last year, we all had engulfed in the scare of the novel virus, we also found numerous positive changes taking place. From people becoming compassionate to moving ahead adapting to the tough times, we have finally passed the year and moving towards 2021.

Another good thing about 2020, we used this unpredictable year to experiment with our beauty routines; as salons and beauty parlours closed everywhere, we were forced to become our own hairstylists, dermatologists, colourists overnight. And, we have carried these newfound knowledge and creativity with us into 2021. From the emergence of 80s eye looks to the sanitisers, here are 10 latest makeup trends in India that you can’t miss in 2021:

In 2020, we were hoping that we would be free from the pandemic in 2021 but the truth is that it has been 2 weeks since we entered in 2021, we are still in the fear of COVID-19. It does not mean we cannot think positively. Instead of checking the number of coronavirus cases, we can take our minds off the virus by concentrating on the trending new-year topics in the makeup and beauty segment.

17 Latest Makeup Trends in India and across the World


1. Subtle Makeup Application

Makeup Trends in India

Due to lockdown, we all have become unused to heavy makeup over time. And, subtle makeup applications have been on trend for the last few months. It will continue the same in 2021 as well. And, it is one of the Latest Makeup Trends in India.

A light application of foundation and a nude colour eye shadow with neatly brushed eyebrows including a nourishing lip balm seems perfect for this look.

2. Monochrome Moment

No-makeup makeup is still trending as we head into 2021, but a minimal vibe can start to feel a little repetitive. Monochrome makeup is perfect to elevate a natural vibe while still keeping your overall looks subtle.

Here, give a try to a multi use product across eyes, lips and cheeks in shades of pinks or berry to tie your entire face together.

3. Dolphin Skin

Makeup Trends in India

Another latest makeup trend in India is dolphin skin. Just like the reflective, wet skin of dolphins, this bare-faced makeup look is all about glowing and fresh completion. Aside from a dewy highlight, the rest of the look consists of simple no-makeup makeup.

To have this look, you need a tined moisturized with the nourishing ingredient that will create a plump, hydrated base for your highlight.

4. The Concealer and Balm Combo

We will be saying goodbye to full makeup looks this year mainly when masks have become the norm for now and focusing on minimal styles. It means skipping foundation and going for much lighter covers such as cream-based products, concealers and balms for a natural, radiant glow.

Here is the list of 10 Best Concealers For Dark Spots and Blemishes to keep your eyes hydrated and concealed under your budget.

5. Customized Cosmetics

Personalization is leading the pack when it comes to beauty- it is one of the popular evolutions when it comes to the latest makeup trends in India. Many brands are coming forward to create skincare and makeup products as per your skin type. Moreover, some brands help create consumers’ own lipstick shade in consultation with her. Everything is leading us closer to bespoke makeup.

6. Fresh Skin

Makeup Trends in India

I founded clean and fresh skin is one of the best and latest makeup trends in India. Rocking your real and true skin will be where it is at for 2021 and that means following a stellar skincare routine.

Clean your face properly to create a super clear base. Start with a gentle face cleanser and massage it into the skin, now add facial scrub on top of the cleanser and massage. Focus on the nose, chin and forehead and do the message because there is usually a lot of product buildup. Here, you do not rinse, layer on a detox mask, it will help nix impurities and get soft and hydrated skin.

Leave all these three products on your face for five minutes and rinse well with cool water and pat your face dry. Now apply a face mist and hydrating face oil on top, press it softly into your skin to help stimulate the absorption and blood flow. Follow this process two to three times a week for the best skin.


7. The Clear Lip Gloss

Makeup Trends in India

Clear lip gloss was quite popular but this trend gained excellent hype in 2020. The main reason, it has less work in terms of application. All you have to do is fade a brown liner along with edges of your lips to give them subtle colour and more volume.

Also, if you apply makeup, your face becomes more structured, giving major focus to the enhanced natural features. What the clear lip gloss achieves is a more pronounced colour of the natural lip- giving your lips more plump and succulent look.

For your help, I have complied here 10  ten best lip balms available in India that I think you should have for hydrated and pink lips whether the season turns out to be extreme cold or extreme dry out.

8. Stained Lip Colour

No doubt, there has been a shift in focus from our pouts, but it does not mean we will not need a megawatt lip moment this year. We will be doing lots and lots of Zoom calls, Instagram Lives and more 2021. So, we should have something that is bold and has stamina.

Long-wear lipstick has always been a perfect option in our beauty regime. Apply a couple of coats of your favourite stain and blot in between each application, it will stain your lips and let you wear a bold colour without it getting smeared all over your face in case you wear a mask.


9. Focus on Eye Care

With most of us glued to our computers or laptops to attend some virtual meeting or other work, our eyes have gone for a toss. So, a lot of care and importance is required for eye care. Get a good eye cream to avoid getting dark circles, you can also follow some DIYs to soothe them.


10. ‘80s Eyeshadow

We are going back to the 80s for its bold, eye-catching colour combinations. Personally, what I believe eyes are the part of your face where you can have the most fun with makeup. Because, we will probably be wearing masks for the first half of the year in 2021, eyes will still be the primary focus. Royal blue, bright yellow and even rich black if you are going for a smokey eye. 2021 is the perfect time to try those over-the-top tones in your palette that you have always wanted to.

11. Graphic Lines

You have probably noticed graphic eyeliner looks all over the social media, thanks to people getting creative with their eye makeup again in response to face masks covering the lower half of our faces for most of 2020. This year, sharp lines are still trending, whether this is a classic cat-eye or a 60s-inspired negative space liner. You can have this by getting a creamy gel liner with a fine tip. You will be easily able to draw precise lines without any tugging, but also won’t melt off or smudge.

12. Experimenting with Fun Liner

All thanks to masks, fun liner takes on classic eyeliner will donate come 2021. This year, we would be playing with glitter or mismatched colours moving things to the lower lash line. In case, you want to ease into the trend, you can stick with a classic cat-eye, but swap black for a bold colour.

While eyeliners have become a vital part of our daily makeup routine, it is difficult to apply the eyeliner perfectly without turning into Manjulika from Bohol Bhulaiyya. To make this struggle a smooth escape for you, check these amazing eyeliners available in India.

13. Strong Brows

Makeup Trends in India

Regardless of the year, brows are always in. For 2021 however, it is going to be all about natural-looking brows, which are not too bold and easily framed to create a polished look.

The best part about this one of the latest makeup trends in India is that to follow it, you only need a brow pencil to create a natural-looking stroke and a brow gel to have a fuller-looking arch.

14. White Eyeliner

White eyeliner is one of the 10 Latest Makeup Trends in India that You Can’t Miss in 2021. Whether it is in liquid or pencil form, while liner has the ability to make your eyes pop apart from being a great base for other eyeliner colours.

White eyeliner has been in use for a long time, but I feel like 2021 is going to be deemed the year of White Eyeliner.

This is subtle yet effective, where you can only see it peek through from certain angles. White liner is very fresh and brightens the face, and it is also a great alternative for those who are afraid to try colour or glitter.

15. One Colour Eye shadow

Don’t like blending two-colour eye shadow? Then you will definitely love the one colour eye shadow trend. This one-colour eye shadow is all about one shade that is a bit deeper than your skin complexion, not too dark and not neutral either.

Even if you do not have enough time or you choose to forgo the rest of your makeup, this eye makeup alone can leave you looking poised and put-together. And when it comes to the formulas- shimmers or mattes, the selection is yours.


16. Uncomplicated Embellishments

Ponytails, messy buns and taming flyaways have been the focus in 2020. The major reason, because they are easy. And, the simplified approach of styling is moving nowhere fast. In 2021, we will see the continuation of casual styles. Besides, this year, it is expected to see those laid back looks accentuated with accessories like extra-large scrunchies and crystal bobby pins.

Every new year, ladies look for new hairstyles and want to make sure they look as fresh, stylish and as modern as they can. If you are looking for more options in hairstyle, check 10 Best Trendy Haircuts For Women 2021


17. Hygiene-based Products

In 2020, hygiene-based products become a vital part of our routine from makeup to skincare. Same will continue this year- sanitisers, brush cleansers and hand washes will be getting a glamorous makeup. Besides, hand creams are popular now with every label coming out with their version and some amazing ingredients included too.

Wrap Up

These are the top latest makeup trends in India and across the world that you can’t Miss in 2021. But the more important thing that you need to keep in mind is that makeup is all about preference.

Whether you love heavy makeup including different cosmetics or light one with minimal product use, there will always be a trend as per your preference. 2021 makeup trends are all about innovation and experiment and every makeup lover is accommodated.

Latest Makeup Trends in India

Latest Makeup Trends in India
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