Let’s Talk about Mental Load and How to Manage It

Let’s Talk about Mental Load and How to Manage It

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Do you hit the end of the day exhausted, with no real outcome? Let’s Talk about Mental Load and How to Manage It.

Some people try to measure their productivity in to-do lists, hours worked, projects complete, and other quantifiable methods, there is a lot of work they do every day that is invisible- and this can be equally as taxing and time-consuming as the stuff they write down in their planner.

That invisible work is called the mental load, and when it is left hidden underneath any person’s official work, it makes them far less productive.

The mental load is the total sum of responsibilities that one takes on to manage “the remembering of things.”

Why do women bear the brunt of mental load?

Women have been the household managers for years and we have conditioned to be the caretakers now. Our brains are designed for multitasking, and the social conditions we women have faced throughout the generations have also had a major impact on how people our roles in their family and society.

Perfectionism and the need to please others is another major cause that women are becoming mentally overloaded. Many ladies feel that not being able to do everything is a sign of weakness or that they are not good enough if they cannot cope with and maintain everything that owns their own.

How to Manage mental health

Time for Change

While there are a lot of issues for women, do not despair. There are some effective ways you can cut back on your mental load, and empower others in your life to step up.

Go through the list about Mental Load and How to Manage It in your life.

  • Take a Break: While many women know they perform the mental load, they are likely unaware to what extent the mental load affects their lives. It’s time to break their lives. Take a day, week, or month. It will allow you to feel your mental load and for others to see the gaps. This break will help you to identify, reduce, and redistribute the mental load.
  • Limit Your Expectations: Accept your limit and try to reduce your expectations. Understand that we all cannot have perfect houses or children who will be fluent in several foreign languages, play tennis, and grow up to be doctors. Life is short to be spending this much indoors.
  • Delegate: Once you decided to stop the race toward perfection, now it is time to delegate. Put your partner in charge of the school fete decorations and your kids in charge of packing they’re launched. It also means to allocate the task for general household tasks to family members. Unless death is impending from the poor domestic decision, step back, help, and let others learn from their mistakes.
  • Don’t Be Judgemental: Have a husband who thinks cheesy toasties are best for breakfast? Have a friend who always picks her child up five minutes after childcare closes? Stop judging. Instead, start accepting and shifting the norms about domesticity.

We hope you like the article- Let’s Talk about Mental Load and How to Manage It.

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Let’s Talk about Mental Load and        How to Manage It

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12 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Mental Load and How to Manage It

  1. Yes! I relate to this so much! Sometimes all of the things we feel we have to keep track of are too overwhelming! We have to learn to let go, ask for help and as you said stop judging others!

  2. I wasn’t familiar with the term mental load until last year, but when I began to learn more it made sense why I was always so worn out mentally. These are great tips for keeping ourselves on track.

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