Long Haircuts for Women

10 Simple & Stunning Long Haircuts for Women


Long Haircuts for Women: If you want to make changes in your life, start with your hair! This line is not so popular but true. A perfect haircut can completely transform not just your look and well, but your mood too. Getting out of the salon with a new look is a whole other feeling. And if you have long hairs, there is no dearth of options in terms of long haircuts for women.

Maintaining long hair is like training a puppy; it requires time and dedication to nurture the long length- and sometimes, even more, to make it look nice.

All the effort long hair needs is worth the while when you get some major inches in your hair length, and you also get some great options to style your long hair. These days, long hairstyles are trending. From layer cut to bangs to the razor, there is no limit to the haircut you can have when your hair is long. Moreover, there are some awesome cuts that can flatter your face shape. Long hair is known for its magic to soften out sharp features, balance proportions and make your look younger and more feminine. And the best part is that you can transform your look without sacrificing your hair length.

But that all depends on if you care to play with layering or bangs. Maybe you need a one-length cut to give you fine hair some volume. Regardless of how you want to cut your long hair, the good thing is that there is a perfect cut out waiting for you to discover it. And as the options are so many, some guidance is helpful.

So to give you some inspo for your next haircut, I gathered the 10 simple & Stunning long haircuts for women. Because if you are going to head to the salon, it is good to know in advance what you want to do with your hair when you reach there.

10 Simple & Stunning Long Haircuts for Women

Let’s go!

1. Bangs: Long Hairstyle with Bangs, The Popular Celebrity Haircut

Bangs min

One of the most popular celebrity haircuts, Bangs help you make the face look younger, as they are stylish after toddlers who do not have their hair grown out yet. This type of cut in which the hair in the front is cut shorter than the eye-length. Bangs mainly fall somewhere at the eyebrow, but maybe slightly longer or shorter, as per the look you want to have.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you go for bangs do remember that they can be very high-maintenance as they need trims on a regular basis. Moreover, the constant irritation they cause to the forehead can even cause breakouts.

2. Blunt Cut: The Perfect Long Haircut for Women With Super-thick Tresses

Blunt Cut min

While a lot of ladies love having a layered haircut and no doubt there are multiple pros to getting a layered haircut- layers provide movement, break up weight, and make hair look bouncier but if you are blessed with super-thick tresses since layers can make the hair appear flat.

Here, the best way to keep your hair looking healthy at all times is maintaining thickness at hair’s ends of your hair. To get this amazing long haircut for women, ask your hairstylist to take out your layers that means cutting off some length.

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3. Feather cut: Among the Trending Girl Long Haircuts

Feather cut min

Feather cut is a version of step or layered cut in which the hair is cut into distinct layers that provides you with the appearance of a  feather. The first layer in this hairstyle is cut at chin level or an inch below or above the chin. And then the next layers go down in a way that makes out each layer individually.

Feather cut is great for straight and wavy hair, but the feather cut will not be much visible on curly hair. This hairstyle is awesome to go for if you are getting it with a blow-dry for a party. Let’s make it clear here that it cannot give the same effect without the blow-dry so we can say that this is kind of a high maintenance style on a daily basis.

4. Layer Cut: Frame Your Face with Layered Long Haircuts for Women

Layer Cut min

One of the most common and stunning long haircuts for women- Layer cut is quite an interesting one. Under this hairstyle, the hair is cut in layers, where different strands of hair are of different lengths. Generally, the layers are mainly cut in a way where the shorter layers are kept at the front that frames the face and the longer layers are usually kept at the back to show off the length.

The unique part about layer cut is that it suits almost all face shapes. Since there are so many different types of layer cuts and they look awesome with wavy hair, highlighted or ombre too.

5. Step Cut: Medium Long Haircut for Women, Provides Elongated Appearance

Step Cut min

If you have a round or rectangular face, give the step cut a try. This is the type of long haircut for women where the hair in the front is trimmed in steps or very subtle layers and hair at the back is not layered at all. The shorter layers help you in concealing a strong jew and the longer layers in the front provide you with the elongated appearances that take the focus away from a round face shape.

Among different types of long haircuts, Step cut is one of the most popular long haircuts for women but not understood as well. Many people confuse step cut with a layered cut, as both hairstyles provide a similar appearance. However, in layer cut, layers of hair are cut both at the front and the back and in step-cut, the layers are indistinguishable and only at the front.

6. Straight cut: One of the Easiest Haircuts for Indian Women

Straight cut min

The easiest haircuts for women among all different haircuts for a long, straight cut. In this haircut, hair ends are trimmed in a way that they end in a straight line at the back when let down. If you want to have fuss-free and low-maintenance hair, looking for long haircuts for women, go for this.

This hairstyle does not need any maintenance or regular salon visit, you can even get trimmed by your friend or mother. And most importantly, it works great when you want your entire hair to look very long. This is quite famous among the best haircuts for Indian women.

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7. U Cut: Simple Haircut for Long Straight hair

U Cut min

Just like the straight cut, The U cut is the type of long hairstyle in which the ends of the hair are properly trimmed to create a curled line, just like a shallow U. In this kind of hairstyle, the hair at the centre of the back is long, and they get slightly shorter towards the corners.

This stunning long haircut for women is perfect for those who often get split-ends or whose hair does not grow evenly at the back.

8. V Cut: Another Best Long Hairstyle for Women

V Cut min

Another popular long haircut for women, V cut is the sharper version of the U cut. Under this hairstyle, the hair is trimmed in a way that their ends create the letter V at the back. Just the U cut, the hair is the longest in the centre and gets shorter towards the corners.

If you love experimenting with different hairstyles and try something different, go for V cut. But let me tell you one thing more about this haircut, it is kind of edgy, but a high-maintain haircut, as hair may tend to grow unevenly just within a couple of weeks, you will have to get your hairs re-trimmed to maintain the V shape.

9. Waterfall Cut: One of the Most Trending Haircuts for Women

Waterfall Cut min

Waterfall haircut is another great choice when it comes to stunning long haircuts for women. With this haircut, the shortest layers are in the front near the face and then go longer as you reach the back. This haircut gives the perfect appearance of a waterfall.

What makes this among the 10 best long hairstyles, it suits almost all hair types whether it is straight, wavy and curly hair. However, every kind of hair will provide a unique look with this haircut.

You can carry the Waterfall haircut with or without the bangs, and also looks excellent with highlights or balayage. It is like a solution for those girls whose front hair does not grow as long as the back hair. This haircut is also helpful in getting rid of split-ends, especially in the front.

10. Rachel Cut: Popular Among the Medium to Long Haircuts for Women

10 Simple Stunning Long Haircuts for Women min

Rachel Cut is inspired by the famous TV show Friends’ main character Rachel Green. This haircut looks the same as a step-cut, waterfall cut and a razor cut. Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston had medium-length hair in many seasons but this haircut cut looks awesome on long hairs.

With this hairstyle, hair is cut into gradient layers that go from small at the front to longer at the back, with the shortest layer is chin-length, or styled with bangs. This is one of the most popular 90s hairstyles and is still the signature cut of the actress that makes it among the stunning long haircuts for women.

These are 10 simple & stunning long haircuts for women that would let you look stunning without compromising much on your hair lengths. Here’s the thing about long- it makes you look like a beauty queen the way no other length of hair can.

Get inspired and enjoy your gorgeous length!

FAQs on Long Haircuts for Women

Q. How to take care of your long hair?

A. Before getting any haircut or hairstyle, you first make sure you are taking care of your long hair properly to maintain its shine and health. Here are some of the easy and best tips for taking care of your long hair:

  • Always use the right hairbrush and never use other’s brush or don’t let others use your hairbrush.
  • Make sure you can use natural and organic shampoo and condition on your hair. Also, do not over wash your hair, overwashing takes out all the moisture and nourishment present in the hair.
  • After hair wash, towel-dry gently to avoid pulling out loose hairs.
  • Combs and detangle your hair daily and properly, don’t be in a hurry during this.
  • Do never pull your hair bands or ties too tight, it can break your hair from the scalp.
  • Give your hair regular trimming to remove split-ends and keep hair growing.
  • Take a healthy and well-balanced protein-rich diet
  • Do some physical activities daily, take enough sleep and try to minimize your stress level.
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Q. How to manage different types of bangs?

A. No doubt, managing bags is a herculean task but you can do it with some basic tips. First of all, know that bangs have a tendency to get greasy so always keep your dry shampoo close. While combing is perfect to keep your bangs in place, it greases them up soon. So, with dry shampoo, you are good to go- only a spritz there and you are good to go with a bonus volume.

Q. What are the factors to consider while getting any haircuts?

A. There are some points you need to keep in mind while going to the salon. First, know how many inches you want to get cut if you are not sure you may end getting chopped more than you wanted. Now the second point is that select a haircut that flatters your face shape like if you have a round shape, face-framing bangs are great, for an oval shape, face-filling layers are perfect.

Not to forget that, at least once a day, you get this amazing and self-esteem boosting compliment- OMG, your hair is so beautiful.  That’s it for now on long haircuts for women. If you find, I have missed any important woman long haircut, let me know in the comment below. Also share, which haircut is your favourite?

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