Daily Skin Care Routine at Home

My Current Daily Skin Care Routine at Home: 10 Minutes for Healthy Skin


Happy Sunday Ladies! Hope you are doing great and safe at your home. Today, I’ll be talking about My Current Daily Skin Care Routine at Home and some of my recent favourite skincare products.

I’m a big believer that your makeup can only look good if the skin that you are applying it to is healthy. While my skin is obviously far from perfect, I still put a lot of effort into taking great care of it and I think it loves me back when I do. My routine consists of regular facial and laser treatments, but it is really all about having a solid skincare regimen at home.

I love trying new products, particularly those that dermatologists recommend and organic ones so my routine does change up every so often. Let me tell you, I believe in a simple skincare routine without too many steps or products. That way, we are more likely to stick to it and will see results. Below, I have outlined my morning and evening skincare routine with all the steps and what products I use when. Both take me less than 10 minutes and I give my best to stick with it.

Morning Skincare Routine: To Begin the Day

I start my morning daily skincare routine just after brushing my teeth. It begins with face wash during the shower, then I’m getting ready and first apply the toner and go to the final product of SPF sunscreen. After which, I will apply makeup (depending on my mood). I find this process to be a great way to begin my day so where possible, I like to take my time with it. Here’s what I use during my morning skincare routine:

My Morning Skincare Routine min
  • Facewash: I do my deep clean face wash to make my skin free of oil and grime. I first wet my face and apply it on the wet skin, leave it for 1-2 minutes and then splash water and wash my face. It leaves my skin clean and hydrated. Right now, Aroma Magic Neem & Teatree Face Wash in my my cleansing routine, it is a good option. Although after wash, it leaves my skin little dry but since it is free from any chemical or artificial fragrance and clean the face deeply (Even heavy makeup).
  • Additional Cleaning with Face Wipe: I add this is only when I have got treated my skin or having breakouts. I gently clean my face with a face wipe. I noticed that adding this additional face cleaning step helps with dead skin cells when I see it. If I’m using this, I will use it before my facewash because it leaves behind a layer of turkey residue. These days, Pure Water Wipes from Mother Sparsh are my favourite.
  • Toner: Toner is a KEY PLAYER for cleaning up the skin and priming it for ingredients to be better absorbed later on. I have been using Patanjali Rose Water since I was a teenager. I must say, “adding it into my routine was one of the best decisions.”  I just take it once into my hand and then rub it onto my face directly. Then, I wait for a couple of minutes to soak in.
  • Serum: We often skip skin serums but they are actually heavy lifters of the daily skincare routine at home. I have recently added the Sesderma K-Vit Anti-Dark Circles Serum (My dermo has suggested it to me) into my routine, and I’m so glad that I did. It has worked amazingly. I take out a few drops on my face and then spread it all over my face. I let this soak into my skin for a couple of minutes.
  • Eye Cream: I got this under my eyes and spread it with my ring finger to kick off my pre-bedtime skincare routine. Plant Powder Under Eye Gel from Mother Sparsh is one of my favourite eye creams. It contains Avocado oil and cucumber extracts to really wake up eyes and prep them for makeup. Earlier, I was using the The Moms. Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream, it was also nice. Even, sometimes, I use it when I’m wearing heavy makeup and the skin needs some extar layer.
  • Moisturizer: After I have hydrated my skin with serums, I like to help lock it all in with a great nourishing moisturiser. Clinikally Hydrasoothe Moisturizer is my current favourite for the moisturizing part in my current daily skincare routine at home (Nivea Soft light moisturising cream has always been in my favourite list). This dermatologist-recommended moisturizer helps repair the skin barriers and works really great in hydration.
  • Sunscreen: I always, always put on sunscreen whether I’m at my home or going outside. I consider this the final step in my skincare routine and make sure to apply it daily. Fotoprotector ISDIN FushionWater is one of the best sunscreens for under makeup. This sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin. This is not too heavy so it makes it really wearable.
  • Body Lotion: Just after applying the serum, I work to moisturize my body in the meantime. I use it all over my body. Right now, I’m using the Satthwa Restorative Body Milk; it keeps my body moisturised and nourished. What I like about body milk is that it has little to no fragrance.

If you are just starting out in a skincare routine and want to learn the basics, check the Basic Morning Skincare Routine to Get Glowing & Healthy Skin In 6 Easy Steps

Night Skincare Routine: Right Before Bed

After a long day, I love spending time with my skin and doing my nightly daily skincare routine. It is said that creams and medicines work at the double speed at night. So, I use different skincare products at night to optimize the natural renewal process of skin overnight.

My Evening Skincare Routine min
  • Face Wipes: If I’m wearing makeup, I begin my night skincare routine by taking my makeup off with a face wipe. I avoid using any makeup remover liquid or cream (if not wearing heavy makeup) instead just clean my face by wiping.
  • Facewash: Depending on if I’m wearing makeup or not, I will wash my face with my favourite Aroma Magic Facewash (if there is makeup on my face) to clean the pores and remove residual impurities if any.
  • Eye Cream: I prefer to apply eye cream at night also, it has been so helping me. I actually notice the difference in the morning when I apply the cream under my eyes and when I don’t.
  • Serum: Again, the serum is a must-have product for me when it comes to the night skincare routine.
  • Treatment: After serum, I take a few drops of Dermatica Complexion EDT cream and apply it on my whole face. This cream is non-comedogenic and completely suits my sensitive skin. Dermatica is generally used for skin brightening, I use it for sunburn and on pigmented areas of the face. If you do not have any skin issues, you may not need it to apply.
  • Treatment: Yup, I use two treatment creams. And, the second one is Catalysis Cicatrix Scar Reducing Cream. This one is amazing; it helps to reduce scars from the first weeks of application. I just pump a few drops of the cream on my cheek, forehead, nose, and chin area and do a gentle massage to spread the cream properly. If you do not have any skin issues, you may not need it to apply.
  • Oil: The very last step in my routine is almond oil (when I’m having no skin issue, I go for oil instead of treatment creams). Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil is my current favourite skin oil. This is 100% pure sweet, almond oil that ensures the good health of the skin. My skin feels so moisturised and plump after this routine. Afterwards, it’s light out.

Weekly Skincare Routine: Sunday Especial

Weekly Skincare Routine min

Face Mask: On Sundays, I try to do a face mask. Full transparency, I do prefer a face mask made of home ingredients. Generally, I use curd, basan, turmeric, egg, honey, Multani mitti, rose water to make a face mask depending on my mood and weather (e.g. use curd during winters and Multani mitti during summers).

Here are some Homemade Face Masks mainly focused on turmeric that can help you get ready for clear bright and healthy skin after a few weeks of use.

Lip Scrub: For the last few months, I have been using NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm from Bella Vita, I’m happy with the result. It is one of my best discoveries of last year, I use this on my face about once or twice a week. The product does very well for exfoliation and hydration. I just apply the scrub to the lips and massage in circulation motion. I wait to let it sit for 1-2 minutes and wash it off.

Disclaimer: Hit the Reset Button

I need to make clear that I am not a dermatologist or skincare expert, I’m just sharing my experience- this process and these products have worked for me. If you follow this regime and your skin is irritated, I recommend hitting the reset button and starting from the beginning. It means just cleanse, moisturizer and sunscreen during the day and just cleanse and moisturize at night.

I think you should try one product at a time and use it continuously for one mother before adding another. That way, you will be able to find what skincare products do and do not work for you. It may sound like a long process, but once you have it figured out, your skincare routine will be on track and your skin will look better and better.

Skincare Routine min

That’s all on my daily skincare routine at home! Share your favourite skincare products in the comment section below and let me know how they helped you.

Have an amazing week!

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