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What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home

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What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home: There is a lot of debate on the topic of working from home. Experts are not able to agree on whether this is the best innovation since the internet or the worst thing that’s ever happened to our productivity.

Many of us consider getting away from the workplace is a vacation. The farther away, the better. So when we decide to work from home, it will initially seem like an enormous silver lining.

But the problems of working from home arise just as quickly as the novelty, and you get yourself itching for human companionship, the normalcy of your cubicle, and even the crappy coffee in the break room.

Change is tough, and productivity becomes even tougher when you are working from the place that is supposed to be relaxing.

Here are some common issues in working from home and how to tackle them as say What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home:

What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home

Inability to Focus

When you are at home working, you enable your working mode obviously. But you are surrounded by triggers of other things you could be doing.

You cannot do anything but notice that pile of dusty photos or a lingering pile of laundry waiting to be hung up or to be framed.

When you are work in office, you can easily ignore these things. But while working from home, it becomes almost impossible.

What to Do: Use the Commodore method and work entails working in 25-to 30- minute blasts of deep focus. When you define a set time in which to work is a great psychological trick to keep yourself on task.

It sounds great working from your couch in your PJs, it is not conducive to your overall productivity. Wear proper clothing and creates a work environment by developing a dedicated workspace.


Do you believe that we miss our annoying co-workers while working from home?

We, humans, are social creatures that make this pandemic very distressing.

And when the general anxiety about COVID-19 combines with the shock of working from home, it might increase stress or even depression.

What to do: Keep in touch with your co-workers through different platforms and online mediums. Use phone calls or your preferred messaging app to set up a daily check-in to help fill those gaps of saying hello in the hallways. You will feel less lonely.


Working from home can boost productivity by eliminating certain work-related stress and distractions. It will also save you time on your commute. But as discussed above, when you work from home, you can easily get distracted by chores, home projects, and some streaming services.

What to do: Set working hours and stick to them, like you were at work. This is important to maintain normalcy in your routine. If possible, keep separate devices for work and personal projects.

Working remotely can transform your work life. And as we do not know how long this pandemic or the recommendation for social distancing will last, this is vital to set yourself up for success now. Hope you like my views on What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home.

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19 thoughts on “What People Don’t Tell You About Working From Home

  1. You have such great advice about setting working hours! I recently made this change and have not only been more productive at work but have had more time to accomplish personal and household tasks!

  2. Great tips here. Working from home isn’t for everyone. I have been working virtually for over 15 years now. I’ve loved it from day one … my favourite thing is creating a delicious home cooked lunch … such a luxury after working in a rushed corporate office where you’re eating a sandwich at your desk 🙂

    1. Wow! You have been doing work from for 15 years, so inspiring. I have just started but I am getting it tough to manage and not able to do it anymore.

  3. I love working from home and don’t plan to go back to working from an office any time soon. I do find myself working more hours some days, but also have the ability to take 5 breaks and get things done around the house. Or get out to run errands much easier. However, it really isn’t for everyone. Some people need the office environment to get in work mode, mentally, and that’s okay!

  4. I had to work from home for several months and found all these things to be true. While I’m anxious about being back at work I know I need the routine and focus of working outside of the home.

  5. Those are some really important issues, especially in today’s time when you are forced to work from home. And have shares some good solutions too. My husband has been doing work from home since past 5 years and he totally loves it. He has set his own pace and work schedule.

  6. soo soo true and relatable. I have been working from home since March since our New York City office will not be opening anytime soon and this has been a struggle for me.

  7. Great post! I totally agree that working from home has its issues. But they definitely aren’t too difficult to deal with. The biggest one for me is time management. I really need to work on limiting my schedule so that I’m not overworking!

  8. I was working as a freelancer many years ago – and now due to Covid, I’m working from home again. It’s a big difference if you are a freelancer or if it’s just a home office. I actually like to work at my remote office as well as on my sofa – it’s in the mix.

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