10 Mindblowing Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself


How did you pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day? Which self-care gifts should you have to make yourself feel special this weekend?

These are some common questions, I go constantly through. I know I’m not alone in the post-holiday impulse to treat myself, sales are popping and I can see so many of my friends in my timeline sharing the products they’ve found interesting. This year I discovered some amazing gifts that truly helped me enhance my productivity, live better, and stay calm.

The best thing is that these self-care gifts are perfect for just about any occasion and every kind of person. So, whether you are celebrating a work promotion, a year of being single and happy, or just want to make yourself feel special on this Valentine’s Day/ Woman’s Day/ Mother’s Day/ Birth Day/ Anniversary, below are some tried and tested self-care gifts to give yourself. What’s even better is that it does not matter what your budget is because these self-care gifts for women have a huge price range.

Always remember, self-care is not an off-the-moment trend! This practice is a way of life that varies from person to person. For some people, it involves spending some time in the open fresh air in nature, for others, it revolves around Netflix and faces masks. No matter how you define it, spending time with yourself is mandatory. And, hopefully, with this self-care gift list, the process becomes easier for you.

1. Facial Kit: Give some Attention to Your Skin

Facial Kit

No doubt, spending a day at the spa is a wonderful feeling. But realistically, this is just not practical for the wallet to make it in once a week to enjoy the treatments. Here, the best alternative you can do is to grab a glass of your favourite juice or coke (even wine, if you are alcoholic) and give yourself a mini-facial at home. Facial masks work well and provide the advantages of a spa treatment in a schedule.

2. The Tub Kit: Enjoy a Luxurious Bath


A calming, long-lasting bath is one of the best options when you are looking to indulge in self-love. Explore through the kit including quality products and hand-harvested blends of nourishing ingredients and enjoy a blissful soak. You can also add some bath bombs and get ultra-relaxing energy with the calming bath bomb. Presently, there is a variety of bath bombs available in the market made of jojoba, sunflower, and hemp oils with a gentle fragrance. These bath bombs come in different shapes and sizes, some infused with tiny surprises. Now, you can easily wash the stress of the day off your skin; make your bath time more special.

Self care gift ideas

3. Books: Find Relaxation amid a Crazy Life

If you have a hectic schedule and you rarely get time in the midst of your crazy life, books can be a great option. There are some wonderful books that will help you find relaxation and happiness in life. These books do not help just in making huge changes in your life but they are more about enjoying the movement. Have some pause in your life; relax when you can with a collection of your favourite books. Books are perfect when you are looking for the best self-care gift ideas for women.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser: Receive Some Tender Loving Care


Essential oils are super powerful- they use your sense of smell to do things such as calm you down, help you relax and sleep and more Diffusing essential oils are awesome self-care gift for women. It provides you with some tender loving care.

Depending on your conditions and choices, you can diffuse various essential oils and these scents can actually improve your well-being, skin or digesting because their advantages go way beyond a good smell.

Some of the best essential oils that you can use are lavender to get relaxing effects that work on bruises, cuts and skin irritation, tea tree for treating skin issues, peppermint for the purification and stimulation of the mind.

Check these ten best essential oils in India that are helpful in many skin conditions- from acne to ageing, dryness to oiliness.

5. Flowers or Plants: Brighten Your Living Space


Flowers are always a classic route to take when you are looking for self-care gifts to make you day. Just like flowers, houseplants can also be an awesome gift idea for you. See, it is true that many of us are finding ourselves craving the outdoors more than ever, and a flower or plant delivery can help you stay connected to nature while also staying inside.

6. Journal: Save Your Daily Journey

A very thoughtful gift idea for women, Journal is a perfect self-care gift to give yourself. On this weekend, you can buy a journal for yourself where you can write about your life. This is one of the best self-care gifts to give yourself if you love keeping track of your day and journaling.

You can also plan to start a journal or plan a new hobby with a beautiful journal. It will not only help you to record your good and bad memories, but you can also present your imaginations and innovative thoughts and ideas creatively.

7. Yoga Basket: Relax and Stay fit

Yoga and meditation are great to give relaxation to your mind and body and stay fit. If you have not started yet or already involved in yoga, get yourself a yoga basket. Start with a nice gym bag and inside place a yoga matt, exercise bands, reusable water bottle, and some music DVDs. You can also include some exercise outfit or yoga pants.

Pamper yourself and say thanks by giving yourself a sustainable gift that inspires self-care and mindful relaxation this holiday season/weekend.

8. Blanket: Make Your Couch Time more Luxurious


A new blanket is something that could make your time spent lounging on the couch a bit more luxurious. Get a cosy blanket for yourself to give yourself this holiday season. There are a variety of blankets available in the market from silk blankets to cotton one.

Blankets come in numbers of colours and prints. Keep your favourite colour and design in mind and choose the option that suits your personality very well.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Find your Mum an epic gift and give her the Mother’s Day experience that she deserves, check these Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

9. Candle: Lift Your Mood with Soothing Scent


There is nothing quite like a rich and pleasing fragrance to make your mood better. Scented candles are such an amazing gift for you. You can carefully pick a scent that you love or just something that will subtly event your living room when you are going to spend your me-time.

You can choose from a wide assortment of amazing candles from renowned brands. Their candles will smell good. Also, make sure they are strong but overpowering; it should have a perfectly balanced to leave a long-lasting impression.

10. Amazon Echo: Gift of Entertainment

Get a big source of entertainment with Amazon Echo. This is among the innovative self-care gifts to give yourself. Amazon Echo is much more than a regular speaker but you will love its efficiency after the two-three uses.

The Amazon Echo is more like a speaker with a Siri, an iPhone updated in it. All you need to use is take, just give commands by your voice and play music using several online platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Tunnel.

Aside from making your self-care regime innovative, you can also make and receive calls through it just by speaking it aloud to the Alexa feature. This is not just enough; you can even control electric appliances like bulbs, fans etc. using Amazon echo.

Self Care Gifts 1

These are no one-size-fits-all when it comes to self-care gifts but there are some generalities. The term self-care is all about dedicating time to make you feel better. To help you decide which gifts to give to yourself or the special people in your life, I have rounded up the best self-care gifts for women from fashion, to beauty and lifestyle that will fit almost everyone’s needs and personalities.

I hope these self-care gifts to give yourself will help you find the perfect gift for whoever you are shopping for! And hopefully one day you will get to experience all these amazing gifts on this list for yourself!

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  1. I badly need the facial kit I guess. Due to the wearing of mask, I got loads of break out in my skin. Will definitely start looking after my skin from now on

  2. So far my favorite is The Tub Kit. Having a luxurious bath and all the time in the world to soak in the tub is like a holiday for me. Your post reminded me to grab some bath bombs this weekend.

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