Sign of Procrastination and What to Do About It

Signs of Procrastination and What to Do About It


What are the Signs of Procrastination and What to Do About It?

We do not need to be a time management expert to know that procrastination can sabotage our productivity. The longer we put things off, the longer it takes to finish them- the longer you let your to-do list pile up, the more you have on your place and the less you accomplish.

Procrastination habit does not affect just work but also seep into other phases of life including our mental health, relationship, and success.

If you are thinking you are not living your best life, check out these signs procrastination might be the culprit. Plus, keep reading for simple techniques to beat the habit

Signs of Procrastination and What to Do About It

Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

Sign of Procrastination and What to Do About It

One of the major factors about procrastinators is that they often know they can get the important tasks done at the last minute because they have done it before. But it is vital to consider what that is costing you in terms of your mental wellbeing. Because that adrenaline rush may allow you to smash out that important work project at the 11th hours. But, all that unnecessary stress is not good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Also, when you leave such a tight window to get things done, it only takes one thing to go wrong- you can get sick, you get thrown an urgent, last-minute project- because of your plans you get completely derailed and you miss the deadline. Here, you become more stressed and overwhelmed.

Get Project FOMO

Do you feel a mix of disappointment? You may feel it when you see someone else has launched that idea you had a year ago. It is kinds of similar to that feeling of when all your friends go for a party and you regret your decision of staying home in your PJs. This is called project FOMO and it is a major symptom of procrastination.

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Never Enjoy the Downtime

You will be surprised to know but this is a fact that procrastination is not only the thief of time- but it can also be the thief of joy. When you are always putting things off to go do something you deem more fun. It can be tough to actually even enjoy eh task. The reason being, you are plagued with guilt and preoccupied with what you feel like you should be doing. It becomes almost impossible to stay in the present.

Don’t Feel Product of Your Work

Dont Feel Product of Your Work

Don’t engage in a ‘pressure cooker challenge’. It results in you not putting your best work out into the world- compared to if you gave yourself the space to go back and tweak and make it even better.

  • Perfect never comes, so you end up launching- well, nothing at all. In some scenarios, you will never get to experience the sheer joy of getting a project you are really proud of in the world.
  • Now we know that person who puts everything off until the last minutes is going through procrastination. Well, what is the solution? After it becomes a habit, it can be hard to break, but not to worry, you can move past the procrastination hump:
  • Try to finish the monotonous tasks done right away so you will get time to focus on the things you really appreciate. Once, you finished the boring task you can easily do the interesting tasks.
  • List, list, list adding keep up with them. Make lists of your big, long-term goals and then make daily lists of your short-term goals, it will help you achieve the bigger ones.  Don’t forget to put dates on all your lists as you would for work or school projects.
  • While working, make sure you get adequate rest and eat good, healthy foods with complex carbs and protein to keep energy level maximum in the body. Physical activity will help you in boosting your energy and stamina.
  • Anxiety plays an important role when it comes to procrastination. The longer you put a task off, the tougher it becomes for you to get the motivation to finish it.
  • Apart from different tasks and works, always reward yourself when you accomplish your task. Giving yourself a reward to look forward will help ensure you get it done more efficiently.

Last Verdict on Signs of Procrastination

If you are one of those people who often feel held back by procrastination, stop putting off what you need to finish now, and work towards your future. We hope you like the article on Sign of Procrastination and What to Do About It.

What are the Signs of Procrastination?

Sign of Procrastination and What to Do About It

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11 thoughts on “Signs of Procrastination and What to Do About It

  1. A great topic to explore. That resistance we feel is trying to keep us comfortable. We feel “safe” to not move out of our comfort zone. I love what you say here, “Perfect never comes, so you end up launching- well, nothing at all.”

    This is a technique I use to overcome resistance or procrastination :

    Acknowledge it and say, “I know you’re trying to keep me safe, you want me to stay here but I’m moving forward and I’m even going to make it more comfortable for you because I know you’re only trying to help” …

    Do what you can to make the action you’re taking as pleasurable as possible … put on your favorite music, offer a reward to yourself for completing it, make your environment inspiring … whatever you can do to bring joy into what needs to be done.

  2. Great post about the signs and solution for procrastination. I feel I am much better than what I was in my younger years, infact inclining towards being a perfectionist and working too hard sometimes… Thanks for sharing this informational self-care post!

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