The Perfect Morning Routine: Important Steps To Follow

The Perfect Morning Routine: Important Steps To Follow

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Highlight: A well-organized morning routine or The Perfect Morning Routine: Important Steps To Follow lead you towards a happy and productive day, taking to more achievements. More wins boost your motivation and empower you to accomplish your goals with greater ease.

But let me make clear here that in this guide, I am not going to tell you at what time to wake up as it is completely useless to put everyone on the same boat. We all are in different situations and our ideal time to wake up cannot be the same.

This article is focused on major steps that allow anyone to follow a routine that works for them. For the most part, these steps are timeless and can be revisited months and years away and still work.

Get Your Eyes Right

Be gentle to your eyes. Do you look at your phone first thing in the morning and find yourself squinting in pain? In the early hour of the day, our eyes are not adjusted to the light, and the phone screen is far too bright to stare at when first waking up. Experts say that we should win 20 minutes before subjective your eyes to screen time.

To ease this transition by opening up your curtains to let some soothing, natural light in.

Get Your Mind Right for the Perfect Morning Routine

Here are three things you should do to get first thing instead of coffee including breath, sun, and stretching.

  • Sun: Before electricity and alarm clocks, the sun was our body’s natural wake up call. Fifteen minutes of sunlight on your skin in the morning is able to eliminate your sleep hormones and leave you feeling awake and refreshed.
  • Water: A lot of people do not think about drinking water until way later in the day, but the best thing can do is to drinking water first thing in the morning.
  • Oxygen: We breathe every time, so it may sound crazy if I say you take a big deep breath as a part of your morning routine. But according to researchers, our body actually runs low on oxygen. So taking a few deep breaths in the morning can be like a semi-coffee for your soul- getting you up.

List Down All the Things Daily

Write down everything that comes to mind- however meaningless it may seem to you. You will later find a use for it in steps 2 and 3.

It gives you perfect clarity on where you spend your time during the day.

Be Multi-tasking’ at Morning

In the morning, try to hit two birds with one stone by working out while catching up on podcasts, mediation while cooking, or even catching up with a friend on your commute. It will make you feel happier and more productive.

Having a stressful morning is the worst way to start your day. The best way to have a stress-free morning is to prepare everything the night before. When you have your day’s entire supplier as ready and lunched made, you can easily get ready and leave without hazily running through your to-do list.

Last Verdict

Creating a strong and perfect morning routine is not as tough as it seems and the benefits are great. Having more energy and motivation throughout the day can turn you from procrastinator to high performer.

Avoid listening to people who tell you what time you need to wake up and what you need to. What works for them will not work for you.

Get yourself in the art of following powerful routines and master the art of productivity. I hope you like the article, The Perfect Morning Routine: Important Steps To Follow.

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10 thoughts on “The Perfect Morning Routine: Important Steps To Follow

  1. In starting days, i use to find it very difficult to have a morning routine but later somehow managed to follow it. You have wonderfully explained the main things to be kept in mind for morning routine, this would be so helpful.

  2. It isn’t easy to have a morning routine, but I’m trying. With my two-year-old constantly looking for attention I rarely have time to do anything for myself, but your article was very useful and I like all the tips you’ve given. Thank you!

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