Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Tips for Contact Lens Wearers – What to do and What Not


Hundreds of millions of people have replaced their glasses with eye contact lenses. For every new user, it might get challenging to get used to wearing contacts in the beginning.

For old users, certain precautions need to be taken to avoid temporary or permanent eye damage. Either they are opaque lenses like Halloween contact lenses or tinted coloured contact lenses; they need some cleaning occasionally.

It would help if you looked up to your guide for every step that must be followed for extensive use. 

Following are Tips for Contact Lens Wearers:

1. Follow Up Exam with Your Eye Doctor

If you are opting to change your glasses and jump off to contact lens, ask your optometrist first. Never take your glasses eye number for your contact eye number. There is a minor difference in the vision for both. The doctor might benefit from knowing if you have any eye disease. Some contact lenses are made to cover any injury inside your eye. The optometrist helps you understand all the precautions that need to be taken while wearing contacts. It is also suggested by some always to consult your doctors before you decide to change your contact lenses brand.

2. Prescription Of The Lens

Whether you have bought the lens from the online market or get it from a nearby store. It is crucial to get a prescription for the product. This will help you to decide the best lenses for your eyes. The prescription will help you separate all the frauds and authentic brands. If you find a label that suits you the best, show the prescription and get some discounts.This is one of the most important Tips for Contact Lens Wearers.

3. Care While Inserting Lens

The first thing to do before you touch your contact in the case is sanitizing your hands. Wash them and dry them. Gently shake your contact lens case. This will make the lens move away from the walls of the case. If you remove the lens out of it, it might damage your contacts. Next, check the shape of your lens by placing them on your index finger. If the shape is the bowl, invert it inside. The shape becomes a half-circle. This is the perfect way to put your lens into your eyes. After putting those insides on the cornea of the eye, look left, right, up and down to adjust them. If the lens is correctly adjusted, the vision will be clear, and the feeling will be comfortable. Even if the lens is Halloween contact lenses or cosmetic ones, the same method should be applied for careful handling.

4. Care While Removing Lens

When you have to take out your lens, never forget to sanitize your hands like you did while wearing them inside your eyes. Place your index or middle finger inside your eye and move them off of your cornea. Squeeze them and take them out. This will make your lens come out on your finger. Immediately put them inside the lens case. The case must be closed straight away. From everything in our surroundings to the eyelids on your face, there are a lot of bacteria and fungus unseen to the naked eye. The infections caused are because the lenses are either left in the open for drying all day or some even forget to take them out. As long as you have bought the night visionary treatment for myopia lenses, never let them stay inside your eyes all night.

5. Cleanliness 

Each lens comes with a set of instructions about how to wash them. Some lenses like regular soft contact lens can be cleaned with plain water. Put them on your palm of one hand and squeeze out any debris while washing it underwater. But when it comes to the cosmetic lenses, like the Halloween contact lens, the washing and cleansing is a little different. The cleaning is not done under regular water, but the solution provided by your eye care professional is used. Put a few drops of the solution on your palm and cleanse any debris or protein deposits inside your contacts. Some may forget to the immaculate lens due to busy routine. This can be dangerous as the outside open environment is full of such infection-causing bacteria that get stuck inside your lens.

6. Prevent Infections

The one major cause of infection, as suggested by the eye professional, is the misuse of contacts. Letting them stay overnight inside the eyes, or putting them outside in the open even if you have left them in solution, is causing infections of eyes. These contaminations may be caused by bacteria, fungus, viruses, or parasites. Almost all these infections can be avoided with a little care of eyes and lens. First, after taking off the lens, put some eye drops before going to sleep. Change your solution inside the lens case. Never forget to close your lens compartments. Even if you are taking precautions, infections can still occur. Contact your optometrist immediately. 

7. Time For Wearing Lenses

Each lens comes with a considerable amount of time. Some lens needs to be disposed of daily, but some can last up to 6 months. Get a complete guide about your lens from the brand help or eye professional. The biweekly lens needs to be abandoned after 12-13 days. If you are wearing a lens that can last up to 30 months, make sure not to use them after that time. Do not wear your lens for more than 15-16 hours per day. Avoid wearing overnight. Consult your oculist for the time of wearing the lens.

8. Avoid Contact Lenses 

If you feel like your eyes are having an itchy or burning sensation, take the lens off. This usually happens with some vogue lenses like Halloween contact lenses. Such a lens is not made for your eyes. If there is an irregular suspicion that you can feel the lens inside your eyes, waste no time, and throw away. Some lens will cause redness in the eye because they have expired. Other times some irritable deposits are coming out of your eyes. In all these cases, waste such lenses and consult your doctor for treatments.

Final Thought

Above mentioned Tips for Contact Lens Wearers – What to do and What Not. Even though you take all the precautions as suggested by your doctor and make it look easy for other users, but due to many unknown reasons, it may cause temporary or permanent blindness. Do not forget to give a monthly follow up with your eye care professional.

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10 thoughts on “Tips for Contact Lens Wearers – What to do and What Not

  1. These are great tips. I so badly want to try contact lenses again but I am scared too. I tried them once and somehow accidently managed to put one in the wrong way (inside out I guess you could say) and it was so painful I have never tried again. I had to go to the eye doctor for help getting it out. I really want to give it another go though!

    1. Hope, these tips will work for you. I went through the same situation once when I put the wrong lense. This is the reason, I decided to write about it.

  2. we are considering getting contacts next year for my 6th grader. These are great tips. Thanks

  3. I have been wearing contacts for over 10 years and these tips are so valuable! Ensuring that you put your contact in new solution each night is SO important. Great post!

  4. Great tips! I only need glasses part time, so I don’t use contacts, but I have a lot of friends and family who do that will be interested.

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