Top 10 Female Bloggers in India

Top 10 Female Bloggers in India


Do you want to know about top 10 Female bloggers in India who have created history with their hard work and strong intentions?

See, women have been a pillar of society. But a few centuries ago, women were employed as a housewife only. Today, female power is making remarkable contributions in different parts of the society- education, media, political, administrative services, everywhere. The government is also supporting the growth potential of women in the nation.

Among different professions and business opportunities, some strong ladies are empowering the society through their words. Most of them started to share their journey, but after some time, the blogs end up inspiring many.

Woman Raising Her Hands While Sitting on Floor With a laptop; some wonder women have made a presence in the realm of digitization and made it to the wall of fame in no time, with their creative approach and knowledge.

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They mainly write blogs about fashion, beauty, career, spiritual, fitness, how to raise kids and maternity blogs, etc. Covering various areas, these bloggers have taken beauty and fashion to a whole new level and have inspired many others.

Let us look at the most famous female bloggers in India. Each of these blogs has a chance to gain their audience because each of them shows things differently.

I hope that the stories of these 10 female bloggers will inspire you, especially if you’ve been thinking of starting your blog. If you want to start blogging, especially for beauty, check it out!

Top 10 Female Bloggers in India

  1. Shradha Sharma- No# 1 Female Blogger in India

Shradha Sharma- No# 1 Female Blogger in India

Website Name –

Blog Type – Social, Inspirational and Entrepreneurial

When it comes to the top 10 female bloggers in India, Shradha Sharma comes on the top list. Her blog site, has one of the biggest blogger community and subscribers. She started this site in the year 2008 and with her 7 years of dedication and hard work, she made YourStory in top 10.

Here, she mainly writes about Entrepreneurs, startup, social initiative, and promoting them. Her blog covers various topics liks recent news affairs, a separate column for women Entrepreneurs, and a special column for news related to women. It is available in 10 languages.

Shradha has done graduation from St. Stephens College, Delhi, and MICA, Ahmedabad. She has a great working experience and worked at Times Of India and CNBC news channel.

2. Harleena Singh- Popular Female Blogger Of India

Harleena Singh- Top 10 Female Bloggers in India

Website Name-

Blog Type- Health, Fitness, Relationships

Positioned as one of the leading names among the popular female bloggers in India, Harleena Singh needs no introduction. But if you don’t know her, let me tell you she is an incredible personality in the Indian blogosphere.

Her blog Aha-now is an inspiration and happiness blog that motivates change and self-improvement in people.

Harleena is successfully running her blog, and it has been awarded as the top 10 personal development of 2014.

Before starting a career in blogging, Harleena worked as a teacher and an administrator in various schools.

3. Jene Sheeba- Most Influential Blogger In India

Jene Sheeba- Most Influential Blogger In India

Website Name –

Blog Type – Online Money Making, Digital Marketing

One of the most influential bloggers in India, Jene Sheeba started her blogging career in 2007. She is the founder of where she writes on an array of blogs based on health niche, technology niche, etc.

Her other blog, Dosplash acts is a hub for bloggers to post their blog posts and interact with each other.

Besides, she is popular  scientist in the Medical Physics field. She did her PH. D. degree.

4. Namrata Kumari- Blogger By Passion

top 10 female bloggers in India

Website Name-

Blog Type- Work Life, Fight Depression and Balance work

The famous Namrata Kumari is a blogger by passion. She is working as a software developer and then she spends her free time studying human behavior and psychology. Namrata always motivates people to take control and act upon their goals.

Besides, she is also a self-published author and has been published as a storyteller in Bee Books’ anthology named ‘Tales to Tell.’

Her latest book, named ‘Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality’ is focused on helping people to identify what is stopping them from bringing the most desired changes in life and how they can eliminate delusional negative beliefs about oneself and the world.

5. Lasya K Elzibeth- The Popular Entrepreneur And Blogger

Lasya K Elzibeth

Website Name –

Blog Type – Technology, Blogging, and SEO tips

The passionate digital lady, Lasya K did not want to burden her parents with her needs. She heard about blogging and later, she did lots of research, experiments, etc. In the year 2011, she started her blogging career as part-time to earn some bucks.

Soon, the lady entrepreneur and blogger started doing good. Now, she is helping others out for AdSense approval. To date, she has helped more than 47 bloggers get their AdSense approved by showing them how to follow the rules before applying.

Lasya’s is an educational site and it brings top ten lists of different categories. She treats as an experimental place where she has learned lots of things till now and still learning too.

Besides, she started another website named Here, she shares tips and tricks related to AdSense and SEO.

6. Manidipa Bhaumik- An Enthusiastic & Dedicated Blogger

Manidipa Bhaumik- one of the best female bloggers

Website Name-

Blog Type- Knowledge and life experience

After working as a human resource consultant & content marketer for several years, Manidipa Bhaumik started her career blogging career in India with WPBlogging360. She is an enthusiastic blogger from India and is a complete family person who enjoys the little things in.

At WPBlogging360, Manidipa takes interview in as an interesting discussion, where the expert bloggers share their stories and many useful blogging tips.

Manidipa loves to share useful WordPress tutorials to help beginners.She does in-depth topic analysis and write comprehensive review articles.

Apart from the WPB360, she also runs a multi-niche blog – with her husband, Santanu. This blog is an excellent source to know about the blogging journey of many top & influential bloggers.

7. Shiwangi Shrivastava- Writer At Heart

Shiwangi Shrivastava

Website Name –

Blog Type – Blogging, Technology and Fashion

Another famous blogger of India, Shiwangi Shrivastava is well-own as a writer at heart. She started her blog at to promote her name and her skills. After some, her site has given her plenty of unexpected opportunities that she could never imagine.

Today, is a guiding light for new bloggers in India where, Shiwangi writes blogging, social media, and stuff on writing on her blog. She has received a huge response to her work and is a favorite of her readers.

Today, Shiwangi Shrivastava is in the best phase of her life as learning is always around along with the positive outcome.

8. Savita Singh- Award-winning Tech Blogger

Savita Singh- top 10 female bloggers in India

Website Name-  

Blog Work- Fashion and entertainment

An award-winning Tech blogger and web professional from India, Savita Singh is a renowned name in the Indian blogging. She designs and writes about new technology and shares creative ideas and blogging tips at Computergeekblog.

 Besides, she runs the fashion and entertaining blog fashiondivasonline. At the initial phase, blogging was not a source of making money for her but It’s her plan and business.

Savita Singh aims to be one of the most successful female bloggers in India. She Believes in hard work and dedication and is continuously doing so.


9. Nirmala Santhakumar- One Of The Best Female Bloggers In India

Nirmala Santhakumar- One Of The Most Popular Female Bloggers

Website Name –

Blog Type – Technology, Social Media and Blogging

Among the top 10 female bloggers in India, Nirmala Santhakumar is listed because she has introduced great evolution in India blogging.

She is the creator (Founder) of She started this blogging site as guidance for people.

Today, this blogging site guides people about the ways of making money online. Nirmala is a part-time blogger and she belongs from Chennai.

10. Anshita Juneja- The Famous Fashion Blogger

Top 10 female bloggers in India


Blog Type- Fashion and Beauty

The most famous fashion blogger and one of the best female bloggers of the country, Anshita Juneja has been on the checklist of every girl who wants to glam up. Her blog “Vanitynoapologies” was started in the year 2010 and soon she came to the highlight quicker than one might expect.

On the date of today, Anshita’s blog is a treasure trove for everyone looking for all types of fashion and beauty advice, be it clothes, skin, eye, health, and the like.

Here, she provides an affordable solution into the best product one can buy but has also opened her portal up to anyone who may have a query regarding a look or product, where the diva herself answers the question.

Last Verdict

So, these are top 10 female bloggers in India. From fashion tips to DIYs, from baby care to shopping sprees; these bloggers have built a wide network. They do not only have an impressive profile but have also showcased credibility in their content, which both brands and audiences desire.

If you are looking for a health blogger, we provide you health blog list and that can help you to lead a happy and healthy life.

Top 10 Female Bloggers In India

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