Top 10 Ladies Footwear Brands In India

Top 10 Ladies Footwear Brands In India


Top 10 Ladies Footwear Brands In India: Which is the best footwear brand for ladies? Which shoe brand is best for women in India? What are the best ladies’ footwear brands in India? These are some common questions you go through. But not anymore! While you are all obsessed with adding to your footwear collections and trying the latest trends, you also want to buy a pair of footwear that’ll have longevity. I’ve thus put together a list of top 10 ladies’ footwear brands in India.

This list will help you to glam up your upcoming party and stay one step ahead of the average female. From heels to brogues, sandals to work boots, here, we bring you divas the best women footwear brands offering a wide range of variety. Choose from cool, stylish, and innovative footwear designs according to your needs and budget. Check 25 Types of Shoes for Women and Look Classy & Stylish Everyday!

List of Ladies Footwear Brands in India

  1. Bata: Top Footwear Brands In India

Bata- Top 10 Ladies Footwear Brands In India

Started in the year 1894, Bata is a renowned and established shoe brand in India. The company made its way in India in the year 1931 with a single outlet selling formal footwear. Today it is counted amongst the leading names. 

What makes Bata unique among others show brands in India is that it has all kinds of footwear like casual, formal, and sports for all age groups. 

So whether you are looking for formal show shoe, classy heels, sleepers, Bata has it all at a reasonable range.

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2. Catwalk- One Of Best Footwear Brands For Ladies


Famous for its amazing designs and styles, Catwalk has become favourite footwear brand for ladies. The floral design and patterns with uber-chic heels make Catwalk footwear look beyond expectations.

You can try Catwalk footwear for multiple purposes from a formal and informal meeting to party with your female friends or someone special. 

What makes catwalk a must buy the brand of footwear is its unique collection that can not only instantly raise your confidence but also gets your eyeballs to look smart and in control. It is one of the best Ladies Footwear Brands In India.

So next time, when you go for any important meet, try a pair of catwalk footwear for ladies to add a spark in your fashion choices

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3. Inc5: Best Young People Footwear Brand


Another popular name in the list of top 10 ladies’ footwear brands in India is the Regal Footwear spin-off by the name of Inc. 5 in 1999.

It offers stylish trends for young people. The Regal Footwear is mainly known as a city brand while Inc 5 has positioned itself as more of a metropolitan brand.

The footwear brought by these brands are amazing, they include delicate designs of the Inc.5 and the comfort of Regal Footwear. They offer all kinds of footwear- from high heels, wedges, flats to platforms. 

Inc5 is among the top footwear brands for ladies in India, it brings highly affordable footwear but not at the cost of quality!  It the best part of Inc5, you will never regret buying the brand. 

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4. Haute Curry: Unique Footwear Brand Bringing Impeccable Designs

Haute Curry

The sub-brand of lifestyle major: Shoppers Stop, Haute Curry is among the top ladies’ shoe brands in India. Its classy design increases the style quotient of the wearer and gets awesome compliments.

Today, Haute Curry is one of the fastest-growing footwear brands of India because of its impeccable design and amazing style. With it, you can get all range of footwear from funky to uber-chic under one roof. 

Shoppers Stop always tries to tackle the needs of the young crowd, Haute Curry is doing the same, offering multiple-choice of fashionable footwear to choose from and it is among the top Ladies Footwear Brands In India.

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5. Hush Puppies: Best Footwear Brands For Ladies

Hush Puppies

The Hush Puppies is a popular American brand that offers an amazing range of shoes for Men and Women both. The company was established in the year 1958 and today, the company is selling shoes in almost 120 countries.

Hush Puppies is well established and has a cult following. It offers various range of shoes in different categories be it Formal or Casual, this famous shoe brand has something for everyone.

The unique designing, great rubberised sole for better grip, and high-quality material can boost confidence for anyone who can flaunt it well.

Also, Hush puppies are known for offering comfortable footwear that you can carry anywhere easily. No doubt, Hush puppies are among the top 10 female footwear brands in India.

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6. Valentino: Bringing Latest Ladies Footwear in India


Valentino is one of the leading footwear brands in India for both men and women. Though the brand addresses all footwear needs, Valentino is mainly recommended for the uber stylistic formal looks.

The brand was started in the year 1985 as Guru Shoes Tech Private limited by Moti Lal Dutani. And since its inception, it has been presenting itself as the top footwear brands for ladies in India label.

It is popular among people mainly for its amazing USP of stylish genuine leather shoes with unmatchable durability.

Their glam style is ultra suave for professionals and office wear. So if you are okay to invest some among to get a similar experience as the international Valentino, go for the Valentino collection and gear up for the latest trends.

7. Metro: Indian Origin Footwear Brand


When it comes to branded footwear for ladies offline in India, Metro is on the top position. It is known for bringing an exclusive collection of footwear brands to boast of skilled craftsmanship

The incomparable quality and awesome designs of Metro footwear make it a prime contender as the best footwear brands for ladies in India. Presently, the stylish trends of Metro are made in Mumbai and sold at 32 plus cities of India. 

Metro was founded in the year 1947 and soon it entered the list of top 10 women’s footwear brands in India with its outstanding range of products. Besides, the brand is the exclusive fashion and style leader in the accessories segment.

So next time, you plan to buy ethnic or bridal wear, remember to take a visit to nearby Metro store.

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8. Liberty: One Of The Leading Footwear Brands In The World


Liberty is the classic leader of footwear brands for women in India. It brings a wide range of casual and comfort fashion choices.

The brand has a great fan following from many generations because of its outstanding collections and extremely comfortable designs.

With its evolutionary fashion choices and trendy designs, the liberty shoes make its place in the list of top 10 women footwear brands in India.

Presently, Liberty is among the fastest-growing footwear brands, with over 150 + million dollars annual turnover and by producing more than 50k pairs each day.

 With Liberty footwear, you do not wear any average brand but an international style leader.

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9. Clarks: Premium Quality Footwear Brand 

Clarks (1)-min

Popular for its stylish and suave designs, Clarks is among the top ladies’ footwear brands in the world. All the footwear brought you by the Clarks come up with extreme comfort and a premium version of materials

The bold look coupled with style raises the bar of Clark’s footwear. Although, the company provides these quality features at an equally premium price band. Not all middle-class women can afford footwear at premium prices. This is the reason why the brand gathers ninth position top 10 women footwear brands in India. But no doubt, the products offered by the company are of high-quality and worth the premium cost.

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10. Khadims- Popular Fashion Footwear Retailer In India


Khadims is one of the most popular fashion footwear retailers in India. It offers an enormous number of sports and easy-going shoes.

The foundation of this company was taken in December 1981 and today it has become India’s second-largest footwear retailer by the number of exclusive retail stores across the nation.

 The tag of the top ladies’ footwear brand in India is not enough for Khadims that is not only famous in India but has a great market reputation across the world.

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11. Mochi: Best Footwear Brands in India

Incorporated in the year 2000, Mochi is actively catering to young audiences meeting their ever-converting style needs. It brings a wide range of styles in shoes, heels and other footwear that makes it a renowned name among the top ladies’ footwear brands in India. With its excellent range and product portfolio, the brand has already opened one hundred fifty stores in 50 metropolises. Mochi is a Bengalurur-based Indian footwear brand is stands out because of the comfort and style it brings. 

12. Skechers: Renowned Brand Name for Ladies Footwear

When it comes to the best footwear brands for toughness and comfort, Skechers is probably the first name that comes to mind. The footwear brand comes up with a wide range of collections that makes you fall in love.  While the company was founded in 1992 and is a US-based company, it has established a solid market presence in India as well. What’s the best part about this brand is that all the products are made of premium quality material here but comfortable and suitable for everyday use. 

13. Inc.5: One of the Premium Footwear Brands in India

If you are looking for nice formal shoes to pair with your shirt-pant, you must check out Inc.5. The brand enables you to explore a wide range of hip designs made from quality material which will last for a long time and purchase them as per your budget. Every pair of shoes offer perfectly exemplifies the undivided attention of the artisan to detail. In addition, the footwear collection offered by Inc.5 is suitable for every occasion. With so many advantages, listing Inc.5 of the best ladies footwear brands in India is perfectly justified. 

14. Crocs: Comfortable Footwear Brands for Ladies

Very few people are aware of this brand in India but Crocs is a well-known footwear brand in the USA. For those who seek an easy-to-carry footwear option with a lightweight sole and comfortable cushioning, they must go for Crocs. Synonymous with innovation, fun and comfort, this amazing brand brings distinctively designed footwear designs w that appeal to people from age groups not only in the USA but also in India. What’s more, Crocs offers formal as well as informal shoes in the local markets of India. 

15. Marc Lorie: A Unique Name in Ladies Footwear Brands

Another name in the list of top ladies footwear brands, Marc Lorie is an Indian brand, formed in the year 2014. The brainchild of Arvind Kamboj and Jitin Goyal, Marc Lorie brings a wide assortment of woman’s fashion apparel and footwear. You can explore its wide product portfolio across all major shopping platforms and get your products delivered to your doorstep. 

Top Footwear Brands In India

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FAQs on List of Ladies Footwear Brands in India

Which are the famous Indian footwear brands?

Bata, Khadims are some famous Indian footwear brands. 

Q. Which shoe brand is best in India? 

A. India has the best of the shoe brands that are popular across the world for their unique styles and designs. Here are the top brands of ladies footwear in India famous for shoes;

best show brand in India
  1. Nike: Widely-known sports footwear brands in India and across the world, Nike is a primary supplier of athletic footwear. Nike shoes are popular for their minimalist designs and comfortable structure. 
  2. Adidas: Started in 1970, Adidas has today become a compulsory name when we ask which shoe brand is best in India. The company produces the comfortable and best footwear for men and women.  
  3. Woodland: Woodland is probably the first few names that come to mind for the question- which is the best formal shoes brand in India? This brand is mainly famous for the utmost leather material that goes a long way.
  4. Reebok: Another sports-oriented footwear brand in India, Reebok has marked its presence across the world. It has an excellent market reputation with innovative styles and designs. 
  5. Lotto: Preferred option for sports enthusiasts and players, Lotto is world-famous for its unique style. It has its headquarters in Italy but it has become one of the top ladies sandals brands in India and in different parts of the world. 

There are many more brand names to add. And, this is why it is tough to say which is the best shoes company in India. There are many popular names, some are great for sports

How to buy branded footwear at an affordable price?

For this, fix your budget and then look for the product. Always look for the offers and festive discounts to make your purchase cheaper. 

Where to buy the best footwear brand in India? 

In India, people prefer buying footwear from shops. But in recent times, people’s behavior is changing and they are going toward the online store. In the digital market, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra is the popular name.

How to find the best footwear brand?

There are some important factors that you should keep in mind while buying your footwear:

  • Comfort
  • Variety
  • Budget
  • Durability
  • Personality

Best Footwear Brand for Ladies

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Bottom Line

So that’s all about this blog. This collection of top 10 ladies footwear brands in India is a work in progress, and we would appreciate your suggestion for any brand name that you think should be added to the list! 

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