Top 10 Soap Brands in India

Top 10 Soap Brands in India for Healthy and Clean Skin


Top 10 Soap Brands in India: Soap was probably the first beauty item we were introduced to. I remember those childhood days when my mother used to rub my face with the soap bar.

With its humble beginnings in the Roman bathhouses of 312B.B.- when soap was produced with goat’s tallow, wood ashes and sales- it has come a long way. Thanks to the improvement of formulas and a vast variety of soaps, today, we have got soaps bars that just not only cleanse our skin but moisturize, massage, soothe, exfoliate it and make us feel fresh and smell nice.

The modern wave of bar soaps is gentler, even luxurious, and next-level.

In the last few years, because of the increasing population and hygiene concern, the demand for soaps have also increased. Today, Indian soaps market has not stopped in major cities but they are covering rural areas also. With the increasing demand, the number of soap brands is going high and also the competition is increasing rapidly among brands to capture the market.

Because the Indian soap market is highly competitive and immensely fragmented, many of the most popular soap brands in India have been compelled to offer products with a variety of features like moisturizing, anti-bacterial, organic, herbal soaps. Here are some of the leading players in the Indian soap market:

Top 10 Soap Brands in India

  1. Dove: The Super Skin Whitening Soap

Dove 1 min

Dove is one of the most selling soap brands in India and it was the first brand to introduce soaps with the 1/4th moisturizing milk properties. Their soap acts as the high-end beauty bar for the skin that helps your skin for staying healthy and soft. It cleanses the impurities of your skin; you would definitely feel the differences with regular use. Because of its amazing moisturizing properties, and for providing deep hydration, Dove is suitable for normal as well as dry skin.

This personal care brand is owned by Unilever and is a preferred choice especially for women. Dove has been a pioneer, innovator and a trend-setter for more than 120 years.

Presently, the brand is offering over twenty-five products including soap, deodorants, hair care, and facial cleansers.

2. Pears: One of the Most Mild Soap Brands

Pears min

The World’s first transparent glycerin soap brand, Pears brings 98% pure glycerine based soap that preserves the skin’s moisture effectively. Known as one of the most iconic soap brands in India, Pears soaps are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Their products contain skin conditioning agents and mild cleansing that do not harm the skin in any way.

The soap by Pears locks the moisture of the skin and keeps your skin young and healthy. An additional advantage of these soaps is that they are enriched with almond oil that is helping for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Dermatologically approved brands, Pears also help your skin to look more glowing and radiant. 

3. Lifebuoy: Excellent Choice for Antibacterial Soaps


One of the most popular soap brands in India, Lifebuoy is in the leading position for selling antibacterial soaps and it is owned by giant company Unilever. Reckitt Benckiser started this brand in the year 1895 and over the past century, they have been involved in the world’s top-selling germs protection soap by delivering hygiene and health to common people.

Lifebuoy has been running in the market for decades and today it is producing more than twenty-five products like carbolic soap containing phenol.

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4. Lux: Best Fragrance Soap in India


Another premier name in the list of top 10 soap brands in India, Lux is a Hindustan Unilever product founded by Lever Brothers in 1925. It is operated across the world; factory outlets of the brand are available in the United Kingdom also.

The products brought by Lux are preferred for their eccentric fragrance and much of the success so owed to the intense marketing of the product. Lux soap brands are focused on preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses and keep your skin clean from any kind of microorganism. With this regular use of Lux soap helps you to prevent and reduce the swelling. You can find these soaps in various ingredients like lotus, rose, strawberries and many more.

5. Johnson’s Baby

Johnsons Baby

Johnson’s Baby is an excellent choice for baby skin besides it is also suitable for adults. Their soaps are enriched with 1/4th baby lotion and vitamin E. The baby lotion helps in softening your skin and vitamin E moisturizes your skin. What I love about this soap brand is that their products are dermatological tested and do not contain parabens or phthalates.

If you have sensitive skin and you are looking for the best soap in India for sensitive skin, go for this. This is a mild and gentle soap that preserves natural moisture. Moreover, all the soaps by this brand pass a 5 level process and do not cause any harm to the skin.

6. Dettol: Leading Indian Origin Soap Brand

Dettol min

Dettol is the renowned household name, famous for its variety of soaps in India. Dettol has been offering plenty of products based on healthy, hygiene and home-based products. Reckitt Benckiser is the man behind this brand who has been into his business for years and has been taking this brand on higher levels.

Established as one of the best germ-fighting products in India, Dettol is also among the top 10 soap brands in India. Because of its trusted germ protection formula with a pleasant and distinct smell, Dettol has gained great market reputation and networking.

7. Himalaya: One of the Top Organic Soap Brands in India

Himalaya min

Himalaya does not only deserve to be on top 10 soap brands in India but it is also one of the most trusted brands in India in the categories of baby products and beauty products. Himalaya brings a great range of refreshing, organic and natural soaps with the goodness of various herbal and natural ingredients.

All the soaps by Himalaya are designed to make your skin smooth, soft and fresh. Because the soap is natural and herbal in nature so you do not have to worry if your skin is sensitive. And, the mild fragrance of the soap leaves you to feel fresh and revived throughout the day.

With their effective cleansing properties and anti-bacterial properties, these soaps are getting great popularity among Indians who prefer using chemical-free and hygiene based soaps.

8. Boutique: Best Natural Soap in India

Biotique min

When it comes to the herbal and ayurvedic formula, Boutique is probably the top soap brand in India. The brand brings a variety of organic, hand-crafted products suitable for different skin types. Biotique soaps are enriched with advanced Ayurvedic properties that cleanse and moisturize your skin properly. The healing properties of the products help your skin get rid of all kinds of skin issues.

In the last few years, Boutique has gained a lot of popularity among Indian women for its natural and herbal techniques for designing products. It uses the ancient ayurvedic knowledge and techniques and then combines it with Swiss technology to make herbal cosmetic products. Most of the Biotique products are made with extracts from fruits and vegetables, and they promote cell renewal and lock the moisturizing of the skin.

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9. Khadi Natural: Among the Best Handmade Soap Brands


The list of top 10 soap brands in India is not complete without mentioning the name, Khadi Natural. It is a renowned name for hard-crafted products in all categories. The authenticity and traditional techniques used by the brand make it stand out in the market.

Khadi brings only hand-made herbal soap that keeps your skin fresh, moisturized, and rejuvenated. And most importantly, Khadi soaps are free of any harmful ingredients like parabens, and SLS.

10. Medimix: The Popular Herbal Soap Brand


Medimix brand has been in the market for a long time and today, it is among the most famous soap brands in India. This is a Herbal or Ayurvedic soap brand manufactured by Chennai based Cholyil Private Company.

The soaps by Medmix contain glycerin plus 18 powerful herbs that make your skin look glowing and youthful. They are quite mild in formula and perfect option when you are looking for the best soaps in India for all skin types. These soaps are devoid of any harmful ingredients. Hence, it is the safest option if you are confused about your skin type.

Now that we have got a brief idea from the list of top 10 soap brands in India, let us now go through some common questions and their answers related to soap and soap brands.

Q. Which is the best shop in India?

A. The Indian market offers several soap options, from the simplest formulas to the most advanced, anti-acne, etc. You need to choose based on your skin types and specific needs.

Q. What are the major factors to consider while choosing the perfect shop brand in India?

A. Type, properties, composition, fragrance and indication of use are some major factors you should consider at the time of purchase.  

Q. How to find the best soap in India according to the skin type?

best soap as per your skin type min

A. There are different kinds of ingredients that you should check to find the best soap for your skin type. Here is the list of some common ingredients suitable for different skin type:

  • Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, go for those soaps that contain oatmeal, brown sugar or peach pits and sea salt.
  • Dry Skin: For dry skin, Aloe Vera, coconut oil, Jojoba oil, cocoa butter, vegetable oils, avocado and glycerin are some major’s ingredients you should check in the soap.
  • Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you need to be extra careful about choosing the right soap for your skin type. Always go for the fragrant-free, colour free soaps that should be able to balance the right pH in your skin.
  • Combination Skin: Clay or Charcoal exfoliates and moisturizers like glycerin make suitable soap for combination skin type.
  • Normal Skin:  To those who have normal skin type, you should avoid soaps that are suitable for both oily and dry skin.

Q. Where to buy the best soaps in India?

A. Soaps are available at local general stores, in supermarkets as well as online market places like Amazon, Flipkart.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Soap is usually affordable and cost may vary from brand to brand as per the quality, composition and quantity of the product. Generally, you can get a quality soap at INR 20-200. All the mentioned brands in the above list of top 10 soap brands in India bring affordable and consumer-oriented products.

Q. Which are some of the most popular Indian soap brands made in India?

A. While there are many Indian soaps brands, here are 5 top soap brands in India that are made in India and are quite popular;


Widely known as an ayurvedic soap, Medimix is great in providing moisturized and blemish-free skin every day. It has been a big brand for quite some time and continues to carry the weightage. The cost of this soap brand varies from INR to INR 50 depending on bar size, which is quite affordable.

Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural brings a wide range of Skin, Hair, and Body Care products. All the products brought by the brand are herbal-based and made of ayurvedic formula. They bring handmade soaps that are both elegant and formulated by using original, time-tested Ayurvedic prescriptions. This is one of the best soap brands in India if you are looking for a nation-made natural soap.

Patanjali Soap

Patanjali is a popular brand in India; it was founded by Balakrishna and Baba Ramdev in 1995, and the company entered FMCG in 2006. Enriched with Ayurvedic properties and prepared with ayurvedic formula, Patanjali soaps are excellent. They are in different ranges like Multani Mitti, Neem, Haldi, and Chandan.

Mysore Sandal

When it comes to which soap is best in India that are manufactured here, how we can forget to mention Mysore Sandal. Run by Karnataka Soaps and Detergents, Mysore Sandal Soap is made from vegetable oils and contains pure natural Mysore sandalwood oil. This soap also contains skincare conditioners and moisturizers.


Nirma has been one of the top soap brands in India a few years back still it is a popular choice among people. It was started in 1990 when Karsanbahi Patel started preparing soap from his home in the unofficial hours. He used to travel by two-wheeler and hand over the soap in person to his neighbourhood. Soon, it became famous in the town.

Bottom Line on Top 10 Soap Brands in India

So hopefully by now, my list has got you ready for a clean slate! Whether you are looking for a soap for the face, body, hands or the one that is suitable for, I’m sure you will have found a perfect soap for your needs.

Was this post helpful? Did you find your favourite soap brand in this list? If you have still not tried any of these soaps you might start using and experience yourself. The soap brands mentioned above are tried and tried and tested.

Which is your favourite soap brand in India? 

Disclaimer: Products reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, I earn some commission if you click the links and buy the products without adding any cost on your purchase but I never allow this to bias my coverage.

Top 10 Soap Brands in India

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