Top 20 Woman Blogs to Follow

Top 20 Blogs for Women to Follow


Top 20 Blogs for Women to Follow: Do you feel off when it comes to fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and health? You don’t need to worry anymore, the digital world got you covered. In this modern era, blogs cover all kind of the latest trends related to fashion, beauty, inspiration and many more.

If you are looking for some regular beauty tips, latest fashion trends, or even an idea of staying healthy, you will find blogs with various options. Let us look at most popular female blogs discussing various topics. Each of the blogs provides unique topics, tips and information.

Here, I have compiled a list of Most Popular Woman Blogs to Follow. The list includes best beauty blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, and health blogs specialize in genres and topics of all sorts. 

So without further ado, check out the updated list Top 20 Blogs for Women to Follow in 2020!

5 Best Beauty Blogs for Women

Best Beauty Blogs for Women

Today, we cannot imagine the beauty world without beauty blogs. We all love checking the latest trends and beauty tips before apply that in our life.  Here, beauty blogs bring product reviews, makeup tutorials and many more that increase our knowledge. Beauty bloggers not only work as comprehensive guidance but provide great beauty tips, awesome pictures and their different points of view.

Sure, there are many big names when it comes to best beauty blogs from different parts of the world. Here are the five best beauty blogs that bring diversity and alternative fields of expertise.

  1. The Raeviewer

A renowned and popular beauty blog for women, The Raeviewer provides a detailed analysis of every beauty product available in the market. No matter, it is a high-end luxury product or a cheap drugstore deals. Rae is the blogger on this site, she also shares various kinds of beauty tutorials apart from the product review.

If you are something who wants to know everything about the beauty industry, you should visit The Raeviewer.


2. A Model Recommends

This is a common human tendency that when your favourite influencer or famous model recommends any product, we love to use that. Ruth Crilly provides information on what works best in the market and recommends what you should use on her beauty blog, A Model Recommends.

She writes about the best products available, backstage tips, and how-tos in the blog. Overall this is one of the best beauty blogs for women and a perfect destination for a beauty junkie.



Another popular choice among the best beauty blogs in the world,  is a comprehensive resource for makeup enthusiasts. This blog platform writes various product reviews and helps people to go over new and classic beauty products.

Besides, educates women how to get the latest trending looks through beautiful photos and video tutorials.


4. 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic is one-of-its-kind of a beauty blog that provides quick tips and tricks to look beautiful in 15 minutes. Christine started this blog for all those busy women out who don’t have time to spend on their look.

She is a doctor and mother trying to make the overwhelming world of makeup seem very realistic through her blogging site.


5. NewBeauty

Are you beauty trend-obsessed? If yes then NewBeauty is the best blog for you. You need to check this site regularly and you will never miss the latest products or the week’s big sales.

Besides, check the glam skincare routines of celebrities, editors’ reviews about experiences and innovations, and also scoop from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and aesthetic experts.


5 Best Fashion Blog for Women

Best Fashion Blog for Women

Fashion is not just about looking nice or perfect but it is the way to express who you are and how you want to represent yourself among people. And that’s why everyone wants great outfit ideas that can suit their personality and style perfectly.

Here, a fashion blog provides incredible style, advice, information and inspiration. In today’s modern world, there are numerous fashion blogs presenting interesting content and new ideas on the subject of fashion.  For those looking for fashion inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our 5 best fashion blogs for women that meet the needs of today’s fashionista.

  1. OG Fat Girl

OG Fat Girl is based on a unique concept that promotes body positivity while being impeccably stylish, vibrant, and colourful. The famous fashion blogger Gabi Gregg started this fashion blog to tackle the infuriating gap for plus size women.

Through her blog, she paved a path in a way that Her outfits are full of life just like her, and so is her clothing line Premme, which caters to plus sizes. 


2. Accidental Icon

Accidental Icon is another amazing beauty blog for women that caters to the needs of women over 50s, 60s and beyond. The sixty-something grandmother and an inspiring lady, Lynn Slater started this blog to address the dearth of fashion blogs for older women.

Lyn Slater believes and exemplifies that time and again that ‘age is just a variable.’ She is raising bars, more like breaking barriers for all the right reasons.

Website –

3. Atlantic-Pacific

The highly visual fashion platform, Atlantic-Pacific is showcasing eye-catching fashion and educating people for the same. Blair Eadie, the creator of this fashion blog is considered as a real fashion influencer. She recognized how the street style was shaping fashion and came up with Atlantic-Pacific to help develop the conversation.

Blair Eadie began her journey as a Gap Inc merchandiser 11 years ago and today she has a substantial social media following, including over 1.1 million Instagram followers.


4. Chronicles of Her

Another popular fashion blog for women, The Chronicles of Her is focused on educating, teaching fashion and beauty tricks. This blogging site was started by an Australian style expert, Carmen Hamilton in 2011.

 Today, this fashion blog has become a daily destination about real style and life. It features many coolest women from different part of the world to showcase the outfits and fashion sense they ladies follow on a daily basis.


5. Egg Canvas

When you are looking for the best fashion blogs for women across the world, how we can forget the famous Egg Canvas. It is the visual journal of NYC-based design director and photographer, Erica Choi.

Among so many fashion blogs for women, the posts on Egg Canvas are unique; they are predominantly visual with the text being the photo caption added with a few paragraphs of explanation where needed.

Egg Canvas also presents the latest New York Fashion Week. Apart from fashion, Egg Canvas also writes about beauty, travel and lifestyle.


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5 Best Lifestyle Blog for Women

Best Lifestyle Blog for Women

Present-day, there is a lot of information available online to read about the lifestyle industry. And that makes it tough to find a blog to trust and follow. Well, this is not that much difficult mainly when you get a list of best sites. Check out the 5 best lifestyle blogs for women.

If you a lifestyle enthusiast who is seeking for the best lifestyle blogs that exclusively talk about women fashion, fitness, lifestyle, health check these lifestyles blogs.  These blogs provide all the practical advice you need to lead a trendy lifestyle.

  1. The Everygirl

The Everygirl does not need any introduction today. It is one of the most famous lifestyles blogs in the world. It brings information and inspiration on everything from career, finance, wellness, travel to relationships, and so much more.

The content from The Everygirl is quite helpful and relatable and it has become a favourite among millennial woman. This women blog provides just about anything you need to know to stay up-to-date, informed and stylish.


2. Hello Giggles

Anoher famous lifestyle blog, Hello Giggle is basically a positive online community for women that are striving hard to bring tackle women’s issues and make their life better. This amazing lifestyle blog for women was started by actress cum musician Zooey Deschanel, producer Sophia Rivka Rossi and writer Molly McAleer back in the year 2011.

Hello, Giggles brings amazing content contents to provide beauty tips, career advice, and much other information. It covers Beauty and Fashion, Women empowerment, Lifestyle, career and entertainment and Money advice.


3. The Financial Diet

With a major emphasis on personal finance, The Financial Diet is a different kind of lifestyle blog. It offers general financial advice that empowers women financially. Also, the platform shares personal stories and advice for different life situations that any millennial woman can relate and work accordingly.

 The Financial Diet should be in check-to-list to those who want to stay powered personally and financially.


4. Mediavine

Mediavine is the best lifestyle blog for those who are looking for gorgeous and beautiful hair inspiration. This amazing blog site was started by Emily to walks you through complete hair tutorials, makeup looks and many more things.

Emaily is a mom of five little ones and she shares her day to day life and routine juggling family life. Often visit the lifestyle blog site to dress up and glam up and stay stylish.


5. The Skinny Confidential

The incredible lifestyle blog, The Skinny Confidential provides advice on lifestyle and self-confidence of women. Female blogger, Lauryn Evarts is the founder of The Skinny Confidential. Along with the blog, she also released her own book, The Skinny Confidential Lifestyle Guide and a BODY GUIDE that focused on new workouts and meal plans.

Lauryn loves to give advice on beauty, wellness and other topics. And with her blog, she turned her passion into her full-time career. Here, she writes about Body Wellness, Recipes, Love, and Entertainment.


5 Best Health Blog for Women

 Best Health Blog for Women

Health Blogs have been a vital part of our daily life today. These platforms provide various types of health information. They focused on women issues like depression, weakness, reproductive and sexual issues and many other health problems to help women take the right decision on their physical and mental health. Many sites contents are related to recipes and workout routines, and more.

It’s not possible to talk about all health blogs at once so let’s discuss five best health blogs for women. Each blog has a different approach but their ultimate goal is to create a stronger, happier and healthier population of women around the world.

  1. She Knows

The popular women health blog, She Knows is on the way to empower women to discover, share, and create. It brings great information on women’s health and provides content on fitness, diet, reproductive health, children’s health, and more.

Presently, this health blog has become a favourite platform to explore articles related to health and their daily lives. It brings the latest news and articles on everything from food to pop culture, DIY to fashion, and parenting to decor. Moreover, this health blog also publishes videos and articles in the “special series” focused to empower female accomplish their goals, providing topics like Pursuing Your Passion and 100 Inspiring Women.


2. Speaking of Women’s Health

Speaking of Women’s Health is another unique platform, it provides disease and treatment guides for female health. This digital platform is run by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women’s Health.

The vision of this blogging site is to educate women to make informed decisions about health, well-being and personal safety. It tries to cover every health-related topics from cancer to kidney disease to reproductive disorders.

It emphasizes on the value of physical activities and fitness, food and nutrition and also on relationships and sexual health.


3. Healthy Women

Healthy Women is among the popular health blogs for women. It is designed to empower females to take charge of their health. This digital platform brings a comprehensive guide on all aspects of healthy living.

Healthy Women features an amazing blend of relevant posts for female power at all stages of life from pregnancy and parenting, sex and relationships, to healthy ageing, and many more.

Apart from different articles and health-related contents, here readers can also access online health clinics and member networks.


4. Black Women’s Health Imperative

Another health and wellness of women, The Black Women’s Health Imperative is a national organization and women health blog. It is committed to bringing improvement in the black colour women on a physical, emotional, and financial level.

Apart from this unique content, this health blog also provides first-person stories about living as a Black woman in America, and relevant health information affecting women of colour.


Sista’s Of Strength

Okay, the last name on this list, Sista’s of Strength is also a popular health blog for women. This blog is run by Amanda Perry, a mom and nutritionist.

On this blog site, this blog lady provides all kinds of fitness advice, nutrition, and much more. Moreover, she writes about motherhood and her trails. The vision of Sista is to support all women (especially other moms) discover their full potential by adopting a positive mindset, training smart and eating awesome food.

Overall, this is the perfect platform for moms to stay up-to-date with health trends and get relevant information.


Best Blogs for Women

Top 20 Blogs for Women to Follow

That’s it on Best Blogs for Women to Follow by Female Bloggers.  Which is your favourite female blog? Share about the women blogs, you are following in the comments below.

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