Top Warriors Of COVID-19 In India

Top Warriors Of COVID-19 In India


A hilarious pandemic, COVID-19 has massively affected the lives of millions across the world, spreading fear, disturbance, and concern for health & well-being like never before. 

With the number of coronavirus cases increasing up each day – people’s fear is also going high.

When India is making efforts to stay home & stay safe like other countries, labourers are going through a very tough situation with the loss of jobs and livelihood.

Mostly migrant workers who have come to cities from their villages- just to earn and feed their families. Due to this lockdown, they have no earning. They are trying to return their home but they do not have money and facilities to go.

The current scenario has pushed those migrants to see the worst part of their life.

But there are some real-life heroes, who are traversing the extra mile to help the destitut. The top warriors of COVID-19 in India- they have shown their benevolence by aiding stranded migrant workers across the nation with food, shelter, and other necessities.

Here are the top warriors of COVID-19 in India:

The 80-Years-Old Collie- Mujibullah Rehman

Top Warriors Of COVID-19 In India

Mujibullah Rehman is a collie at the Lucknow Railway Stations. This 80-years old person is helping hundreds of migrant labourers in carrying all the baggage for free of cost.

Since the government has started operating special ‘Shramik Trains’, Mujibullah has been stepping out of his home and supporting the migrants in travelling back to their hometown.

Apart from carrying luggage for free, Mujibullah is also offering food and water to the passengers who have a long journey to cover.

His efforts are recognised and appreciated on social media. Even Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the General Secretary of Indian National Congress, wrote a letter to him praising his actions- ‘Your selfless service in this hour of crisis will always be remembered.

The 12-Years-Old Girl- Niharika Dwivedi

The 12-Years-Old Girl- Niharika Dwivedi

Class 8 students, Niharika Dwivedi broke her piggy bank to help three workers, from Jharkhand. She bought air tickets for those workers.

Niharika has won hearts with her philanthropic gesture that has provided to three migrants.

Her act of kindness received great appreciation from the Chief Minister of Jharkhand Hemant Soren.

Soren said he was grateful to the girl for her sensitivity and kindness to the needs of others and wished her a bright future.

A 30-Year Old Pune Auto Driver- Akshay Kothawale

Akshay Kothawale

Akshay Kothawale is a 30 years old auto-rickshaw driver in Pune. He used his money saved for his wedding to feed migrant labourers.

He has been applauded on social media for providing food to those in economic distress.

When he saw people, especially migrant workers, facing hardships due to no work and no income, he with some of his friends set up a kitchen, prepare food, and also distributed at the different parts of Pune.

Mr Kothwale had saved a total of 2 lakh for his wedding that was earlier scheduled on May 25. But the pandemic delayed his wedding, and he used his saving to help the poor.

Even his father died of a heart attack when he was serving migrants last month. But despite his tragedy, he did not stop his work.

Apart from his food distribution, Mr Kothawale also provides free rides in his auto-rickshaw to senior citizens and pregnant women who need to visit a doctor.

 Also, he has a loudspeaker on his auto-rickshaw through which, he is trying to create awareness among people amount COVID-19.

Kothawale’s selfless service and kindness have resonated with people on social sites. While he has been appreciated, many people have come forward to support his endeavour.

Popular Bollywood Actor- Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood

Sonu Soon is a popular actor in Bollywood, we all know him. But these days, he is in news because of his works towards migrant workers reach their hometowns.

He has been getting appreciation for his great efforts to help the most vulnerable in times of the COVID-19 crisis. The actor has not only supported migrant workers to reach their homes but also given his Mumbai hotel as accommodation for frontline workers.

He is actively replying to every call for help on your social handle. Recently, he arranged a special flight for 177 migrant workers who were stranded in Kerala since the lockdown. He arranged for them to go back to their hometowns.

He has also sent over a thousand migrant workers to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar via the railways.

 The actor has said that he will continue sending migrant’s home until the last migrant reunites with his family and loved ones.

A Mushroom Farmer of Delhi- Pappan Singh

A Mushroom Farmer of Delhi- Pappan Singh

Pappan Singh is a Mushroom Farmer of Delhi’s Tripura village, who helped 10 migrant workers to back to their home town.

He booked tickets worth 68,000 and is also giving 3,000 each in cash so they do not face any problem when they reach their home state.

Ten migrant workers’ dream of returning home took wings after two months of lockdown, when their owner, Pappan Singh booked air tickets for them. All these migrants’ workers have been working for Pappn for years.

But now, Pappn Singh has been taking care of their food and accommodation since the lockdown begins on March 25.

Some Names, on top warriors of COVID-19 in India who are not so famous:

  • Around 2,500 people of a panchayat in Kathua, Jammu have decided to leave one meal every day. They did so to feed those who have lost their livelihood amid the nation-wide lockdown.
  • Police inspectors from Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh fed monkeys in this coronavirus pandemic.
  • The DM-SP of Jamui, Bihar delivered food items to a poor family in Khairma locality. When he got to know that an old woman and her daily wage labourer son do not have money or food.
  • A tailor from UP, Sultan distributed over 10,000 masks in Barabanki, UP for free to help people.
  • Dumra chief Smita Kumari has distributed food and made sure that everyone is fed in the Sitamarhi region of Bihar. Besides, she also gave more than 2,000 face masks and sanitizers in the region.
  • A truck driver Joy and a mini truck driver Mahesh have been distributing food to truck drivers at National Highway who are ferrying essentials commodities in Alappuzha, Kerala.

What We Can Do?

What We Can Do min

So I am on the last point of this article on top warriors of COVID-19 in India. My purpose is to highlight and salute those heroes who are supporting other people after going out of their comfort zone.

In our daily life, we meet our everyday heroes like Doctors and policemen; they are going to the frontlines of this battle, while we stay home safe.

From the online delivery executive to the humble milkman, the paperboy delivering the newspaper.

We scroll through the news, reading the increasing cases of Covid-19. But we forget to appreciate the courage of the news reporter and the cameraman. 

With bated breath and hand-sanitizer at the ready, we go to a grocery store for essentials. We see the grocer who is standing there to help us.

 They are the unsung heroes, we are living off.

They may look happy and calm, but they are also worried about exposing themself to the virus.

The least we can give them is respect. So respect them, smile every time you meet and appreciate their efforts.

And try to help them as much as possible.

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