Types of Shoes for Women

25 Types of Shoes for Women to Look Classy & Stylish Everyday


“Shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you!” We all have heard this line from a lot of people. But I believe shoes are untold love stories. With so many options each season, this is possible to fall into trend-driven styles that need to be swapped out in a few months.   

I bet you have multiple pairs of shoes that you bought as per the season and trend. Have you ever thought about the long game? Opt in the shoes that you can wear season after season, year after year. There are several types of footwear that every woman should have. It will help your outfits to match your footwear, and avoid some trendy and unnecessary fashion faux pas.

Here is the list of 25 Types of Shoes for Women that make your look classy every day and add a unique touch to your outfit whether you’re going to the office or for a party. 

25 Types of Shoes for Women

1. Ballerinas

Ballerinas are extremely flat shoe rounds in the front; they are among the best types of shoes for women because of their comfort and flexibility. These kinds of shoes have thicker soles than the sandals and look amazing when you wear them with jeans and top or short frill dresses. They are quite light in weight so they can be your perfect travel companion.

2. Ballet Flats

Wearing these sandals gives you a perfectly stylish look. But if you are like me who can wear high heels for more than 2 hours you can carry ballet flats in your bag to change heels later whether you are going for any tour or party. Ballet flats are a little shoe that provides your feet with a break from heels and relax. Generally, ballet flats are used for casual, summer days when you will not be walking too much.

3. Block Heels

block heels

The square-shaped heel shoes, Block Heels are among the most comfortable footwear for women that do not hurt your foot. Because they are not pointed heels, you can easily stand and stay comfortable wearing them all day. So when you are planning your next vacation, make sure to get a pair of block heels. Wear them with jeans and tunics, straight dress and floral skirts to have a perfect look.

4. Brogues

There was a time when Brogues were only used by men. Today Brogues has become a major fashion statement for ladies and become one of the best types of shoes for women. This is as flexible as any normal flat show but more comfortable than ballerina flats. You can wear brogues in an official part of a business meeting to carry a formal look.

5. Canvas

One of the coolest shows in the history of shoemaking, Canvas are the lace casual shows that come in multiple colours. These shows are made of fabric and are mostly used by painters. You will surely love these types of shows for women, they are fun, versatile and widely available in the market. You wear Canvas with a casual t-shirt or shirt with jeans or shorts.

6.  Court Shoes

Court shoes are a solution for those who love experimenting fashionable stuff but, you have a strict dress code at work. The unique thing about these types of footwear for ladies is that they can make any smart-casual outfit look office appropriate. Court shoes are also a good option when you want to wear trousers that are a little too long for you. 

7. Flip Flops

Flip Flops

If you are planning for a summer vacation or beach vacation, make sure you carry a pair of flip flops. Flip flops are the best beach shoe to wear. Since it is a beachwear, you do not need to worry about what to match these types of shoes for women, you can wear them with floral dresses, swimwear, shorts and tops, etc.

8. Fantasy Footwear 

Have you remembered those lovely fairies in shows wearing beautiful sandals with amazing colours, verities, designs? You can wear them too, try fantasy footwear. These types of footwear are commonly inspired by fictional characters from fairy tales and fantasies. The fantasy footwear can make you look stand out and make a statement.

9. Juttis & Mojaris

Juttis & Mojaris are best to carry with traditional dresses in India and are made with leather. A closed-toe, slip-on flat shoe from the North-Indian tradition is one of the best types of shoes for women in India. You can choose from beautiful Juttis & Mojaris from multiple sewn printed patterns and wear them with a long or short Kurti to accentuate your look.

10. Kitten heels

 When you are looking for the best women’s formal shoes, Kitten heels can be your perfect choice. A kitten heel looks cute and classy; it has a short, slender heel, usually from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches high. There is a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. 

11. Knee Boots

When it comes to the best types of shows for women, how can we forget that high-heel boots, made of velvet and are thick. When winter comes, we can easily spot a girl on the streets in a luscious pair of high-heeled boots. Give this shot pair a try and pair them with skin-tight jeans and give your legs a perfect shape.

12. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals are classy types of sandals, they are inspired by ancient Greece. They have a super flat sole and straps that cover your foot giving it a mesh look. These types of shoes for women are the best choice to wear for beach and summer vacation. Get these sandals for your upcoming beach holiday.

13. Loafers

The perfect solution for those who want an option that is not too formal or not too dressy, Loafers is another great footwear option for women. They are lace-free slip-on that is elasticised on both the sides for easy getting it. You can easily mix and match these types of shows for women with a shirt, crop top and A-line skirt.

14. Military Boots

Famous for their thick and sturdy fabric, military boots are a perfect option for rough and tough girls who like to wear thick boots and do adventurous things. These types of shoes for women are able to withstand the harshest of weather and grounds. These boots are super-thick and chunky with stylish lacks and buttons on them. They are inspired by military adventures.

15. Mules


Mules, the awesome choice for formal wear is a show with its front closed and back opened. You can easily have a formula look and wear on private and official meetings. This type of show for women goes best with narrow pants worn with a coat or blazer. The best part is that this pair of shoes provides more support than the normal flip flops and keep you relaxed.

16. Nude Heels

When it comes to the nude heels, they are the must-have for every woman. These types of footwear for women blend in with your skin tone. They are a lifesaver that you wear with anything and everywhere. They help you in those times when you cannot find a pair of shoes to go with an outfit or for when you want to make your legs look longer. And, they are getting popularity as perfect footwear for women in India.

 17. Ornate Heels 

The Ornate heels, my favorite they can convert any boring outfit with a stylish and unique one. You can choose from gold, silver or crystal, and add a spark in your personality every time. Don’t worry, you do need to have the best– a plain design with a decorative embellishment can do wonder. 

18. Oxford Heels

Get a formal look and look trendier with Oxford shoes. These types of shoes for women come with laces and heels. They do not only look awesome on the attire but are also extremely comfortable. Apart from the formal look, you can mix and match them with your casual clothes also like jeans and a tank top.

19. Pumps


Just like flip flops, pumpers are best to wear in summer. They are extremely versatile and available in multiple colours and patterns that make them the best types of shows for women. It is believed that pumps were male equestrian show in the Far East. It might be true as up until the 1600s, male and female shows were quite the same.

20. Platform Heels

Platform Heels

Platform heels come with a thick sole with a range of 3-10 (1-4 inches). These types of footwear for women make you look trendy and the thick sole helps you in walking comfortably. The best part about platform heels is that you can wear them with literally everything. They are more comfortable as compared to normal heels, but it is better not to wear them with formals.

21. Sandals


The most commonly used footwear for women in India, Sandals are best to wear with jeans and top, shorts, ethnic wear, crop top and shorts, and casual wear. These types of shoes for women have straps to hold the sole with the wearer’s foot. You can get sandals in multiple patterns of sandals and hold collections of footwear.

22. Sneakers


A good pair of sneakers is a vital part of your shoe collection especially if you love outing travelling. These types of shoes for ladies are the most comfortable and friendly shoes. Whether you love wearing a slip-on or a lack-up sneaker is your option, but you will not have to regret investing in this type of show.

23. Straight Leg Boots

Straight Leg Boots

In summer, those super tight footwears become unbearable. Say goodbye to those footwears and say hye to these straight-leg boots. These types of footwear for ladies do not only look zing with long and flowing dresses, but they’re perfect to keep yourself warm when the temperature drops. You can be sober and simple with the normal pattern or go wild with funky and animal patterns. Get a hot look; wear Straight Leg Boots with a short skirt and a long jacket.

24. Trainers

If you are a sports lover, Trainers are specifically designed for you. You can wear these types of shoes during running, for your early morning jog or on your vacation. You just need to make sure that the sole is thick enough when you are out shopping for these shows. Wear these shows for a sporty look with tights or a sports top.

25. Wedges


Do you love wearing heels? But you can’t stand wearing those pencil heels, try wedges. This kind of footwear has a single piece of material serving as the sole and as well as a heel. Generally, the sole is thicker in comparison to the front that makes it look high heel shoe style.

FAQs on Types of Shoes for Women

Which types of footwears are most comfortable for working women?

It varies people to people. I have seen many ladies wearing heels to work and they can sustain an entire day of standing in them. But I can’t so I wear loafers, brogues, and flat sandals to work and wear heels for special occasions only. If you are comfortable with heels or flats also you can wear shoes according to your outfit.

25 Types of Shoes for Women 1

Which shoes go perfectly with a dress?

Here again, it depends on the type of dress. If your dress is short, wear it with kitten heels, ballerinas or sandals. But if your dress is long, pair it stilettos, wedges or pumps. 

Which footwear is the best for sarees?

For saree, I believe open footwear like sandals is the best option. You can make your look stylish and graceful by wearing strappy sandals with a bit of heel. 

Which shoes can go with any outfit?

Let me tell you there are no shoes that can be worn with all outfits. But sandals might come to the closet, you can wear sandals with shorts, skirts, kurtas, formal clothes, dresses. Just make sure you have selected the right kind of sandals that fits each outfit. 

Last Verdict

I have compiled here 25 Types of Shoes for Women that are a lady’s best friend. The purpose of this blog is to reduce your confusion on buying a new pair of footwear and save your time and money; you waste on every trendy footwear. 

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Types of Shoes for Women

Types of Shoes for Women 1
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