Vlogging Essentials You Need to Kickstart Your Career on YouTube

Vlogging Essentials You Need to Kickstart Your Career on YouTube

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This article is for those wonderful women who are planning to start or up their vlogs and want to have the best Vlogging Essentials You Need to Kickstart Your Career on YouTube. Today, vlogging is one of the most famous forms of digital content and career for many people also.

To become unique and build a following of dedicated subscribers, there are two important things you need, first great content and the right YouTube gear and equipment.

To help you sort out your vlogging kit, we have compiled the list of Vlogging Essentials You Need to Kickstart Your Career on YouTube:

Quality Camera

The camera is the most important device to start a vlogger career or increase the number of viewers and followers on your YouTube channel.  At the initial phase, you can start your channel using a camcorder or webcam, as you grow your online presence, you will need a high-quality vlogging camera. According to your budget and skill level, you can go from a compact, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.


Video and audio are two major elements of best blogs. You need to make sure that your audience can hear you properly, and the camera’s built-in mic can only take you so far. To capture your viewer’s attention, invest in an external microphone. This external mic will muffle any background noise like traffic, the sounds of nature, or the hum of household appliances.


Once, you have done all the planning and creativity that goes into a vlog, the final thing you want is to end up with shaky and unsteady footage. Trust me, it will completely distract your viewers and might even cause them to stop watching.

But you can prevent these shaky shots through tripod. It will hold your camera still and reduce shaking and jarring and give you clear, blur-free footage. Tripod is also helpful in freeing up your hands so you can use them to animate your hands and nail your framing.

Perfect Lighting

Nothing puts a viewer off faster than a dark and shadowy blog. Make sure you have good and consistent lighting to keep your audience engaged.

In a few situations, you can get rid of poor lighting by changing your location and moving closer to an available light source. But this is not the permanent solution. As a vlogger, you will have to get a dedicated light setup that you have full control at all times.

A Gimbal

A gimbal is an amazing tool that allows you to rotate your camera smoothly on an axis. It stabilizes your camera while you tilt, pan and broil, and eliminates jerking and jarring- even if you are on the move. Through gimbal, you can confidently shoot handheld knowing that you will have smooth and fluid footage.

One more thing, in case you vlog as a hobby or produce low-key vlogs, gimble is not necessary for you. But if you want to take your videos to the next level, a gimble will really help you.

Additional Things

Last but not least, spare memory cards and batteries are also important. Like all creative pursuits, half the battle of vlogging, you have won. Once you have all these things, you will not run out of power or storage space.

Now you are aware of the Vlogging Essentials You Need to Kickstart Your Career on YouTube. There has never been a better time to start a vlog channel.

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