Ways to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Dream Job

Ways to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Dream Job


As we update our resume and other branding tools regularly, include your LinkedIn profile in this list. If you are looking for a job, the target audience for your LinkedIn profile is the recruiter. You want recruiters and other people to find your profile easily when they do research. And, you want your profile to get their attention when their research returns dozens or more profiles. Here are some easy Ways to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Dream Job

Put a Summary in Your LinkedIn Profile

Write your LinkedIn Profile summary that explains your career graph, including the skills you hold, the roles you have essayed, and the rewards you have achieved. You will be surprised to know but this one can or break. And, as you are a job seeker, it is unforgivable to not use this feature to present yourself.

Apart from your designations and information about your career progression, a well-updated profile also shows that you are committed towards your professional advancement.

Update Your Designations and Employment Information

To pimp your LinkedIn profile, update your designations and employers’ information on a regular basis. Apart from the information that gives information about your career progression, a well-updated profile also shows that you are dedicated towards your professional advancement, and shows that you are familiar with social tools and technology.

Focus on Emphasizing Your Skills

When you grow in your professional journey, you need to add continuous talents and skills. Through different courses and certificates, you do so. Keep adding the skills and certificates you have achieved. Don’t forget to endorse others’ skill-sets to get others to return the favour.

Follow Company Pages and Industry Group

If you really want to know about your target companies and stay updated with the latest happenings of your industry, follow different company pages and industry groups, etc that you are interested in. Apart from updates, when these companies post job listings on their pages and in industry groups, you certainly must do this.

Create Your Own Content

Your LinkedIn profile is like a canvas on which you can create your own images on it as wish to. If you are in marketing, post about it. Create a calendar for yourself, and post something diligently. It will help you to pick up connections and interesting information into his process and also position yourself as a keen industry observer with relevant skills.

Seeking for Job?

These strategies are for pumping up your presence on LinkedIn. By doing these things, you will see your connections and conversions improving. After you have done all of these, use all the immediate recruitment tools of LinkedIn including:

Open to Recruiters: Go through eh ‘Career Interests’ section your dashboard and update your status ad “Actively Looking”.

Provide Your Contact Details: When you are looking for jobs, update your email ID as part of your profile so employers and others can get in touch with you is easy.

Work for Networking: With the above steps, you have got a list of the companies and roles you want to work in. Do some research and try to know who the decision-makers for these roles are. Try to reach out to them.

Try to establish a connection and then send your resume for a better response.

I hope you like this blog. Give your point of view on Ways to Pimp Your LinkedIn Profile to Land Your Dream Job.

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  1. I worked a lot on my Linkedin to facilitate my work as a blogger / influencer and I must say that in effect it gives him a not bad boost. In fact, blogging is a journey that induced and followed in the right way can lead to great satisfaction.

  2. Awesome article, LinkedIn has really become like a living resume for many people. I’ve always enjoyed the platform and I actually have gotten a job from there before. These are excellent tips, thank you for sharing!

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