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What is True Love? How to Find True Love?


Finding the love of your life is wonderful. While this is completely possible to be happy and satisfied without anyone, it’s really amazing and feels so special when you share your life with someone who truly understands you and accepts you. In this modern-social life, where many pretend to be good, it’s so tough to find the right one. It makes people confused, and they go through the questions like what is true love? How to Find True Love? How to know if someone truly loves us? And so on!

See, there is no set of rules to answer these questions because love is a mixture of different kinds of feeling. The definition varies person to person.

Well, what I have learnt in my life about love on the basis of what I have seen in my friend circle, family, books, movies, I have tried to answer a few questions one-by-one.

Scroll down to find the answers!

What is True Love?

What is true love

It is really tough to describe what true love is in a few words, because this is a blend of passion, warmth, tenderness, and an emotion that is unconditional, regardless of good times or bad times.

True love means respect, appreciation, care, attention, and never subjecting your partner to hurt.

True love includes various big and small acts. Because, love is action, and love is a decision.

True love may be the kind of affection that many chases after or desire. But in reality, it is as elusive as a butterfly, true love takes to bloom and a lot find it and are getting a happy love life.

To love and be loved in the right way is not effortless. When we say true love that means we say “no” to urges. True love means being helpful to the partner rather than selfish, being conscious rather than hurtful.

Love cannot be in a dysfunctional relationship.

To love someone, you should be emotionally supportive and caring. Compromises, partnership, and accepts, everything is a part of true love. True love is something that is built over time with a strong foundation of course.

Love in real life is not the same as shown in Movies!

How to Find True Love?

what is true love

There are a lot of discussions, arguments and contents have already been done on how to find true love. But still, we do not have the right answer.

Some search for it their entire lives. I believe the key is in setting a foundation

Move from Your Past

How to find true love

The initial step to moving forward is looking forward. If you keep focusing on your past, you can never reach the right place. Here, try to focus on the things you can do that can make your future better.

Trust me, nothing will change if you keep focusing on fights or arguments you had with your ex-partners. No matter who was right or wrong, forget that, because if the resolution were possible, you would still be tougher. So forgive your past and move on for your better future and allow yourself to find something that is right for you, your true love!

Work on Yourself

What is true love

Whether you are single for a long time or just getting over a breakup, value your independence. It’s a face that you don’t need true love to make you happy, because happiness comes from inside. 

Enjoy your independence, focus on your career and work long hours if you are ambitious. Work on becoming the best version of yourself on every level. Examine yourself, try to find a purpose for your life. Try to build a life you love then other people will be easily attracted to you.

They will love to be part of your life and share their own life with you also.  

Be Clear about Expectation You want in a Partner

What is true love

Before you meet any new person, first be clear about the expectations you have about your partner. Create a list of things you want your true love to possess. It will help you assess what kind of partner is right for you.

But keep it in mind that it might be possible actually there is a great possibility that you cannot find all the listed things in one person as no one is perfect.

What’s good about setting the standard is that you gather all the lessons here that you have learned from dealing with your previous relationships.

You recall the traits that were responsible for your broken relationships. And, make sure those trains should not be in the new partner.  

Meet New People

What is true love

Finding someone special is no piece of cake! You have to work for it, get outside and meet people. There are many ways to meet and connect with people. It’s better to start where you can find something with the same interest or view. Today, online dating is on a great trend.

What I believe, you can find your true love in your office, in a club, in your friend circle anywhere. Don’t wait for the right timing, this is a perfect time.

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Don’t Focus on Physical Appearance & Money

What is true love

True love is unconditional! That means you should not see any person as a perfect match because of good looks or money standard.

Do not look for a beautiful and handsome face- it is just a bonus. Instead, find a person who can be comfortable and secure sharing life with. Make a character, values, personality as your primary concern.

Take it Slow

What is true love

Generally, love grows from friendship. In this modern dating, people want things quickly. But if you are looking for true love, start with a genuine friendship. It will create a bond based on mutual respect, shared values and affection.

Don’t be in a hurry to get intimate, let it develop naturally. You might feel ready for it at the beginning or you need some time, the main point is not to rush it.

Don’t be afraid to fall in love, if you have someone in life that makes you feel fulfilled and delighted, the person may be the right option.

How to know if he or she is true love?

What is true love

When we say true lover or a person who can give us true love, there is no specific definition. Because no one can be perfect.

The person you are dating may be on their behaviour at the starting, and it may get worse later, so get to know what’s hidden before going too far.

Also, it is a harsh reality that we usually experience our romantic relationship with our partner as true love until we fall apart.

A major factor that I believe to determine if love is “true love” is time. If you find someone who can hold your hands after ten, twenty years of being together, it is true love.

Be Careful in Selecting Your Partner

How to find true love

In this modern age, we meet a lot of people on social sites. You consider somebody as a friend today, you may see it as true love in future. Here, be careful of the wrong person, who tries to impress you by showing fake richness and lifestyle and wishing to marry you within a few months.

It takes time to develop true love when you know the person deeply and accept them for what they are!

Some Characteristics of True Love

How to find true love

True love is rare! But if you successfully find your true love, treat them with respect, care and love. When we say true love that does not mean it is free from all kinds of issues but here are some points that you should consider to maintain your true love. Or, these are Some Characteristics of True Love:

  • Love is free, it allows people to have a wing and fly. If you love someone, set them free. If it comes back means it was yours otherwise it never was.
  • Some people believe that if there is no jealousy in someone that person does not love you. But true love has confidence in the relationships. When you are in true love, keep confidence in your partner that he or she will be back to you only.
  • Do you know the difference between need and want? When you need someone means your feeling is based on fear. Fear that you cannot live without them. While wanting someone means you can live happily even the person leaves you.
  • When it comes to the Characteristics of True Love, don’t assume that because you are feeling love for your partner, he or she will know himself or herself. Show the person you love them through your actions.
  • Love needs attention, a lot of attention. After getting in a relationship, many people think that they don’t need to work a lot for their work. But true love needs time to grow and here attention plays a major role.
  • Just because you are in a relationship, it does not mean there is true love. If you are seeing fighting, jealousy and possessiveness, you are not in true love.
  • When you are in true love, try to make sure your partner is happy in any situation. Being a good partner, supports their dream, happiness and passion.
  • Directly or indirectly, the right partner protects his or her love from the harsh world of hurt and defends the person when someone is speaking an untruth.

Final Thoughts on True Love

What is true love Pin

These are some points on how to find true love. As the Garter Brides say- “it is never too late to find true love.” 

Just follow your heart, forget the past and focus on the present. Well, remember that while having the love of your life would be awesome but you should know that even along you are enough.

Just because your friends are posting photos with #couplegoals, doesn’t mean you have to be in a relationship.

Do not try too hard on finding your true love. Love finds you when you least expect them. Let love find you and while waiting for it to reach, love yourself before having a partner, have a life.

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  1. These are such good tips. Beauty is really just physical. Love goes beyond that.

  2. I love that you ended by saying ‘don’t try to hard to find true love’. I think this is often where people go wrong as they are pushing for it to happen. It needs to happen naturally.

  3. I hear people saying they are concerned they will be “friend zoned” … it is a wonderful thing to be a true friend to your true love. Love based on genuine trust and friendship will outlast any other.

  4. Love that you have “work on yourself” in there! Throughout our struggles with infertility and then all focus going towards adopting and now to our girls I have forgotten SEVERAL times to work on myself. If you don’t take care of and love yourself first then it will be next to impossible for someone else to!

  5. Pretty post, love has different meaning and for me the meaning of true love are respect, honest, trust and understanding.

  6. yes, showing your loved ones you love them – by acts and by actually telling them you do – is something that needs to be done.. and it makes a difference

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